PHOTOS Amish Mafia’s Esther Schmucker’s daughter and “gorgeous husband” plus her relationship to Breaking Amish Schmuckers

Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia

It was recently revealed that Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker would not be back for the controversial show’s fourth season, and now it appears that she intends to borrow the “If something’s bothering you, just set it on fire” page from faux show beau Lebanon Levi’s playbook by burning some bridges with show producers!

Although it is widely known that Amish Mafia is fake, and is not a “reality” show at all, Discovery Channel and show producers still like to maintain the facade to keep those gullible viewers that still believe glued to their TV sets, but also to seemingly stir up the haters of the show and get more free publicity. Esther has played along for the most part, although it was determined early on that she was an aspiring model who lived anything but a traditional Amish lifestyle prior to being cast on the show. That all appears to be about to change!

Esther’s verified Facebook page posted the photo below and wrote, “This is my gorgeous 5 year old daughter!!” Esther (I presume) then added, “There is a lot that a lot of you dont know about me or the show. Which will all be revealed. I will be speaking out about everything in due time. In the meantime I wanted to share this piece of my life with you.”

Amish Mafia Esther Schmucker's daughter

Oh man! “I will be speaking out about everything in due time.” That sounds a lot like a tell-all interview or possibly even a book is in the works! (Did I mention Esther’s daughter is a cutie pie?)

The page followed that post with another that explained Esther Schmucker’s relationship to the Schmuckers on Breaking Amish, which is produced by Hot Snakes Media for Discovery’s sister network TLC, the same production company that does Amish Mafia.

For everyone that has been asking, Yes the Schmuckers from Breaking Amish are all my cousins! Abe and Andrew are my first cousins. Mary is my aunt, her husband is my dads brother, and I grew up with Rebecca down in Smicksburg Pa. We went to the same school and we were in the same church district. Her mom and her aunt were our teachers for a few years. When Hot Snakes was looking for more people to cast for this show they wanted to do I cast my relatives for them.

One commenter responded with, “I had never thought of the two and two together, WOW! I hope after everything that went down, that Abe is doing better.” Another commenter replied, “Wat happened to Abe? I missed it, no cable where we at:(” Esther’s page then wrote, “nothing happened to him. None of that stuff is actually real.”

Oh snap!

Esther’s Facebook page had been rather quiet ever since it posted a photo of a man who appears to be Esther real-life love interest (and abuser), Imir Williams, along with the simple description, “My gorgeous husband.” The post sent fans into a tizzy as some still seemed duped by the TV show and they were concerned about Levi’s reaction, while others knew of Imir Williams’ history of abuse and that the two of them were legally not even supposed to be in contact with each other. (Even though that restriction had meant nothing in the past.)

Here’s a screen cap of the post prior to being deleted:

Amish Mafia Esther Schmucker married? Gorgeous husband photo posted on Facebook

The page later deleted the photo and had been silent until earlier today.

UPDATE – After we posted our article Esther took to Facebook to explain the “gorgeous husband” photo:

So let me set the record straight. I AM NOT MARRIED. The picture that was posted saying that this is my gorgeous husband was a hoax. Someone had hacked fb.If I ever get married I will be sure to post my engagement first. Just so you all know

In addition to the photo of her daughter (it was reported early on, based on Esther’s since-deleted Plenty of Fish dating profile, that she actually has two children) and the Breaking Amish Schmucker family tree insight, Esther also changed the page’s profile photo to this far-from-Amish photo:

Esther Schmucker Facebook

Dang girl! You need to adapt the slogan, “With a name like Schmucker, it’s gotta be damn good!” 😉

Stay tuned because we hear the kettle whistling, and we have the feeling Esther is going to be pouring a whole lotta behind-the-scenes Amish Mafia (and even Breaking Amish) tea very soon!

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