Farrah Abraham posts photos from her grandfather’s funeral

Farrah Abraham's grandfather Goodmond Danielsen passed away July 25 2014

Farrah Abraham is currently back home in Council Bluffs, Iowa to attend the funeral of her grandfather, Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr., who passed away on Friday. Farrah shared the sad news with her fans earlier today on Facebook along with several photos, including the one above of Goodmond (who is Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen’s father) as a younger man. Farrah also posted two photos from the funeral, including one of her grandfather’s open casket, which outraged some while others came to her defense:


“Birth & burial, So much love & a family who was touched by you,” Farrah wrote along with the photos. “You are the best man we know ♥ you Grandpa and I’m so happy and thankful like the rest our family for having you in our lives, your one of the great ones. You showed me what hard work, dedication and passion was as well I’m so proud of both you and Grandma for having an amazing marriage. Thank you for being there for all of us and not judging but helping. #Heaven”

As I mentioned, the bottom photo above caused some backlash among her followers. “Posting this specific photo publically [sic] on a social media website is absolutely disrespectful and in poor taste,” one commenter wrote. “It should be removed. Report this photo.”

Another commenter argued in favor of Farrah’s posting. “Honestly there is nothing wrong with her posting this picture. There is nothing gross or disgusting about it. No different than if she took a pic of him alive. You all should be ashamed.” And then the commenter added sympathetically, “So sorry for your loss Farrah.”

I think we can all agree with that last sentence.

Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham posted about Goodmond’s passing on Facebook Friday:

A bittersweet night for our family … We loss a loving father, husband, grandfather, father-in-law, friend, and great grandfather that has been suffering from cancer. He loved us all and shared all he had. We learned to forgive others from him and to enjoy Gods gifts and not to take anything or person for-granted. He no long suffers and he is with the Lord now as he had strong faith. He loved and cared for my children and grandchildren always and went beyond the call of duty loving and teaching them. I will always remember his strong Danish handshake. Yes you saw him on TV when we brought Sophia home from the hospital when she was born and talking to Farrah the first days of Sophia’s life at our home. Sonny I will miss you but you are Home now and your soul lives on forever with The Lord.

When one commenter asked if it was his or Debra’s father who had passed, Michael responded by writing, “Debra’s wonderful Father…..”

And here’s is Goodmond’s obituary:

Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr.

Birth date: July 31, 1937
Death date: July 25, 2014

Goodmond H. Danielsen, Jr., age 76, of Council Bluffs, passed away July 25, 2014 at his home. Goodmond was born on July 31, 1937 in Council Bluffs to Goodmond, Sr. and Dorothy (Hays) Danielsen who preceded him in death. He worked as a master carpenter and was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Goodmond is survived by his wife Carmella (Bersane) Danielsen; daughter Debra Lynn Danielsen; son Goodmond H. Danielsen, III and wife Patricia; grandchildren Ashley Danielsen, Goodmond H. Danielsen, IV, Jakob Danielsen, and Farrah Abraham; great-grandchildren Sophia Abraham and Sylvia Danielsen. Sisters Charmaine Lainson and Gloria Colton.

Our thoughts are with the Danielsen family.

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