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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham kisses her daughter Sophia

18-year-old Farrah Abraham has allowed MTV to document a very difficult part of her life – first on the reality show 16 and Pregnant and now on the series Teen Mom. As implied by the title, 16 and Pregnant followed Farrah, a popular high school student and member of the cheerleading squad at the time, through the course of her teen pregnancy including the judgmental attitudes of most of her friends and the disappointment of her mother and father.

As with many of the other installments of the series, we watch a young girl yanked out of the casual life of being an American teenager and having to face motherhood – all within an 9-month time frame. Farrah’s struggles were exacerbated by the fact that her baby’s father, Derek Underwood, was not there to support her and would die in a car accident at the age of 18.

Teen Mom picks up where 16 and Pregnant left off as we follow Farrah going to culinary school, dating and trying to be a mother to her daughter Sophia. It’s hard television to watch because it’s obvious Farrah longs for the unencumbered life she used to live, but she also clearly cares a great deal for her daughter. Adding to the already-difficult mix is a realistic (and supportive) mother and father that are constantly there to remind Farrah of her obligations as a mother.

16 and Pregnant's Farrah holds her newborn daughter Sophia
Farrah and Sophia soon after she was born

UPDATE – See photos of Farrah Abraham from her motorcycle calendar shoot!

It’s easy to sit back and pass judgment on MTV for the sensationalist nature of the shows and for turning teen pregnancy into digestible reality entertainment, but the show seems to accurately reflect the difficulties facing teenage mothers. Also, I think they’ve done a great job at getting a nice cross-section of scenarios with Farrah playing the attractive popular cheerleader. Caitlynn has a very supportive baby daddy as they struggle with having given up their daughter up for adoption. Maci’s friends have all left for college as she stays at home with her immature on again/off again boyfriend that she just can’t seem to cut ties with. Amber is the resentful, angry mom in a tumultuous relationship without much of a support system.

This post is about Farrah, though. I wanted to share some background info on her and then some photos taken from Facebook. There are a number of myspace accounts under Farrah’s name, most of which with pictures of her. Farrah’s Facebook fan page says she was born May 31, 1991 and lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa. As is evident from watching the show, Farrah is currently taking culinary classes at a local college. She also expresses an interest in pursuing modeling, which you can see in these photos taken just a couple weeks after Sophia was born:

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham in a post-pregannacy bikini photoshoot

16 and Pregnant's Farrah Abraham shows off her swimsuit-ready post-pregnancy body

Whuh?!? You go Farrah! It doesn’t appear that giving birth has affected your chances at becoming a model at all! What could affect your chances at becoming a model are clothes like these…

Farrah Abraham from MTV's Teen Mom odels some wild clothes with a friend

16 and Pregnant's Farrah Abraham models a disco ball dress

…and hairstyles like this:

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom rocks a curly hairstyle

Heh heh! (I can be a little critical right?) Anyway, we at Starcasm are big fans of the show and plan on tuning in closely for the rest of the season (and beyond?). Good luck to you and Sophia – maybe we’ll see you soon on either America’s Top Model or Iron Chef!

To round off the post here are a few Christmas-themed photos of Farrah and Sophia:

Sophia daughter of Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom at Christmas in a stroller

Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom poses for a Christmas photo

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia pose for a Christmas photo together


UPDATE (January 7, 2011) – Farrah showed off her post-pregnancy bikini body while vacationing in Orlando, Florida! CLICK HERE to see the photos!

Photos: Myspace/Facebook/Facebook via Live Journal

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