MUG SHOT Kentucky woman arrested for shoplifting at “Shop With A Cop” event

Henson Mug Shot

Samantha Henson, 26 years of age, was arrested in after getting caught shoplifting during a “Shop With A Cop” event of which her son was partaking.

The event took place at a local Wal-Mart near Manchester KY, a small town of just over a thousand people some 100 miles south of Lexington. Store employees noticed Henson stuffing items under her shirt while the event was underway. The police–who were already at the store, helping approximately 80 children do a little fun holiday shopping–responded promptly.

The “Shop With A Cop” program is meant to develop trust and appreciation between members of various police forces and “underprivileged” children in the communities they serve. The kids get a little bit of money and have a police officer escort them through a designated store.

Officer Jeff Couch, who arrested Henson, said she had taken jewelry and some other small items worth about $40.

Henson pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful taking. She’ll spend Christmas in jail: A judge sentenced her to spend 30 days in the Clay County Detention Center.

(Photo Credit: Lexington Police Department and Manchester Police Department)

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