Michael Abraham responds to daughter Farrah Abraham’s abuse claims, is writing a tell-all

Michael Abraham - My Fatherhood Dream Ended

Farrah Abraham’s oft-shushed father, Michael Abraham, will finally speak out in a tell-all book.

“It will address things you didn’t see on TV and things nobody has ever heard of,” Michael told Celebuzz this week. “It’s about our struggles and our blessings. It will address some of our hardships, being on a reality TV show and the real hard facts from the last year.”

Michael began writing the book last spring. He included mention of events that have since taken place, such as Farrah’s sex tapes and Couples Therapy appearance. He also responds to his daughter’s childhood abuse claims.

“I did not abuse her and any discipline was just and fair. I don’t think Farrah would let me care for Sophia as I’ve done if I had done anything out of line,” said Michael, who lives in Farrah’s guest home and takes care of Sophia throughout the week.

Michael Abraham - Sophia Abraham - Farrah Abraham

Even though he denies using a leather belt on Farrah during her childhood, Michael admitted their father-daughter relationship was strained for many years.

“When you deal with a controversial subject such as teen pregnancy and the dynamics we were in, we were in the middle of a divorce and at the time it was very hard,” Michael said, adding it helped him to read Farrah’s memoir.

But, Michael isn’t just out to clear his own name. He said his main intention is to show Farrah’s strengths as a single mother.

“She could have been just another gal that was pregnant, eating Bon Bons and drinking beer, but she’s not,” Michael said. “She is doing this all on her own. Farrah knows how to get her name out there. But her self-promotion is on the entertainment side.”

Farrah Abraham and dad Michael Abraham

As we saw earlier this week, Farrah’s latest attempt at self-promotion is her new single/video, Blowin’. Musical talents aside, many criticized the former Teen Mom for intermixing scenes of her in the club and walking in a meadow with daughter Sophia. Michael said he believes people are blowin’ it out of proportion.

“You know what, Farrah’s life is completely around Sophia. And what she has accomplished, she has to have a life. So she wants to show her daughter, she loves Sophia,” Michael said. “I didn’t see any intoxication in the clip. They’re not staggering around. I see people having a good time.”

Michael says his yet-untitled book will be released this year.

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  • Get out of the spotlight

    Denial and delusion consumes that family. Give it some time and we will hear about all the regret and remorse down the road just like we are with Spencer and Heidi……or at least I hope so.

  • christee

    Pregnant, eating bon bons, drinking beer. Is he comparing Farrah to Peg Bundy? Just what in the fresh hell is wrong w/ these people?

    • e

      Lol! Right. I read that article and thought, “Oh now I see why Farrah is certifiable. Her parents are bat shit crazy.

    • Reality

      Actually, he is comparing the “others” to Peg Bundy. No, Michael, the smart ones went to school, learned a skill, a profession; and have become useful, well-rounded contributors to society.

    • Kay

      This is one of the most hilarious comments i have ever read. Well done!

  • Kara

    Michael is almost as bad as Farrah. He’s enabling her nasty behavior.

    • Jay

      Not just enabling, but PRAISING her.


    Yes Mr. Abraham, because all mothers who aren’t porn stars and haven’t had plastic surgery are eating bon bons and drinking beer. If that comment had come from someone else I’d be highly offended, but everything that comes out of these people’s mouths is just a giant crock of sh!t, so no harm done.

    • Murphy

      I wish I was eating bon bons and drinking beer right now. But I’m not, because I’m at WORK. But thats beneath Farrah.

  • JustSillyMe

    On the show he seems like such a good grandfather and father. Farrah is such a B*tch to him!!! He is going to stick up for his daughter of course, but that’s not saying she deserves it!

  • ugh

    Will he address how she accompanied his daughter to sign her p*orn contract? And even worse, brought his granddaughter along!? Will he address Farrah’s DUI, compulsive lying and his own creepy comments about being “proud” that she was starting her own sex toy line as if any normal father would ever EVER think or say those words. Farrah could become a serial killer and these nuts would call it a smart “business decision”.

    I fear for Sophia more than Jace, her entire family is warped and not right. I would not at all be surprised if there wasn’t some sexual abuse that has gone on in the Abraham household, they have zero boundaries obviously. You’d have to put a gun to my father’s head to make him give interviews about my sex life and to go with me to the p*orn studio with his grandchild in tow. Not to mention Farrah saying in a radio interview that she will save a copy of her sex tape for her daughter. These are disgusting and sick people, Derek’s family should really try to atleast get some visitation rights in court. Maybe they can get FIVE year old Sophia off of the pacifier.

    • Renee L

      Very well said, everything. But, hey, if she becomes a serial killer, it’s ok, because she’s just getting her name out there. Understandable.

    • Myndee

      Will the state of Nebraksa address her drinking while on probation? I wish she would go to York (women’s prison in Nebraska) for at least a year and let the attitude get scared out of her

    • TimM

      I can’t wait until her kid grows up. You’ll see the train wreck. Can we say Anna Nicole Smith? Didn’t this girl try and find a ‘sugar daddy’?

  • Murphy

    At least we can see where she gets her forever denial attitude.

  • Emilie

    lol This should be good.

  • Paige Myrissa

    In the words of Farrah herself, “Whatever…Michael!”

    • Myndee

      Insert annoying pucker and eye roll

  • ohhhhno

    How dare he insult poor Peg Bundy like that!

    • LexiconD1

      At least Peg Bundy managed to snag, keep and marry a MAN. Farrah is going to be the ‘lone bird’…

  • heyBale

    I have never seen a bigger case of a beta male… its so bad I have to wonder how he even got near a woman, let alone got her pregnant.

    put ur balls to use Mike and be the man of the household your family needs.

  • ugh

    Also, will he address how Farrah was told to call him “Michael” even though he is her bio dad? So Deb and Farrah’s half sister decided that Farrah should call her own father by his first name to make them happy? Creepy. There was always so much disrespect when she would say “Michael!” Why didn’t she just call him dad?

  • Anna

    Oh, for the love of God, won’t these people just go away already? So pathetic of him to come forward and write a book about how he supports Farrah and all her BS. Way to double-down on your failures as a parent. I’m embarrassed for him.

    • LexiconD1

      I’d say he is, since he’s the primary caregiver to Sophia.

  • Reality

    “Her self promotion is on the entertainment side”… the only “entertainment” she has been promoting is porn and a circus freak side show. And Michael, your future will not bode well for you if you continue to ride the coat tails of your daughter. No need for a book from you; and who would publish it for you?! The editing for grammar and content alone will be costly.

  • Tabitha

    How is her life completely revolved around Sophia when she’s never with her? Wasn’t it Farrah who said they were both “doing their own thing?” Farrah’s making pornos whilst Sophia teaches herself how to read, ok I got if!

    • Myndee

      She can’t even be bothered to carry her child, or hold her hand while she walks. She’s a moron at best

  • Myndee

    If he was so abusive, why is she trusting her daughter with him? I’d be damned if I let someone who abused me care for my child while I’m off throwing my cat around. She has some serious issues that I don’t think any doctor can work out. Good luck Sophia, you’re going to need it when you’re old enough to use Google. And for heavens sake someone take that pacifier from that FIVE year old child!

    • christee

      Because there was no abuse. They probably asked her to clean her room one time, and that somehow became “abusive.” I always thought better of Michael, but the last year is like, what sh!t in his past life did he get up to to deserve Farrah? Beyond lack of true parental guidance, but from the looks of it, Deb had more to do with the kids than he did, so I’d lay 90% of the mess that is her daughters squarely on her brick sh!thouse insane shoulders.

  • TimM

    Pregnant girls eat bon bons and drink beer? Weird. Must be the white trash Coucil Bluffs IA.

  • sammi

    Bon Bons? What does he think it is 1991? Lol. Who eats Bon Bons in 2014?