Lady Gaga was addicted to weed after hip injury, now tokes for fun

Lady Gaga - Addicted to Weed

Lady Gaga is a fan of medical marijuana — both in theory and in practice. But, she admits there’s a limit on what’s healthy.

“I was smoking 15 joints a day,” she told Attitude. “I was just numbing, numbing, numbing myself then sleeping it off, then getting on stage, killing it in pain, then getting off and smoking, smoking, smoking, not knowing what the pain was.”

The 27-year-old singer added the physical pain wasn’t the only thing hurting her. She was also trying to emotionally recover from the “trauma” inflicted by music executives.

“I went through terrible experiences early in my career climbing through swine and swine of men in the music industry — just trying to get somebody to listen to my music and take me seriously as a songwriter instead of trying to get me to b**w them.”


After realizing she couldn’t break her addiction to marijuana on her own, Lady Gaga turned to performance artist Marina Abramovic for a transcendental recovery that involved going without food for three days.

“She put me in the woods for three hours blindfolded and said, ‘I need you to find your way home. We will be here silent to make sure you don’t fall off any cliffs.’ There were cliffs all around,” Gaga said of another element in Marina’s recovery method. “So I was walking and I started to cry because I hadn’t felt so connected to the earth for so long. Just being me, with the forest and the sound of the birds and the running water, but there was nothing but me and my pure talent to save me. I didn’t fall once. I stumbled but I didn’t fall.”

In the weeks after that experiment in existentialism, Lady Gaga said she “cold-turkeyed” weed. Now, she’s slowly reintegrating marijuana into her life — but knows moderation is key.

“Now I smoke a little bit at night just, you know, for fun. But not to cope — that’s the difference,” she explained. “I’m the soberest I’ve ever been in the past five years.”

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