Casts of Teen Mom 2 and 3 feud after Teen Mom 3 cancelled by MTV

Teen Mom 3 Teen Mom 2 Twitter feud

It was revealed this weekend that MTV has cancelled Teen Mom 3 after just one season, and after hearing the news the cast members took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Inevitably, some of the sentiments expressed contained a bit of frustration over the fact that Teen Mom 2 is currently filming its fifth season, and some of those frustrated sentiments got a little personal.

As you might imagine, some of the stars of Teen Mom 2 took offense to being called out and took to social media to defend themselves and their castmates. The end result was a bit of an unfortunate feud that also saw original Teen Mom star Maci Bookout getting involved!

As with any Twitter feud involving multiple parties over a period of time, it’s hard to get a full picture of what all was said, so I’ve compiled most all of the relative tweets in order that is mostly chronological with only a few alterations for readability.

It should be noted that Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska and Leah Calvert didn’t get involved at all, and that Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie Douthit and Katie Yeager only had positive things to say. (I ended things on a positive note with Mackenzie and Katie’s tweets.) #Peace

Briana It’s come to an end guys!

Alex Yes no more teen mom 3. Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well #relieved

@stephaniestavro I’m not shocked. It wasn’t a season full of drama which is why ppl watch Tm. Amber and janelle drama kept Tm and tm2 alive

Briana I know! That’s the reason why!

(Retweeted by Briana) @stephaniestavro it’s unfortunate that teen mom’s actually acting like adults couldn’t stay longer to make an impact.

@debbie_girl1991 Tm3 is canceled because @DouthitKenzie became pregnant. @MTV would be dumb to broadcast that. Bad message

Randy Houska (Chelsea’s dad) That thinking is bullsh!t … you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

Alex Kail had a baby you’ll see that season 5 n so did Leah n they’ll show that

Briana exactly

@debbie_girl1991 kail graduated.. &they are both 3 years older. Huge difference. Mckenzie is 18 w 2 kids … 100% a bad message to do a show about teen preg& then the star gets pregnant again

Alex but she’s married and graduated with Cosmo degree n 2 kids w same dad

@debbie_girl1991 I knew the show was over as soon as they announced she was pregnant. I was bummed

Briana so it’s ok to have more kids after 19 is basically what MTV is saying huh

Alex at least she is married graduated w Cosmo degree n it’s w the same guy

Kailyn what does the same guy have to do with anything?

Alex nothing but it’s nice to finally see someone make things work with her babies father and continue their lives

Briana I agree

Kailyn So mtv continued with us because we’re train wrecks? Not to mention Leah and I were not teens when we decided to get pregnant.

(Retweeted by Kailyn) @ToniMZ81 (Kailyn’s close friend) No one should call anyone a train wreck. Lets not forget, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!

Matt McCann I think when everyone said train wreck, we know who they were referring to. Mtv didn’t want to continue because the story line was boring not because of McKenzie.. Attacking each other is just dumb..

Kailyn I can’t help but be a little offended by some of the things the girls of TM3 are saying. Cancelled or not we all relate somehow.

Kailyn The fact that my kids have different fathers has nothing to do with anything. I still graduated, work and am married.

Maci Bookout but BOTH of yours kids have tons of love around them ☺️ you should be very proud of yourself.. im proud of u!

Kailyn thank you Maci!!! Love you!


Matt McCann @KailLowry Just to make it clear, I like you and @JaviM9. You, him and @TM2LeahDawn have nothing to do with TM3 being cancelled.

Kailyn We’re supposed to be an MTV family. We all relate to each other and came together for the same cause. TEEN pregnancy prevention.

Jenelle @KailLowry it’s a shame they have to slam us and we STILL have said one word about it being canceled.

Briana (to Kailyn) all I said was, u and Leah have more than one baby so Kenzie being pregnant wasn’t the cause of tm3 ending

Kailyn it’s definitely not. But someone said something about Leah and I having kids with 2 people.

Briana well that’s not an issue… I just think they were comparing u and Leah to Kenzie that’s all

Briana Still love @KailLowry @JaviM9 lol as weird as that sounds

Kailyn We love you right back!

Javi We have love for your whole family right back!

@rachdSILLY How is not getting a second season a failure? Quit while you’re ahead….

Alex it’s not I made great friendships with mtv ppl I just think teen mom needs to be givin a good name again

@_LifeOfLogan what was the point of saying “trainwrecks” not all of them were. Watch what you say then you won’t have people bitching

Alex jenelle makes teen mom 2 only reason ppl watch is to see her fail

@_LifeOfLogan which is sad. Shouldn’t be commenting On others life when you, I and half the world don’t have they’re shit together

Alex that’s the thing I have it together without mtvs pay check

@ctdurham2 that makes no sense why call out @PBandJenelley_1 when 85% of your segment you were screaming && being a “train wreck” !

Alex because I at least better myself she’s going into season 5 a mess I at least got help for my anger

Jenelle it’s ok becuz I’ve changed since last season and I’m not failing anymore. I’m very happy with my life.

Jenelle All u #TeemMom3 ladies can put me down all yu want, yr not making yrself look any better. Let it go already. But thanks to the #TeenMom3 ladies who haven’t bashed me, very appreciated. ❤️ All I kno is I’m not going to sit here and say who is better than who, it’s not a competition lol.

@jejee91 (to Alex) I really don’t think you should even mention being with the father of your child when speaking of somebody, if you get married one day and have a baby with them you’ll be the same kind of person that you are talking about right now

Alex I’m not saying their bad I just like seeing someone beat the odds I hate the fact that I’m going to have kids with different guy

@jejee91 yeah and I get that cause it is an amazing thing but as you can by making that one of the accomplishments it is making those that weren’t able to work things about feel bad

Alex I’m not proud that I’m going to have kids with different men I will never be proud of that

@jejee91 I never said you were proud of that but by pointing that out as such a negative thing you are indirectly putting down many of your fans especially the ones that can relate to you

Alex I refuse to be a statistic.

@mamajo76 You already are one!

Alex I refuse to be a teen mom in poverty without a college degree that statistic

Jenelle That’s funny the girls say they r mad cuz it got canceled… they love @KailLowry @TM2LeahDawn and @ChelseaHouska and say I ruined it…

(Retweeted by Jenelle) @alyssanniglio it’s jealously. They got a year and you’re still going. That’s all it is. Just jealous of you ladies!

@steelergirl1014 you have to admit you haven’t shined brightly but this last season was just WOW

Jenelle no I totally agree! I was out of control and happy my mom helped me realize and be there as my hero. ❤️ and everyone is going to say I’m a miracle story when they seen how much better I’m doing and how hard I’m working.

Angie Douthit (Mackenzie’s mom) All four girls are overcomers! Isn’t that what America needs? Not more druggies…

@HWThirteen Them’s fightin’ words Jenelle!

Angie if she gets off drugs then she is an overcomer too

Nathan Griffith (Jenelle’s boyfriend) @angiedouthit I have great respect for your family and your beliefs. But God says “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at” we all have sun and we all make mistakes Jenelle has changed. I wouldn’t be with her if she didn’t.

Jenelle (in response to someone claiming Jenelle was “talking sh!t” about Mackenzie’s mom Angie) correction.. Mackenzie’s mother said I was a druggie still and that if I get sober I’ll be an overcomer. #RealMature

Angie @PBandJenelley_1 I never meant to hurt or offend u. I apologize. I do wish the network would have focused more on your positive attributes

Jenelle @angiedouthit yeah well thanks for the apology. I’m sure @MTV couldn’t help it anyways cuz ratings were a record low. Not much they could do

Jenelle still don’t get the fact why I’m the only one they attack, no one should be attacked. But it’s all good Idc now.

Matt McCann yeah, I don’t know what caused them to cancel.. doesn’t make sense to me. But maybe now life will be normal & @LekotaKoch and I can move on.

Mackenzie I would never have a bad word to say about any of the TM2 girls. Were all always family and meeting them was amazing.Sweetest girls ever

Mackenzie I don’t know where all this fight came from.

Mackenzie My mom just said ” maybe you should make a pregnant porno” lmao o gahhhhh

@k_munny teen sex is bad but a p0rno is ok? Uh huh ….. whatever makes money

Mackenzie its was a complete joke. Trust me. I thought it was funny

Katie Everyone love everyone ❤️

Katie Hush with the peasantry

Katie Everyone is arguing over twitter and I’m over here like “should I get ice cream or pizza”

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  • bedsheetprincess

    hahah katie

  • jenna

    Hopefully they cancel Teen Mom 2 also! They are all full of themselves especially Kail.

    • LexiconD1

      I think Leah tops that cake…YMMV.

    • Melissa

      Thank you! The fact that Kail thinks she’s so high and mighty kills me. Her life wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for MTV and she is not an example of a teen mom–she’s a product of a reality show. She’s made more money than someone her age with a college degree (or a post grad degree) and no kids. She has made probably over $500k and only has a certification; how is that considered hard work. She’s a terrible example of a teen mom using her time and resources wisely. She keeps saying stuff about “pregnancy prevention” which is total bull. Her life is glamorous in comparison to every teen mom I’ve met; how many teen moms can afford to be a stay-at-home mom, drive a gas guzzler, and have a house? Forget thanking god; thank the producers and casting directors of that show.

      • Rire

        see I don’t agree she could have easily blown her money.. it doesn’t matter where your paycheck comes from saving and spending wisely is responsible and mature… not to mention she stay in school which most teen mom’s don’t it doesn’t matter what she came out with she came out with education period and besides it’s not just her she has a husband who works explain to me where she went wrong in correcting her path.. Education, husband with career, home for her family. so tired of the hypocritical BS that says your doomed forever no matter what once you become a teenage mom..

      • disqus_XSOOTwxt9o

        only reason she married Javi so fast is so her an Issac would get insurance and she’d get his army money as well as MTV’s money! Sorry Kail but if I was Joe back then I so would have faught for my son just like he did..u was a bitch to him he is such a good dad..he could’ve had custody of that baby in a heartbeat!

        • BarbieGurl

          Don’t forget Javi needed the papers, because he wasn’t actually a US citizen

          • msladyinmd

            I agree with the very first poster I mean she took the easy way out and settled for a certifcate. We saw in a few episodes of TM2 where she was barely paying for her tuition and struggling to finish her courses. I think she got to where she wanted to be that was marrying the first idiot who would agree and sitting on her ass all day. She speaks as if she is one too look up too. Both her and leah rushed into marriages for all the wrong reasons and rushed to have babies. It really does look bad that she is only 21 with 2 different baby daddies. I mean my goodness at the rate of her failed relationships and having kids she’ll probably end up with more babies with different fathers. I’m curious as to how these broads are going to support there lavish lifestyles upon the completion of these series. Javi isn’t making that much money and for what we do know that gas guzzler she purchased is financed and she has a mortgage. Sure she’ll survive now but i’m curious as too how she will when the MTV gravy train runs out. I really predict Javi’s services being no longer needed and her running to the nearest court house filing for spousal and child support. Its crazy that either or her Leah can speak when they both are emotional train wrecks with Daddy issues.

        • Kay

          Er… Looked to me like Jo didn’t even spend time with Isaac when he was over there. His parents and brother always watched him. He was always off with his girlfriend, and he got to move away to New Jersey just for fun, but Kailyn can’t move to be with her husband and the father of her other child?

          Also, he’s too obsessed with the idea of being a rapper. If he wants to be a good dad he’d focus on a real career.

      • Kay

        Well, the hard part of it is she has to deal with the judgment and criticism of thousands of people who don’t even know her. Personally, I’d never be able to handle that and I don’t know many people who could. Does she get paid way more than she should for it? Yes. But I wouldn’t exactly call her life glamorous.

  • blahblahblah

    Lame. TM3 girls are pissed off because their money is gone. TM2 AND TM3 should both be cancelled.

    • enhelika


  • HoardersFan

    It pains me to say that I honestly feel like Matt made the most sensible comments during this feud.

  • lol yeah right

    LOL, she is trying to keep the face but Alex is mad pissed that the show was cancelled.

    • BarbieGurl

      Alex is always mad. PERIOD.

      • enhelika

        @BarbieGurl are you on your PERIOD ALL THE TIME. BITCH PLEASE

    • nora

      dude she’s crazy as hell.

  • Krispy Kreme McDonalds

    None of these stupid bitches should be famous for having kids as teens!!!

  • JA

    TM2 girls are no angels, BUT I do think the TM3 crew has been a tad hostile. I’m fairly certain Briana’s family didn’t want to do this anymore, Mackenzi was having health issues. TM & 16 and pregnant had its time. I think that time is mostly over. But its not a bad thing…I’m in my twenties and this show scares me silly out of having unprotected sex.

    • Erica C.

      Mackenzi health she may not be able to have anymore kids, for what I am seeing. Someone said she has been pregnant three times, did I miss something.

  • Pat Brown

    a 5th season of TM2? Crazy, for what? What are they doing that is so spectacular? Any of these people what are they doing? Jenelle off drugs? The other two working on their second divorces? We know neither will be with the husbands until one passes away, they will both be divorced again, and married again with more children, this is all stupid and a complete waste of time! Hopefully after this last season, MTV will move on to greener pastures!

    • Burkey

      What other two are working on divorces? Kailyn just got married like a year ago and had a baby with her husband and they seem to be perfectly fine.. Leah who knows .. She’s the one I least look forward to seeing on tv..

      • Pat Brown

        come on, are you really that naive? Do you really think that Kailyn and Javi will be married until one of them passes away? Or Leah and Jermey will? Probably not, so then they are working on divorces, both of them!

  • Derek’s Driveway

    To quote a certain drunk boy band member:
    “Y’all motherf*ckers need Jesus!”

  • Uh what

    The truth is a lot of people stopped watching 16 and pregnant after the first few seasons, so we never watched the TM3 cast episodes. So why would we watch TM3? That and Teen Mom needs to get it together, take these girls off social media or film it and release it faster. They tell everything on their twitters, IG, facebooks. why would I want to watch what I already know?

    It wasn’t just one simple thing but yes I am sure less drama played a role as well. Its a lot of things.

    • Demona

      Not less drama just stupid drama. Most of this cast’s drama was a product of their imagination (minus Katie’s). I think another season with Briana & Alex and MTV would have had to cancel Dr Drew’s contract or bring in Jerry to host the finale.

  • L

    LOL @ Alex calling Jenelle a train wreck. Um. Alex was a train wreck all season. I don’t buy that it had to do with a lack of ‘drama.’ No matter what kind of pedestal Alex wants to stand on, she had plenty of drama from her screaming at anything that moves every 5 seconds to her drug addicted baby daddy. Joey and Katie also had drama. There was plenty of drama…people just didn’t care to watch these girls. No need to overanalyze it and put Jenelle down to make yourself feel better. You had crappy ratings therefore the show was cancelled. Pretty simple.

    • spottedgiraffe

      All of them have custody of their children therefore they aren’t trainwrecks like Jenelle

      • L

        Amber had custody of Leah the entire first season of TM1. What’s your point?

        • Xx

          Exactly, I know tons of people that have custody of their kids who are complete messes. Jenelle didn’t even really lose custody, she pretty much willingly gave it up, her excuse that she couldn’t afford a lawyer was BS. She just didn’t want to take care of Jace full time. Courts don’t take automatically take kids away simply because the mother is an addict, they would have give Jenelle tons of tries/rehab attempts before completely taking custody. And also Farrah continues to have custody of Sophia even though she’s been acting like a basket case for awhile now. The fact that somebody has custody of their child doesn’t make them a stable, good mother. You can be a crappy mother without being a full blown train wreck.

          I wouldn’t even trust Mackenzie to take care of a puppy alone, considering she says that she “forgets to eat” even though she is 7 months pregnant and diabetic.

      • cc blaza

        Umm look every one has there problems no ones perfect ok neither r u so stop grilling her

  • aShockedGerman

    Why don’t people know the difference between they’re and their?!?!?!?!?! Isn’t it THEIR first language?!?!?!

  • Sadie

    lol It sounds like Kail is a little insecure about having 2 kids with 2 different dads. Being all defensive lmao

    • BarbieGurl

      Maybe there’s trouble in paradise?

  • Minnie

    THIS is why TM3 got cancelled. They’re all (minus Katie, cause she stayed out of it) TRASH.
    Alex needs to shut the eff up. She’s just a big a trainwreck as Jenelle, people just don’t want to watch her scream and clap anymore.
    Briana is just bitchy because this was it for her.
    And Mackenzie has the brains of an 8 year old. Her mother needs to get off her high horse too. Jesus didn’t stop your daughter from getting knocked up THREE times before she turned 19! Maybe you should reconsider your stance on birth control.
    You had bad ratings because everyone’s over the Teen Mom fad, get over it and move on!

  • they just don’t get it.

    Do these girls realize how pathetic they sound when their standard of being a good mother is to compare themselves to Jenelle and Farrah? Way to set the bar low. Also why the hell are they bringing up Farrah’s p*orn? Last I checked she started all of that years after Teem Mom 1 went off the air. MTV is not responsible for the choices Farrah is making now, she’s no longer employed by them or under any contract with them.

    They also need to stop bringing up the fact that Jenelle is still on the show (I personally really wish they would have kicked her off because I don’t agree with handing tons of cash to a known addict) She’s on the show because she helps get ratings first of all, no matter what MTV says about this show being about “teen pregnancy prevention” or whatever, they want ratings. Apparently TM3 didn’t do that. They don’t keep TM2 on the air or pay them what they do just to be nice, it’s because for whatever reason they bring good ratings to the network. The other reason I think they keep Jenelle on is because, like Catelynn and Tyler with their adoption decision, Jenelle is a very true life example of what happens with certain young moms. There are LOTS of young moms that basically end up handing their kids over to their parents to raise. To act like that isn’t happening out there would not be true to life.

    Mackenzie’s mother is an idiot. Yes, that’s what teen girls need as a role model, her daughter who has been pregnant 3 times before 19 and is now married to a guy that acts like he can’t stand her! And Kail needs to get off her high horse and realize she did not “work” for the lifestyle she has now, MTV funded it all because she agreed to be followed around with their cameras. Without them she’d still be working part time jobs at the mall! Whatever happened to becoming a hygienist, Kail? Most new Air Force wives with two children are not buying their dream home at 21! Ugh, I can’t wait until TM2 is over and see how within 5 years or so their lifestyles drastically change (except Chelsea prob.) then they’ll know the actual struggles of a REAL job and the real world financial struggles most young moms/young married couples deal with. And maybe then Jenelle will actually hit a real rock bottom and really clean her act up, one day she won’t have the money to afford her super lawyer that has kept her out of jail.

    • Anomynous

      Thank you so much for the wise words, I’ve been saying the exact same thing as well.

    • Kay

      You’re right about them wanting ratings versus preventing teen pregnancy. Heck, most of the people I know who watch it are married and in their mid twenties.

  • Briana Nicole Parra

    I liked amd still like both TM2 and TM3. I don’t inderstand what the fuss is about.

  • Shelley

    I am sure they got cancelled because this season wasn’t all about the kids, it was about the MEN. And it was about how selfish some people can be. I did watch the entire season but most of the time can’t even remember their names. Katie was the only one I really liked. If it wouldn’t have been so much about the MEN and the girls being selfish and not letting the men see the kids, maybe it would have been more popular. At least TM2 girls seem to have their heads on a little straighter.

  • TM2protester

    I want MTV to cancel TM2! Jenelle is definatly a train wreck! And i dont like watching leah.
    Id rather watch teen mom3.

    • beckybeckybecky

      Speak for yourself. I pay for cable to be entertained by trainwrecks after working in a trainwreck.

  • TheHansBecker

    I never watched Teen Mom 3 because they didn’t put the only Teen Mom from 16 n Preg. I cared about on — Jamie McKay. Glad it got cancelled, Brianna was so whiny in her 16 and Pregnant episode. The original Teen Mom was the best, TM2 is alright, but no one cares about these self-entitled new girls.

  • disqus_XSOOTwxt9o

    wow that was a lot to take I just feel that if tm3 is cancalled y shldnt the rest of them be as well..if I had a say tm2 def wldnt have had five seasons..its the worst example of all! I don’t know but I really lied tm3..they were some of the stronger girls of the three shows. If the rumor is true of the cancellation being of Kenzie being preg again so young..ok Kail just had another baby..married I get tht but so is Kenzie..and im sorry but how many times did we see Leah preg again after she split up her marriage from cheating…come on now!

    • DM

      Despite what everyone seems to think, the cancellation is not a conspiracy. It was cancelled because the ratings were bad. Plain and simple. MTV does not care what kind of example they are, they care about the money. TM2 got literally double the ratings that TM3 got, so that is why it is continuing and TM3 is cancelled. If TM3 had better ratings it would have gotten renewed. Based on ratings alone TM would have continued, but Amber’s legal stipulations prevented her from filming which played a big part in the decision to end it.

      People can continue to duke it out all they want about whose fault it is that the ratings are bad, but at the end of the day it doesn’t mater! It all comes down to numbers.

  • Demona

    Sadly I think TM 3 had low ratings & was cancelled because not a single damn one of those girls was likeable or made you root for them. Let’s start with the least liked: Alex – reading this would have made me like her less if I had any like in my like meter for that girl at all. I tried to understand her anger & b..i…t..c..h but she’s so high school drama queen not mature mother.
    Briana – Spoiled princess rubbing abortion in her sister’s face…Yeah, I adored that little b…i…t…c..h. Her only like point was she was mostly a good…no her sister & mom were usually doing as much for her kid as she was. And I’m sorry but her entire restraining order was an insult to women like……………………..

    Katie – the girl I could have liked. Wanted to like. Really tried to like. Then she’d make up excuses to stay with a POS like Joey. Or make excuses for his bad behavior and why he treated her like crap. Dumb. Hope her daughter breaks that cycle of negativity.
    Last, but never least
    Mackenzie – spoiled princess’ queen. I don’t even think her man liked her. I don’t know why he worked it out, it almost seemed like he hadn’t had a piece of azz since they broke up and had nothing better to do, so why not?

  • felicia

    The teen mom 3 got cancelled from low ratings is what i read….idk why u all gotta fight…if tm3 got good ratings ud have more seasons.

    • DM

      Thank god someone finally gets it!

  • Lola

    LMAO at Nathan schooling Mackenzie’s mom! I’m no Nathan fan but lord almighty does Mackenzie’s mom make me angry with her ignorant religious bullshit.

  • BarbieGurl

    Kail is so annoying. She loves to play the victim

  • Scott Helm

    How about we cancel MTV?

  • Sam

    I’m glad they canceled teen mom 3. It was not as good as teen mom 1 and teen mom 2. The only teen mom 3 i could stand was Mackenzie and Katie. Alex was the most annoying one out of all of them.I absolutely love teen mom 2 girls. All of them and can’t wait till their 5th season comes back. iv seen ever episode of all teen moms 1,2 and 3. when i heard they were making a Teen mom 3, i was excited until i saw who they picked but i gave it a chance and it was a waste of a monday but i watched the whole season just too see if it gets any better.

    • sammi

      This particular group was boring. That’s why I didn’t watch it. I saw their 16 and pregnant episode. Had they had a different group
      I don’t think it would have gotten canned. I would have wanted to see the girl Jordan, that’s the girl with the twin sister and husband in the military, I would have wanted to see Jennifer, the girl with the twin boys with the crazy bf (just for entertainment purposes only lol).

  • Kaitlyn Catherine

    I’m sorry but tm3 got cancelled because NONE of those girls are likable. Not one of them. Alex has some major rage issues she needs to work on before calling anyone else a trainwreck, Katie and her family are content to perpetuate and excuse obvious domestic abuse. She also lives in some immature fantasy land where she’s going to medical school with a baby and no money, Briana is borderline retarded. I cannot stand to listen to that girl talk. The only interesting person this season is her sister, who obviously got all the brains in that family. But Mackenzie? She takes the cake. This chick has been pregnant THREE times before age 18, not two. Her health problems are highly dangerous for her baby but her too and yet her mom refuses to keep her on birth control. I also love how MTV clearly is being funded by Mirena IUDs to promote their contraceptive without actually making the girls get it put in! I think it’s a little too incidental that both Leah, Kail, Jenelle and Mackenzie all got pregnant a second time after “getting Mirena IUD!”. These girls are the worst role models of alll the Teen moms. Its easy to see why nobody is watching them.

    • Kay

      I really wish they wouldn’t promote the IUD. Not enough studies have been done to determine if implanted birth control is safe, and the studies they have done have shown that if you get pregnant on these things, you could lose your fertility, lose the pregnancy, and possibly even die. Why should any young woman take that risk?

      What ever happened to being responsible and taking the pill on time every day?

  • MeMe8282

    The ratings where bad because these girls where the most immature girls I’ve ever seen. Sure teen mom and teen mom 2 girls have had their issues but these girls where worse than any of them! Most ridiculous mess I had ever seen!!! That’s bottom line why they are gone and I won’t miss them!

  • Beetle Juice

    Wow Mackenzie’s mom is a judgemental b…. Considering her daughter has 2 kids and she’s 18…

  • Erica C.

    They almost canned TM2 because of Janelle and all of her mugs shot. The girl and her boyfriend said she had changed she got arrested again last week or something like that. I think they reason she isn’t in jail, is because she would probably get her butt kicked. Leah had a few miscarriages before she had number three.How did Janelle have time to get pregnant again, with all the mug shots

  • Vanessa

    LMAO you girls are all Amazing (some of you actually) in one way or another… I’m a teen mom and let me just say that TM2 is my favorite group of girls not because Jenelle is a “trainwreck”. I can relate to Jenelle not because im on drugs but because she had a hard time coping with being a teen mom… That said I’ve always had custody of my daughter and I’m not bashing because i know ppl who are way worse than Jenelle and have their kids… I love you Jenelle even though sometimes i think your a tard :) I love the TM2 girls because i can relate to all of them in on way or another and just because two ppl can’t work it out doesn’t mean that they are Sh*tty ppl or parents? It just means that either one of them is not trying (Adam, Jenelle’s BD, and tons more) or that that it is best for the children that mom and dad aren’t together because its not healthy for the babies…

    Now Alex… Who do you think you are? Judging ppl? You are a hypocrite and a HATER… You stand outside and scream at the father of your child in the middle of the street like a “TRAINWRECK” but you are so quick to judge someone else… you should look in the mirror before you judge someone else’s life!

    BTW we all have flaws so why point them out instead of congratulating one another?

    We are all teen moms… Do you have any idea how strong that makes you? Especially if you are doing something with yourselves I’m 21 and I have a degree in Culinary Arts and Child development… I own a bakery and i am engaged to My daughters (Amiyah) father.. And we are expecting one more now!

    I wish you all the best in life and love! I hope you can all unite because your going to need good friends and good support!

  • Michael

    Tm3 girls just r not as likable and easy to follow and connect with. Bring back original TM

  • Kay

    Honestly, I feel bad for all of them. The addiction to social media and CONSTANTLY worrying about everyone in America talking bad about you has got to be exhausting.

    What’s despicable is that Mackenzie’s mom got involved. Grow up, woman! Get a life.

    TM3 was boring beyond all belief. Not because of the lack of drama, but because practically nothing happened the first few episodes and then everyone just got tired of watching. Not to mention Breanna went on WIC when mothers who don’t have an MTV paycheck and are actually poor could use that, or maybe our tax dollars could go to something that’s actually NECESSARY. I just feel like TM3 was another series of something we’ve already seen in TM1 and 2. Fans of the show have a hard time getting on board with new people.

    I find TM2 interesting because we’ve seen these girls overcome their obstacles and continue their lives. I’m thrilled to see that Jenelle has finally gotten her life together and found a guy who doesn’t drag her down. I can’t wait to find out if Kailyn got permission to move with Javi, because she deserves to be with her husband. I want to see Leah raising her girls and helping Ali to live a great life despite her diagnosis. I want to see Chelsea continue her life in the right direction and stay away from Adam, and hopefully find a guy who treats her with respect and admiration. I’m invested in their stories.

    The TM3 girls have sort of shown their true colors by igniting this feud. It’s immature and foolish. I really just hope they don’t do a TM4. Just continue on with TM2 because they’re the ones everyone is interested in.

  • Michele

    Alex is the reason teen mom 3 got canceled … everyone was sick of listening to her whine and yell



  • eden

    They r all a bunch of cornballs

  • Joseph Mastromarino

    The show should have never been aired. Bunch immature little girls that make horrible decisions all the show does is reward bad behavior. You have to be brain dead to be on the show