PHOTOS Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra visit Carly, Brandon and Teresa


Talk about a modern family! Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra recently reunited with their daughter Carly, her adoptive parents, her adoptive brother and her adoptive brother’s birth mom!

Although Catelynn and Tyler last saw Carly during a zoo visit in September, this was the first time we’ve seen Carly in a while… And what an adorable little girl she is! At four years old, she looks like the perfect blend of her birth parents. (Also, don’t Catelynn and Teresa look like they could be related?)

It’s unclear when the family reunion took place. Based on another picture of Carly that Catelynn shared on Wednesday, the gathering seems to have taken place within the past few days.


According to Teen Mom & 16 and Pregnant, the other girl in the picture is Carly’s younger brother’s birth mother, Beth. Beyond their children sharing the same adoptive parents, Catelynn and Beth have another special connection: Catelynn helped Beth with her own adoption experience!

During a speaking engagement in May 2012, Catelynn explained that she immediately connected with Beth because of their similar situations. Catelynn was even present during Beth’s labor.

“I was holding her leg, I watched that little boy take the very first breath, and you know, I was just there to support her and tell her how I felt and express my feelings, and she really connected with me because it’s the same family,” Catelynn recalled. “She met them and I was hanging out with them all together with Carly and her, and it was the most amazing thing to watch. You know, I watched my daughter being born and her being placed with Brandon and Teresa, but then again I got to sit back and watch Carly’s little brother be born and placed with them.”

It’s so sweet to see the whole family has maintained such good relationships since then!

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  • Lauren

    Can’t believe how big Carly is!

  • Laura

    They made one cute babe! Adorable!

  • Steph

    Carly looks so happy and beautiful! Great to hear she has a little brother now. And catelynn also looks great now, love her hair.

  • Agnes

    Oh, did Tyler and Catelynn actually come together? After all the s**t he has said about her on “Couples Therapy”- how he never gets laid, and how he doesn’t know if he wants to be with her at all you could think he hates her. :/

    • lulu

      relationships have their ups and downs..i don’t think what is weird about it..shrug..

      • Agnes

        Okay, so when a guy is desperately afraid of marrying you after like 8 years together and talks about your (terrible, in his opinion) sexual life on the national TV it’s just a “down”?

        • Sam

          What a Debbie Downer. First of all, who cares if they went together or not. They share a child together and are sharing this wonderful moment as a family. Second of all, they’re 21! I’d be “desperately scared” to marry ANYONE that young too- It works for some, not for others. Thirdly, the show is called “Couples Therapy,” they weren’t going to go on it and talk about all the good things. EVERY couple has things in their relationship that could change. Geez.

        • Pat Brown

          it’s all about making money, if he didn’t talk about her and pretend there was some sort of issue, could they have gone on? No way! They have to do these shows, to make money, because they obviously are losers that can’t make money any other way!

          • lorraine p

            get a grip PAT BROWN if youdont like them then why comment about their lives jeez

            • Pat Brown

              so the only people allowed to comment are people that like them? Move to Russia please, and do it quickly!

              • lorraine p

                you really are a vile person Pat Brown i bet your parents are sooooo proud!!!!

                • Pat Brown

                  you’re a stupid stalker, stop being an online bully, and please get some help before you hurt someone!

    • Pat Brown

      TV + Drama+ Reality+ MTV+ VH1= $$$$for everyone involved!

  • lulu

    Carly is really a beautiful and cute little girl. She really looks like a great mix of Catelynn and Tyler. But she also could pass for the biological daughter of her adoptive parents..biological parents and adoptive parents kind of look like each others (although the adoptive ones are far much is funny to see.

    • Pat Brown

      except for the fact that everyone in the free world knows they were adopted because MTV Cate and Ty and her adoptive parents elected to exploit her on national TV. The poor child had no choice, no say, now everyone knows and will know her biography which should have been up to her, not others!

      • burkey

        Most children who are adopted aren’t the ones who CHOOSE to know if they’re adopted or not.. its usually the parents who decide if they’re going to know about it and obviously her parents want her to know her adoptive parents so she sees that they love her and care about her and did not just abandon her because they didn’t want her..

        • Pat Brown

          that is not the point with this particular case. Both sets of parents have exploited this child in conjunction with MTV. They put her whole life on TV, she has no say so in any of it. Telling her she’s adopted is different then letting the whole world know about HER business without her consent, that is plain wrong on hundreds of levels!

          • maryj

            how is her whole life on tv? I seen her a couple times on tv as an infant and now a picture every couple of years. she is fine and will know her bio parents didn’t give her up because they didnt want to

          • Taryn Cooper

            Actually her WHOLE life is NOT on TV you hear about her, yes, but you hardly EVER see her. and are barely tolfd much about her life, so not her WHOLE life is NOT on TV. gets you facts straight. If anything I think that when she gets older to really understand the situation she will be fine. She was not exploited, see as she only appear a few times on TV and it was not for long periods of time.

            • Pat Brown

              that is bull, I have my facts straight. She is a helpless defenseless child, whose privacy has been exploited for the benefit of namely MTV, Ty Cate, and the adopted parents. That all should have been handled privately, if Ty and Cate wanted to be on and tell their story great, but invading that child’s privacy for the benefit of story lines, is plain wrong, it doesn’t matter how many times she has been on, you are missing the point. We know her name, we know her parents names, her biological parents names, maybe she doesn’t want her private business disclosed? It’s just wrong, she’s a child not a possession. You get your facts straight.

            • Pat Brown

              with just the tap of a keyboard I found out that it’s Davis that’s the last name they live in Charlotte NC, and the father Brandon Davis is with the Moorehead Group as a financial planner, I should not be able to find that all out in seconds, that’s what makes it wrong, if you can’s get that, you aren’t too bright, now move on!

              • Kei Kei T

                I’m sorry…..its really creepy that you.went online and searched the family’s information.THEN shared it w/ everyone. Creepy..just.creepy.

                • Pat Brown

                  bla bla bla, I think it’s very creepy that the family went and adopted a child, a helpless child and put her lfe on TV for everyone to see, any way you slice it, that is not ok, some idiot on here said her life was not on TV, but in the end it really is, that’s what I very easily illustrated, and shared with everyone? Hardly, it’s a few people that read here, kind of creepy that you are googly them right now, when they are not in the news, that’s how you found this post, you can spin anything any way you want, can’t you?

                  • Kei Kei T

                    Nope….didn’t Google them. Just came up on my FB newsfeed from a blog I had subscribed to. Just so happened that I watched that season of Teen Mom’s and was impressed w/ the maturity of Catelynn and Tyler, so I read the article. They are doing so much better than the other teen parents and I applaud them like everyone else on this message board.
                    You are a very negative person and it shows in all your posts. I will pray for your creepy self…

                    • Pat Brown

                      you’re creepy! they didn’t even finish college, he’s trying to be a movie star! They aren’t in jail, but they are still looking for fame and easy money, and they are both smokers,how ridiulous is that? They are white trailer trash, products of their enivorment, they had all the tools to break that cycle, but they haven’t yet! Will they? Doubtfull

                    • Kei Kei T

                      Definitely praying for you after that comment…WOW!

                    • Pat Brown

                      if I believed there was someone to pray to, I would do the same for you! Now go away fool!

                    • Kei Kei T

                      Ok…..Angry Smurf…

    • shebee

      I was thinking when I looked at the picture (before I read the article) how funny it is that Carly looks so much like Teresa. May be it comes from raising her. Time really flies, she’s such a big girl. I am glad Brandon and Teresa have allowed Tyler and Catlynn to stay involved in Carly’s life.

      By the way, Where’s Butch?? Lol just thought I’d ask.

  • SS

    Wow, this is so awesome to see!! Carly’s adoptive parents are awesome for keeping their children’s biological parents in the picture. It makes for a HUGE loving family! How lucky these 2 little kids are to have so many adults who love and care about them. I’m going to have a happier day now after seeing this. It put a big smile on my face :)

    • wowowowow

      Open adoption is still a social experiment

  • Kiki212

    They were the only smart ones from that awful 16 and Pregnant show….they gave that little girl up for adoption and gave her a great life.

    • SS

      and she’ll grow up to appreciate her biological parents for that. I think all the other kids on 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom will grow up to resent their parents.

      • ktbebe

        Come on, Sophia will be so proud of her Mommy! Hahahaa

        • SS

          “mommy, some of the boys in my class said they f-cked you. I said that wasn’t true but it turned out they bought a mold of your vagina so I was wrong. But in that moment, I was still proud, you know?”

          • Erica

            hahahaha you literally just made me lol with that!!!! probably the best reply of the week!! STARCASM we need a Reply of the week award for SS STAT!!

  • wowowowow

    These were un-necessary adoptions facilitated by Bethany Christian Services which is nothing more than a glorified baby selling service. They made $13 million dollars last year by coercing innocent women like Catelynn & Beth to give away their children. Research “adoption coercion” and “adoption industry”. You’ll be surprised to learn that there was very little real CHOICE in Catelynn’s “loving adoption plan”. She is a victim of a corrupt industry.

    • Renee L

      So it would have been better if Catelynn was not duped into baby selling and kept that baby? And that baby grow up with alcoholics and drug users with a poor family that yells, grandpa in and out of jail and 16 year old parents with no jobs, education or money? I’d rather Catelynn be a victim of a corrupt industry than Carly be a victim of mental abuse and poverty.

      • wowowowow

        Who says that’s how things would have went?

        No one can say. So I won’t waste my breath trying.

        What’s wrong is that the “pregnancy counselors” at Bethany Christian Services don’t tell give girls proper information and resources on how they can become self sufficient and keep their children. They don’t offer real CHOICE. They don’t tell girls about the childcare programs, employment programs, education programs, etc that are specifically designed to help young mothers get on their feet and take great care of their children and themselves. And before you want to doubt or bash this, take a look at Kailyn from Teen Mom 2. She grew up with no father, lived and with an addict mother who didn’t take care of her and frequently kicked her out. Not too far from Catelynn’s life. Kailyn used programs just like what I’ve described to get herself on her feet and she’s done a good job with her son.

        All the “counselors” at Bethany Christian Services do is give girls like Catelynn information on their adoptive couples and try to push them towards adopting so Bethany can make their money. They don’t offer informed choice and that is highly unethical. Their “counseling” is designed to convince them to “choose” adoption.

        • Renee L

          I know it would have gone that way for Carly because Caitlynn was living it while pregnant with Carly. Nothing has changed since. I’m a single mother myself (but older) and it’s hard. Worth it, but hard. Nobody is forced into giving up their baby. There wasn’t a knife held up to her neck forcing her. She went to an adoption agency. They’re not a pregnant and you have choices agency. Most can agree Carly has a great life now and better than if she would have had to live with April and Butch around. I wish more would have taken that path. Especially everytime I see Janelle choose partying over little Jace.

          • wowowowow

            You don’t know how it would have gone if Catelynn kept Carly. No one does. Besides, you completely ignored my example of how Kailyn grew up in a similar toxic household as Catelynn but that doesn’t mean her son is having the same experience now does it?

            and I’m not bringing up that point because I’m saying that’s how Catelynn would be. I’m just saying that it could have been different from what you expect. But NEITHER of us can say how things would have been for sure, so don’t claim that you do. I’ll do the same.

            and yes the adoption agency she went to is coercive and unethical. If this is confusing and you doubt this, you can google “adoption coercion” and “adoption industry” to learn more about how they operate. It sounded dubious to me too when I first heard about it, but if you care to read more, the info is out there for you to find.

            • Renee L

              I’ll Google that to educate myself. I chose to ignore Kail’s situation because it really has nothing to do with Caitlyn. But for now, we’ll agree to disagree.

              • wowowowow

                Fair, I can accept that. Thank you for the mature discussion :)

            • burkey

              I agree with Renee L. I don’t doubt that adoption coercion happens or anything like that but Caitlyn and Tyler felt very strongly that it would be better for their baby to give her up for adoption before they went to any agency. They were conflicted about it because of the obvious emotional side of things but they constantly talked about how they felt it would be very unfair to raise a child in their situation. And that child absolutely would be exposed to drugs and alcoholics because Caitlyn and Tyler were STILL dealing with that type of stuff after having the baby.. so if the baby was around why would it be different?

    • Pat Brown

      you are so right! It’s just a business like anything else, except, the price for a white infant is HUGE. If Brandon and Teresa didn’t have money would they had been able to BUY Carly? No way, and that’s what it is, they bought her, it’s disgusting!

      • Kate DeGear

        You don’t know shit about adoption! I placed my child for adoption and her parents didn’t buy her. Don’t talk about things you know nothing about so you go move to Russia!!!

        • Pat Brown

          piss off, I know plenty, thousands of dollars change hands, if people don’t have it, they can’t adopt, period end of story. If I have no money and I’m on government assistance, and poor, I can not adopt a child, adoption is for rich people not poor ones. FACT!

          • KM

            Well, that only makes sense. If you have to live off of the government to take care of yourself, why would anyone give you another person to take care of and join you in poverty… smh…

        • Christine

          We tried to adopt, twice, and in both cases mom chose to parent. Appropriately, I believe. However, don’t fool yourself. We went through a non-profit agency that would help someone parent if they wanted to attempt to be as ethical as possible, but even still, we paid thousands of dollars. Adoption as an industry is disturbing – are you really unaware about the amount of money changing hands?

    • Kate DeGear

      I myself have placed a child for adoption without help from an agency and I love my choice. I love my daughter I didn’t want to have to use all the so called help the government gives women and children. If I would have kept my child I would have no qualified for any help from the state or federal government and then what would I have done? I would have been screwed and alone with a little baby with no help from anyone but myself! Adoption is a wonderful thing!

      • Pat Brown

        hey what about getting off your behind and getting a job? After all you had plenty of time to get pregnant right? Why is it either get help from the government and if not I can’t take care of a child? Why not if you are going to have a child, get a job and raise it yourself? Many people do you know? the people you gave it to, have jobs, and loads of money, how else would they have bought her? Get a clue please!

        • Kate DeGear

          Because you know my whole life story! My daughter would have had no father in her life, I was 15 at the time of her birth. I was gunna be kicked out and then what?!? I have a baby and no home? Are you an idiot so I was supposed to keep a child that I couldn’t support? That’s the most selfish thing I could have done! Now she has a family with 2 parents that love her! They are elementary school teachers! Doesn’t make them rich! So sit down and shut up about things you have never had to deal with apparently!

  • Kristen MichelleReed

    You know it is killing them now that she is grown up and seeing her with another family. It is beautiful how loving her adoptive parents are however

  • Tralaney Thomas

    Totally awsome im glad there are wonderful people in this world like these 4 some can5 have k8ds and some make the hard decision to give there children a better life and in both ways i respect these folks especially because they are so close and the children will have a strong bond as they grow into adults themselves you are all a blessing to each o5hrr never let anyone make you feel bad for what you all have done because it takes a strong person to make the deciosions you all have bless all you .

  • Sara Powell

    Simply amazing!

  • Missmarya

    I thought she was related to the adoptive mom. I thought they were distant cousins or something like that.

  • Jenny

    She’s getting SO big and always looking more like Tyler! :)

  • Shawn Worrell Peppers

    This is so awesome!!! I’m all for when children are adopted and the biological parents are/can be in their child’s lives. I mean it takes alot for a mother/father to put a child up for adoption. I praise the adoptive parents for sticking by letting the birth parents Cat/Ty stay so invovled in Carly’s life and now doing it for Beth for the son/brother. I look up to Cat/Ty for realizing they were too young to be parents and giving Carly the chance at a great childhood/home/life. Carly has grown up to be such a beautiful little girl and you can tell she’s very happy and well taken care of. I mean some people are putting rude remarks about exploiting the child on MTV, but yes some of these girls have taken the fame/fortune too far, but I see that Cat/Ty and some of the other girls from Teen Mom who have not. I mean Cat/Ty could’ve kept their child and risked not being able to give her what she needs and/w/the past of their mother/father w/domestic, alcohol/drugs involved DFACS could’ve/would’ve came in and they possibly would’ve/could’ve lost Cary, but no they were adult enough to let that child have a chance at a real future. i wish there were more open adoptions in this world and more adoptive parents like Brandon/Teresa. I PRAISE YOU ALL CAT/TY/BETH/TERESA/BRANDON FOR STAYING TOGETHER/CONNECTED/SO CLOSE FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie

    I am happy for Catelynn and Tylers choice in giving Carly up for adoption. The fact that the adoption is open makes it even more special. Hope that there are more visits Theresa and Brandon, Tyler and Catelynn and Beth and all of the children. Looking forward to more pictures of the whole family.