Are Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur friends?


Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska has struggled with ex Adam Lind having a baby with girlfriend Taylor Halbur, but that doesn’t change the fact that baby Paislee is Aubree’s half-sister. Have Chelsea and Taylor been able to move past their differences for the sake of the kids?

After the birth of baby Paislee, Adam was in a severe car crash. Since the crash Adam has been seeing Aubree more often, a source tells Starcasm. Our source also reveals that Chelsea has “accepted that Paislee is Aubree’s half sister and wants them to have a relationship.”

After the birth of Paislee, Taylor and Adam broke up for a few days, according to our source, but Taylor decided to take him back. Even though Aubree and Paislee are forging a relationship, Chelsea and Taylor still have some major tension.

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  • Anon

    the tension is because Chelsea can’t grow up and accept the fact that Adam has moved on. She is incapable of being happy for someone else

    • shebee

      Yes. This right here.

    • tiff

      as if adam himself has done such a great job of moving on by continuing to sleep with her and lead her on whenever convenient.

      • bambiglanville

        they are both “grown-ups” (or at least suppose to be) she’s the one that dropped her pants, too. Takes two to do the deed, ‘Tiff.

        • hoodie

          But she’s not the one who was in a relationship.

          • bambiglanville

            Well, she obviously knew he was in a relationship. He’s wrong, and she’s wrong. He’s a sleaze, as we all know. But she’s not far off.. (sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend) IF they were in fact, not together, that is.

      • Lola

        Thank you!!!! If the rumors are true, Chelsea didn’t break up Adam and Taylor’s relationship, Adam did. It’s still a terrible thing, don’t get me wrong, but Adam was the one saying he loved Taylor and wanted to be a family with her. (Who knows what he tells Chelsea?)

    • Kieffer

      Adam clearly hasn’t moved on when he continues to hook up with Chelsea.

      • me2

        or he is just a typical pig, looking to get it where he can. I don’t think he really loves either one of them.

      • Myndee

        Adam probably has moved on, Adam is just like a dog. A dog will keep going back to the same spot where they know there is food, Adam is going after some tail where he knows there will always be tail when he needs to get in something warm and wet. Chelsea needs to stop letting him in and he will eventually get the hint and find another girl to have sex with when he’s mad at Taylor

  • Paige Myrissa

    I don’t get why Chelsea wouldn’t want Aubree to have a relationship with her sister. Regardless of how she feels about Adam or Taylor, its so selfish to try and take that away from her daughter because of her own pettiness.

    • ren

      … Doesn’t the article say that Chelsea has accepted that Paislee is Aubree’s sister and wants them to have a relationship?

      • Paige Myrissa

        She has now, yes. But the fact that she fought it at all and tried to keep Aubree from seeing her sister is sad.

        • Myndee

          My husband’s ex-wife does it because she wants what I have. She wants the marriage and a girl, she had a son with him and tells my husband how he’s a scumbag who failed her by giving her a boy and not her dream daughter. So as revenge she tells their son daddy replaced you and doesn’t love you anymore. Maybe Chelsea is a wee bit jealous of the new family Adam tried starting and is taking it out on the kids

  • spottedgiraffe

    Chelsea slept with Adam again that’s why they broke up temporarily. It’s also why Taylor will probably not ever be Chelsea’s friend. Is everyone under 24 in Sioux Falls a parent? Ugh.

    • Jen

      Where did you hear that Chelsea and Adam slept together again?

      • spottedgiraffe

        A bunch of people from Sioux Falls called her out on it on twitter a while ago. I don’t remember the tweeter but it was someone close to them I think Chelsea’s sister’s best friend or one of Chelsea’s ex best friends.

      • Kara

        Randy has confirmed on Twitter that it’s true.

        • ameliaBedelia76

          whyis her father discussing his daughters sex life on social media? disgusting. Randy needs to be more mature than that

          • Darren Myt Collins


      • Noodle

        So Adam isn’t to blame at all? Why not say that Adam slept with Chelsea? Why is everyone blaming her?

        • me2

          We all already know he’s a douche. We are tired of her and her dad trying to hide her douchiness and as such, are commenting on that.

        • Laura

          I agree. Adam was the one cheating, not Chelsea.

    • bambiglanville

      I am sorry, but I stand firm in my belief that Chelsea is a stage-five clinger, and an idiot.

    • mrsnobooty

      soooo adam isnt good enough to be in aubrees life for more nights.. but hes good enough to be in chelseas vagina???!! gimme a break

      • spottedgiraffe

        Chelsea doesn’t want Adam around Aubree unless he’s around her as well. She doesn’t have Aubree’s best interest at heart she’s punishing Adam from moving on. If this was really about Aubree Chelsea would have banned Adam after his FIRST DUI.

    • shebee

      I thought the same thing. Teen/ young pregnancy must be pretty common in Sioux Falls. Lots of Chelsea’s friends and school mates seem to have children. Didn’t one of Chelsea’s sisters (Braylee’s mom, I think) have two kids fairly young?

  • mimi

    Taylor clearly doesn’t have any self respect.

  • Lyra

    Everyone always blames Chelsea for continuing to go after Adam, but no one blames Adam for leading her on. It’s rough to get over your first love, and harder when you had a child with them, and harder yet when they continue leading you on and you have to interact with them to deal with your child. Maybe if she gets some counseling to help her move on and talk about the pressure to try to provide a family for Aubree it would help. It’s more beneficial for Aubree to see her Mom single and happy, then see her Mom & Dad in a relationship where they fight all the time. Chelsea has to realize she can’t change Adam and make him a good Dad, he has to come to that realization on his own.

  • Murphy

    Its pretty obvious that Chelsea slept with him after the birth to feel better about herself–she knew (based on experience) that Adam would turned off by Taylor’s post-partum appearance.

    Just another page in the women attacking women over men play book. Disgusting. In this case over the most off-putting man in South Dakota.
    Seriously. I am 30 years old. I would rather hook up with Randy than that guy.

    • Imeatinghummus

      I’d hook up with Randylicious a million times before I’d ever hook up with Adam!

    • Myndee

      Why a balding 20 something drunk with a Mohawk is attracting is beyond me. The girl needs to let go. If he cheated on you, cheated on his second baby mama with you, what makes you think he won’t cheat on you again with a third potential baby mama!!

  • who knows

    Don’t quote me on this, but I remember Chelsea said at one of the reunions how she wouldn’t give up because she didn’t want Aubree to have stepparents. Doesn’t anyone remember exactly what she said?

    • Myndee

      That’s incredibly immature and stupid. It also sounds like something Kailyn would say about Jo and Vee

  • Chiquita

    Adam is lucky Chelsea lets him see Aubrey. Did all of u forget how he wanted to sign over rights for “that mistake”. Quit trying to feel sorry for that piece of shit. He brought all the drama. What a man, huh. Denying his first child then once the 2nd is born he wants a father of the year award. Don’t think so, remember he almost killed someone n he shouldn’t be allowed to be around Aubrey unsupervised.

    • look

      In all fairness, I really feel like the “mistake” comment was to hurt Chelsea, and not against Aubree.

      • Dani

        In all fairness no parent should ever desire to use their child as a weapon, let alone act on it.

  • Sue of side

    I can’t stand Chelsea or Adumb. Aubree and Paislee are adorable though.

  • kayla

    I just rewatched her 16 and pregnant episode today, I don’t see why she didn’t drop him then. He was awful to her! He didn’t even care to stay home with her when Aubree was coming home from being in the hospital for eight days after birth. He acted like it was no big deal. Any female willing to have a kid with him has serious issues. Chelsea needs to move on and Adam will cheat on Taylor again seeing as how she is okay with it.

  • Lisa

    I really hope Chelsea finds a great guy!There’s something in her vulnerability that makes her likeable to me plus she seems to be generally a good person that’s very sensitive.She deserves to be happy.I hope she gets the family she’s always wanted

  • Myndee

    Chelsea needs to get over him and would have a fighting chance if everyone in her circle stopped making him topic number one with her. Are their lives that boring that he’s all they can talk about? If she really did grow up and is mature enough to let Aubree have a sister relationship with Paislee then good for her. My husband’s ex-wife tries telling their 5 year old son our daughter, and it’s a sad situation when a woman can’t be mature enough for the children to have a family, even if it’s an extended style family

    • sysmjp

      Mixed families are stupid and ghetto. I get so tired of people having babies all over the place these days then want to act like they have strong family values. I say there is no need to bond with half-siblings unless the parents are cool and they will grow up together in the same household.

      • Myndee

        You do realize how ignorant you sound, right?

  • pmo

    also remember randy and Chelsea going to an atty to have adumb’s name removed from the b/c; or aubree’s name changed from adumb’s name. something like that.

    • doo

      I don’t think she went through with it.

      • Myndee

        They did and she was granted the change.