Breaking Amish’s Rebecca gives birth to second child

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler pregnant baby bump photo

Original Breaking Amish cast members Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler shocked viewers when they revealed Rebecca was pregnant with her second child on the Breaking Amish: Brave New World “The Shunning Truth” reunion special back in July. Now congratulations are in order as it was just revealed Rebecca had the baby!

The announcement came via Bruce Clifford, who is a friend of the cast members and admin of a number of their Facebook fan pages as well as the most popular Breaking Amish Facebook fan group. Here’s Bruce’s announcement from just a couple hours ago:

Congratulations to Abe & Rebecca on the birth of their new baby girl. All I can tell you right now is that Mother and Daughter are both well and healthy and there will be more details to follow. Congrats to Kayla on becoming a big sister.

And that’s all we know! Congratulations to Rebecca and Abe!

UPDATE – Either Abe or Rebecca (It’s usually Rebecca) made a couple posts on their Facebook page updating fans:

Thank you all for the comments and well wishes!! Our baby girl is a precious gift from God and she is absolutely adorable! We are doing well so far and are recovering nicely.

We want to say Thank you so very much to ALL the staff at Punxsy Hospital for taking such good care of us and for all their kindness! Our stay has been the best experience and we appreciate all you have done for us! 🙂

* There’s still no word if there will be another season of Breaking Amish featuring the original cast, but with no reports of cameras rolling over the last few months, it’s not looking likely.

UPDATE – TLC has announced the third season of Breaking Amish will be titled Return To Amish and will premiere Sunday, June 1 at 9/8c. Also, click here to see photos of Abe and Rebecca’s daughter Malika as well as their other daughter Kayla!

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  • Courtney

    She’s so weird!!! What is up with wearing that snow cap thing under her hat? Horrible look. Just makes me think somebody was lazy and didnt wash her hair! She is so awkward that its painful to watch. I don’t understand how she and Abe can make enough money to support two kids let alone themselves with zero common sense and no education! Even with government assistance they will be struggling month to month.
    If they show another season I’d like to see Rebecca as a mother. I just can’t picture her being nice or caring towards anyone! She probably storms off pouting whenever the baby cries or Abe shows the baby more attention than her! Immature, selfish and hot headed temper are not the best qualities in a mother.

    • Starla

      She is weird! I have never cared for her. She is a brat.
      I bet she storm off and leaves the baby with Abe. She is the dominant one in the relationship. She does whatever the f$#k she wants.

    • AshLea

      Rebecca is an AWESOME mother, who adores her daughter and will do the same with the new baby. You are basing your observation based on a tv show.

  • kellie

    Wtf to people judging this woman as a mother. Would you like people to base parenting comptentness on the way they have seen you only when you aren’t around your child? Ridiculous. I don’t even like her but seriously that is uncalled for.

    • Starla

      Rebecca left her first child to be on a tv show. I don’t know what she did w her child when they did the 2nd season..
      I’m just calling it like i see it.

      • sd

        She brought the child with her, but she didn’t allow them to film her. I believe she mentioned this on one of the reunion specials.

      • kaitlyn

        Rebecca is a great mother. TV doesn’t show everything

      • Ashlea

        First of all Rebecca didn’t leave her child to be on a show. They would not let her be filmed and promised her grandfather she would not be discussed. Second season her daughter was with them the whole time. She was cared for my Abe’s mother and sisters when the cameras were on Abe and Rebecca. As you see it, you don’t see what happens off camera

        • Starla

          Where was the baby the first season? You know, when she was running around NY humping Abe.
          And the second season she had her daughter living in a place that was nothing but drama? Sabrina and jeremiah’s girl cussing and almost coming to blows.. or when Jeremiah almost gets his ass kicked by that guy. That guy was chasing Jeremiah all around the house. And the drinking.
          I wouldn’t want my child to be around that for a few thousand dollars. Her and Abe both need to go get jobs. Time for them to grow up and support themselves.

          • Laurie

            WOW Starla passing judgment when you are clearly not seeing the whole picture. Cameras weren’t rolling on them 24/7. Their child was with them and family members were with her.

          • Jess

            LOL “humpimg Abe “, i love the way you word good old sex to make her look bad. god forbid a grown woman (who happens to have a child) has sex!!! I’m sure you would never do that right ? Pathetic. They didn’t realize how dramatic and crazy the experience would be until it happened, live and learn, they are only human

    • LaLa84

      I would like this a thousand time if I could.

  • Sue

    A huge congrats to Abe & Rebecca!!!
    About Bruce Cliffords most famous FB page I must laugh. HAHA!!!! He is a freak, half the people on that page don’t even know why they were invited to it, lol. Yes I was on the page only because I got an invite and all that is in there is DRAMA!!! I kindly left.

    • Samantha

      There’s a lot of fun discussion in the group you are talking about. We get information first hand about the show and cast many times from the cast themselves. They would not be in the group if it was so horrible.

      • kaitlyn

        What cast members? I personally know some, and I know a different story too.

      • AshLea

        Which cast members I know some of them they haven’t been on that page in months talking with fans,

        • Debbi

          Oh what you guys don’t know! I’m friends with Jeremiah. Crazy stuff for sure.

          • Katharine Francis

            Jeremiah is a rude person. He can dish hate out to people but can’t take it what so ever. He spins stories around to make himself look like the victim all the time. He was my favorite on the show until I started to interact with his face book page. Bottom line is that if you don’t agree with him 100% he says you aren’t a “real” fan and get the hell off his page. haha

        • Joanne

          I’ve been in the group for quite a while and find it to be the only group where I can get real information about the show. Chapel, Betsy, Rebecca and others have all recently stopped by. The few times I see drama I skip over those threads, but those are rare events on the page. The drama has always been about Jeremiah. Bruce has always been a fair moderator and as someone who admins for another type of group I know it is not always easy to keep everyone happy. He and the other moderator do an amazing job getting factual information for us from reliable sources,

          • Debbi

            Jeremiah and Bruce actually started that group together. Jeremiah used to interact more than anyone, but he’s now blocked so that drama can unfold. It’s not fair to do that to someone when they can’t defend themselves. Not only that, the group has been pruned so that people that know Jeremiah personally can’t set facts straight. Good people that didn’t even take part in the drama. It’s not what it appears to be.

            • Joanne

              I don’t know who you are Debbi, but I know Jeremiah was blocked from the group after he left it over and over again and kept requesting to come back. When someone said something he didn’t like he would leave the group like a baby after cursing them out. He had many chances to defend himself like an adult. I don’t blame the admin for not allowing him back in. I watched all of the drama unfold when Jeremiah was in the group.

              • Debbi

                I bet you do know who I am. I used to be a very active member in that group. But it doesn’t matter who I am. And you have half the facts. I’m just saying I know what these people are saying to be true, that’s all.

            • Katharine Francis

              Jeremiah left the group like 3 or 4 times and caused a lot of the drama. I would like to see him be able to be a part of the group but then it would just the the Jeremiah show and he’d yell at fans who disagreed with him.

          • Laurie

            I was in the group since the beginning. Jeremiah was the only cast member who commented on a regular basis. Sabrina and Rebecca would come in from time to time. Yes Jeremiah would come and go, but it was out of frustration of having to defend himself. Around November 25 give or take a few days a very ugly bashfest took place. At that time Jeremiah, myself and others who are known to support and stand up for Jeremiah were blocked from the page. However, the people who started it and were very ugly with words were allowed to stay and continue to be on the page. Why the original post that this all started with was even allowed is beyond any comprehension I have. I messaged and other messaged the admins but it was allowed to continue. Since then the only person associated with someone from BA LA comments and gives updates. I find it very hard to believe it is for the fans who support the cast. Since then there have been numerous Jeremiah bash sessions that are allowed. So I will call it as I see it, it has turned into a Jeremiah bash page and once this artical showed up, turned into a Bruce fan page. Gag Me

            • Mar

              I’m very good friends with Rebecca & Abe, and also friends with Bruce. We all have great friendships with no drama. What you are doing here ladies is wrong. You have proven you are all the cause of the drama. This article is about the birth of my friends baby and you have gone ahead and turned this into your own playground once again just like you did when you were in Bruce’s group. Bruce didn’t know they were going to write an article and he’s telling people how this article is not about him, but the birth of Rebecca & Abe’s newborn baby. You disgust me.

              • Debbi

                You are right. I just saw the comments on here and had to put my two cents in, as I have had similar experiences. I never caused any drama on there. I was friends with Bruce too until he lied to me multiple times. He does run a good page, just no a fair one in my eyes. But this is about Abe and Rebecca, and I know them well enough to know they are fantastic people and great parents!

                • Mar

                  And this is how you continues the drama. You acknowledged I am right, but then you have to throw in a dig. Considering all of the personalities involved, Bruce runs a very clean and fair page. This comes from the 8 cast members and 2 producers who are in that group.

                  • Debbi

                    I knew you were Bruce, because only Bruce would know about the producers….. talked to Eric lately? I was actually ending this and trying to get it back to Abe and Rebecca .

                    • Mar

                      No, i am not Bruce

                    • Bruce Clifford

                      This IS Bruce and I would not comment on anything without using my name. I’ve said this in the BA Fan Group and I am saying it in here only one time. This article is ONLY about the birth of a beautiful baby girl to Abe & Rebecca. Anything else contact me on FB. Thank

              • Laurie

                Mar I don’t recall starting any drama in Bruce’s group. The people who started it is still in the group. I have been nothing but supportive of the whole cast. There were a group of five that did that and it hasn’t stopped since. I just stated facts as that group was called the best BA group on fb. I stated the facts of what happened. Cast member may go on there and read, but they do not interact. Last I knew Chapel wasn’t a cast member. Just so you know I do support the whole cast regardless. I adore Abe and Rebecca and have stated so many times. What I said in my post above is accurate information.

                I have congratulated Abe and Rebecca on their new angel. I have even supported her on a few of the ugly posts. Why don’t you go attack them people, they are the ones who should disgust you.

                • angie

                  If you’re gonna state “facts” then state the correct ones. The article doesn’t say its the best ba group on fb it says its the most popular. Which it is so nothing is incorrect in this article

            • Katharine Francis

              I’ve been in the group a while and the only bashing that’s going on is in response to what Jeremiah has done to his “fans” or has said about them. You’re making it sound like people bash him for no reason what so ever. haha I like how Jeremiah stands up for him self but I don’t like how he treats his “fans” by expecting them to become sheep.

              • Laurie

                As far as I know Jeremiah hasn’t expected anyone to become his sheep. He has said either your a supporter or your not. Some of the rude comments that I have seen were bashing. No one is forced to be on his page. I have disagreed with him more than once, but I didn’t have to bash him to do it. There are no Jeremiah friends in that BA group we have all been blocked. It was not us that started the drama. I asked both admins to put a stop to it.

                I have however, seen people say wow, I tried to post a comment about so and so, but it didn’t get approved. So my questions is this, why are negative posts always approved when it’s about Jeremiah. Why aren’t Jeremiah’s friend not allowed in the group? I haven’t bashed anyone, not even the ones that are bashing Jeremiah. Perhaps Jeremiah is the easy target because he does interact with fans more.

  • Kara

    Rebecca seriously has the worst style.

    • Katharine Francis

      haha true but I love that coat she has on.

  • Janelle

    The most popular breaking amish fan group is run by a psycho stalker. Seriously. Don’t join the fan group unless you are looking for drama unrelated to the show.

    • Samantha

      I love Bruce’s group and I have had nothing but fun interactions with him.

  • Samantha

    I love these guys. Best wishes to the family and their new baby. Great job to Bruce for running an amazing a fun group for the cast and fans of the show.

  • Sabiina

    If sarcasm had any balls – they would look at the Bruce Clifford interactions with the cast members. They run into some very intreating territory between helping and manipulating. You would dig up months of material for your site. Bruce is like the seedy neighbor who spends too much time mowing his lawn while looking at your daughter in the backyard. There is a reason he is called The Candy Man.

  • Henry G

    All the very best to Abe and Rebecca and their new daughter. I love them on the show. I love the way Bruce administrates the mentioned group on F B. Because of him I have connected with other great fans and pages of the show, and he was able to arrange my girlfriend and I to meet up with Kate in New York for a few minutes just 2 weeks ago.

    • Ashley

      Haha you met with Kate? I know her and she doesn’t even talk with Bruce.

  • Kevin

    Congrats to Abe and Rebecca they both have been very kind when I was in Bruce’s group. With that said I’m not happy how Bruce runs the group as soon as you join he puts you in other groups that you did not ask to be in. He friends you and you feel uncomfortable so you HAVE to friend him. Another big thing is he bans anyone who likes Jeremiah.He plays favorites like a child. Also does he get paid to promote cast members? Or is it his big obsession because he’s all day everyday following a few of the original cast members on FB and twitter.

    • Amy

      I’m a fan of Jeremiah and don’t usually see eye to eye with Bruce, but he has never removed me or anything like that. He’s never made me feel uncomfortable.

    • Katharine Francis

      when I first joined the group Jeremiah was my all time favorite person of the first season and thought that everyone was treating him unfairly. Then as time went by I saw him interact with other fans and he was rude and hatful. If you don’t agree with Jeremiah he calls you a bad fan as if it’s not okay to think for yourself.

  • Bob S

    Very best wishes on the new baby. Anyone else in here talking about other nonsense, go get a life.

  • Traxguardian Rae

    Congratulations Rebecca and Abe 🙂 I’m so Happy For you Both Aww You Guys were Great on the show. I hope the best For the Both Of you. 🙂 Take Care and God Bless you Both. Your big Fan Roxanne.