Farrah Abraham allegedly stole Blowin’ from Adam Barta

Farrah Abraham - Adam Barta

Looks like some more controversy is Blowin’ Farrah Abraham’s way!

Fishwrapper shared exclusive documents today that show the Teen Mom star apparently stole her new single from Adam Barta. Adam, whose made quite a niche career of writing songs for D-listers, claims he developed the song with Farrah and contractually owns 45 percent. He says he was basically blindsided when Farrah released it and hasn’t any credit or compensation.

Based on the contract that was signed by both Adam and Farrah, he likely won’t have a problem proving she ripped him off. As per the agreement “the song is a duet” and “neither artist will publicly perform the song without prior approval of the other.” Furthermore, “any responsibility that is not fulfilled by either party would be considered breach of contract.”

Adam also provided details from their brainstorming sessions, including how they envisioned the video to look and the artists who influenced them. He added “Blowin'” was originally titled “Bully.”

So far, Farrah’s reps are doing what Farrah’s reps do best: Playing dumb. They told Fishwrapper, “We are not currently aware of any legal issues. To the extent that there are any, we will address them if necessary.”

It’s worth noting that Adam’s represented by Gina Rodriguez’s GR Media Firm. Farrah used to work with Gina, but they had a major falling out last summer at which point Gina said she resigned as Farrah’s manager.

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  • Nicole

    Yep. Sounds about right. She’s a psychopath!

  • Jenn

    Why would anyone openly admit to being involved with that train wreck of a song?

    • Kelly

      My thoughts exactly!

    • ren

      I was thinking the same thing. She did him a favor. He should just walk away… The cost of paying his lawyer to just send her a letter will be more than what this song will make.

      • Caeleigh Shae

        That’s be great if part of the lawsuit was that Farrah had to pay all his legal fees though.

    • Pat Brown

      because she owes him money!

  • frontdoormom

    Sue her! Sue her! Sue her!

  • mb

    The songs Adam writes/produces are garbage! Most his songs feature the Z list clients of Gina’s. It’s sad to say, but Farrah was Gina’s biggest client, her current roster of full on nobodies!!

    • Pat Brown

      who is Gina?

  • justsillyme

    I would have never said anything if I were him…I would’t have wanted my name anywhere near that disaster of a “song”

  • Valerie

    Just throw her in jail already

  • hayzay

    Holy, what is wrong with Farrah? (actually, don’t answer that haha) Is she really that incompetent that she is unable able to read and comprehend the contracts she signs? She’s such a train wreck. I really wish someone would put her in her place and make her shut up and disappear.

    • Anna

      She just doesn’t care. She’s a narcissistic sociopath who feels entitled to do whatever she wants to just because it will serve her interests.
      She keeps this kind of thing up, and soon no one will ever work with her on anything again.

  • Pat Brown

    I wish she would just see what she is doing to herself, it’s very sad, I don’t understand, why no one around her, guides her in the right way!

    • amberc88

      she would probably rip their head off and accuse them of hurting her or lying to her or setting her up in some way if they tried. she rules by fear.

    • ohhhhno

      Because they are all terrified of her. She treats people like total garbage. Maybe all of her bad decisions and the repercussions of those decions is what she gets for walking all over everyone in her life.

  • twelfthnight

    I would be so embarrassed if anyone thought I had anything to do with this. I wouldn’t even bother suing, I’d just cry alone in a corner that I made or helped make something so very horrible.

  • Dana Swank

    Haha. Farrah claimed to have written this by herself which I think we all had no problem accepting.. But the fact that it took TWO of them to “brainstorm” that mess is hilarious. And where exactly did they expect to perform this catastrophe! How is it not common knowledge that farrah is a liar and thinks she’s above contracts and laws.

    • Reality

      She probably thinks that because she changed the title, some words, she is not liable. I hope this guy sues her for breach of contract. He can score some major bucks! Yes, everything she does, lies, steals, embellishes, denies….SOCIOPATH!

  • Noodle

    Why would he admit having anything to do with that??

  • spottedgiraffe

    I would let her have the song. I would not want that associated with my name. Don’t worry Adam, Farrah will make no money from that awful song.

    • SK8 Music

      OK. Im SO glad I was able to log onto my TWITTER account because this discussion has gone bezerk! Why hasn’t anyone commented, more specifically, on Adam’s hair?? I think his hair color is completely perfect for the moment and all the other stuff {I kind of didn’t read} is not so interesting…. plus i miss my friend Adam xoox

  • Anonymous

    I gotta admit, I read these articles just to chuckle at all the funny comments made about her. You guys keep it up, its entertainment!