Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and girlfriend Linda Phan take big step

Drew Scott - Linda Phan

Property Brothers’ Drew Scott recently asked longtime girlfriend Linda Phan a big question: “Will you work for me?”

She apparently agreed and works alongside Drew and his brothers — Jonathan Scott and J.D. Scott — as the Scott Brothers Entertainment’s Creative Director.

“Linda is responsible for developing concepts that contribute to the company’s growth across various platforms. She manages multiple projects, from digital content, product and merchandise lines, to marketing campaigns and philanthropic efforts,” the company website says of Linda, who has a background in public relations.

She is specifically responsible for creating cutting-edge social media and special project campaigns. She also spearheads the planning process for the Toronto Film Festival’s Producers Ball.

Linda Phan - The Scott Brothers Starcasm

Besides becoming co-workers, Drew and Linda may take another big step before too long: He recently hinted on Twitter that a proposal isn’t far off.

“When you are with a woman as amazing as her… you don’t wait too long.”

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  • SmrtLikeStik

    I like their show

  • anjealka

    Linda is good at her job of marketing the brothers. They were actors and had a magic show in Vegas and now play the part of relators(which I’m sure they got a real estate license not too like it takes much schooling). they do put on a good show except for the fact they never tell you how they get the $60-100k reno budget? Most people are not cash buyers and since they buy furniture with the reno budget it cant be a refi-loan?

    • Gyurltrini

      Hey Anjealka,
      It’s true they do not advertise this on the show, but if you ask them these questions on their personal fb & twitter pages, they’ll answer … they’ve answered many of these questions before.

      For example, when Property Brothers first started out, I understand, Cineflix (who produces their shows) provided a certain amount extra to each couple / family towards the project, as well as sometimes, for promotional purposes, some manufacturers will donate items to different projects.

      Additionally, the clients do not have to pay either Drew or Jonathan (Cineflix / HGTV / Wnetwork pays them), but they do have to pay the extra hired hands, so when the budget does not allow for hiring too many professionals, Jonathan (& I think his older brother JD), do it for “free”.

      Plus they probably get discounts.

      • anjealka

        I met a few HGTV “stars” a few years ago at our home and garden expo. They did say that the designers gave their services away free. Still there is a big difference between the older 1-2k design on a budget shows, and show like Candice tells all (which they said she spends 50k+ on renovations and home owners are getting her services free which were worth about 10k). Maybe home loans are different in Canada? I know where I live I saw a great fixer upper for 150k but it need at least 50k to make it liveable, and closer to 75k to make it what would be a forever home. I didn’t have 105k out of pocket(30k downpayemnt & 75k for renovations) . The bank gladly would loan us on a 300k ready to move in home. They said they do not give renovation loans on new home loans, they want their investment protected because you could start reno, not have enough to finish and the bank is left with a foreclosed mess. The bank also would not loan on furniture & we see all these homes get high end furniture(with no ads from stores so I can’t believe it is free). Again maybe Canada is different with loans, or I have heard that property virgins lady talks about drawing on your retirement in Canada as an option for down payments. As much as I like to peek at dream homes on shows, I miss the realistic shows. Renovations they average person can do and afford, for 1-5k.

        • Gyurltrini

          Some of these questions have been asked on Drew & Jonathan’s personal facebook and twitter pages. From my recollection, they’ve said there are some lenders who are willing to bundle and there are some where you might have to take out two separate loans. It’s all about talking to your lender to find out.

          Also something to note (I forgot to mention before) is that Jonathan has said previously that the budget only covers the renovations for the rooms that the home owners decide they want renovated for the show (usually only 3 / 4 rooms per episode) and the budget reflects only those 3 / 4 rooms. He also has said that usually after they’re finished filming, the home owners finish up the rest of the house.

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