Farrah Abraham takes “healthy break” from daughter, says Sophia “has her own life and is doing her own thing”

Reflections with Farrah Abraham graphic

Today’s edition of “Reflections with Farrah” comes courtesy of the new issue of InTouch which features the 22-year-old single mom’s thoughts on balancing her busy career and parenting her four-year-old daughter Sophia. Or not.

Farrah Abraham, who continues her whirlwind marketing tour capitalizing on the popularity of her accidental on purpose “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape, reveals that her busy schedule means she has to spend a great deal of time away from Sophia. Actually, that doesn’t sound all that bad — Farrah does a much better job of making it seem weird.

“It’s healthy that we have a break,” she says of being away from her daughter. “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine,” Farrah adds.

I could go on for paragraphs about that statement (Perhaps kids are dating and pursuing careers etc. in preschool now?), but my commentary would only lessen the perfection of Farrah’s SMDH-worthy poetic artistry, so I think I will just let it be.

Instead, I will close out this edition of “Reflections with Farrah” by sharing a brief glimpse into Farrah “doing her thing” in a Dallas club last night, which sort of resembles the adult equivalent of being in a progressive, hands-off preschool:

For the rest of Farrah’s insights into parenting and who knows what all else, be sure to pick up the new copy of InTouch on newsstands now!

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  • twelfthnight

    ….She’s FOUR. Please take this child away before she gets sold on craigslist for cash or something.

    • EttySpaz


    • amberc88

      those were my words EXACTLY!!!!!!!

    • Bannef

      I’ve read that her dad is a sensible guy. I really hope that’s true.

      • twelfthnight

        No such luck. Michael shows up on websites like this one and has arguments with people. He thinks Farrah does no wrong. That whole family is messed up.

  • nico


  • Me-duh

    She parties alone

  • Brianne

    OMG! She’s psychotic. PLEASE take poor little Sophia away from this nutjob…ASAP.

  • DeeDeDee

    This is so disappointing. Sophia is going to grow up and believe this is perfectly normal to be away from your child this long. This is could go one of two ways. She’s either going to grow up and do exactly what her mother didn’t and be a successful human being and mother without having to sell any sex tapes… or she’s going to grow up and have children and have no bond with them because that’s how she grow up. Hopefully it’s the latter.

    • anne0

      PLEASE sterilize this POS

    • sammy

      Hopefully it’s the latter …? What’s the matter with you?

      • DeeDeDee

        Hopefully it’s the latter… unless I’ve been using that wrong my entire life, it means that hopefully she chooses the first path for her life that I described and not the second?

        • Patty

          latter means the last thing listed. so in your case “she’s going to grow up and have children and have no bond with them because that’s how she grow up”

          • DeeDeDee

            Read previous comments…

      • DeeDeDee

        Googled it. Yes. Have been saying it wrong my whole life. How embarrassing. Of course I mean that I hope she chooses the successful path. Lol. OMG. Apologies.

        • sammy

          Oh thank goodness. There’s a lot of weirdos that follow this show, so unfortunately it wasn’t too surprising someone was wishing Sophia not to succeed. When listing scenarios, when you hope for the former you hope for the first thing listed, and hoping for the latter is the final thing listed.

          • DeeDeDee

            Lol. Yep, I got that. Thank you for correcting me. Lol.

  • Farrahispathetic

    Poor Sophia

  • Jenn

    For me, a healthy break from my 4 year old is the 8 hours a week he spends in preschool. I wouldn’t be surprised if Farrah spends 8 hours a month with Sophia.

    • lala

      This made me feel better reading the story. Enjoy your kiddo! You sound like a great mom!

  • kiki

    OMG this is so hysterically sad. I have a feeling she’s “taking a break” from her daughter cuz even at 4 years old Soph knows her mother is a moron.

  • Erica

    And once again the Fu*king Horrible excuse of a mother strikes again…. ummmm is CPS never going to get involved in this or what?! i mean shes a four year old who is supposedly “doing her own thing” wtf is that even supposed to mean for a four year old watching old time disney movies and coloring? i think farrah needs her child taken away ASAP!!!!! screw mileys “movement” there needs to be a take farrahs child away movement!!!!!!!

  • makinbakin

    Doing her own thing???? Like sippy cup dates? or potty training dates? Take the baby away from her or who ever is raising her !!! Her child got her on TV w/out her she would be working at Taco Bell!!

    • Laura Burks

      At first I thought Farrah was going to do good. But now all I see is her setting a poor example for her daughter by having a filthy mouth and being a rude person in front of her child. She cusses her parents out all of the time and acts like she is some sort of celebrity. But she is NOT! She got pregnant as a teen and if that qualities someone to be a celebrity then that is wrong.

  • Hayzii

    My comment didn’t go through? Well I’ll say it again, CONGRATS SOPHIA! (Why anyone would think that Farrah spending less time with Sophia is a bad thing, is beyond me.)

  • jenna

    there are no words for this train wreck…

  • EttySpaz

    any excuse for hands off parenting I suppose.

  • vickie pennington

    Farrah is too dumb for words!!

  • Lean

    Wait so you’re saying this teen mom wasn’t ready for parenthood? WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?

  • Sweet Venom

    LOL Hilarious. I agree a break can be good (like letting your child spend time with cousins or grandparents) but there’s no way Sophia has her “own life and is doing her own thing”.

  • L.T.

    There are no words to describe what I’m thinking… WOW

  • LexiconD1

    The most important thing about this entire article is missing…WHO IS WATCHING THAT CHILD? Is she being left with a grandparent, a babysitter, who?…

    • Dani

      Another article states that Sophia is with Michael.

      • LexiconD1

        I read it earlier, I didn’t see this. Thanks.

        • Dani

          The one on Amy Grindhouse that calls Farrah a terrible person and even worse mother.
          “So while Farrah is ‘working’ which involves being an alleged sugar baby, recording and ‘leaking’ more than one adult movie, and releasing a line of adult toys, she leaves the kid with her own father, Michael Abraham, who lives nearby”

          • LexiconD1

            hahahah, Thanks.

            Apparently I’m suffer from reading comprehension issues today…LOL. Well, my excuse is everyone here is sick…

            Not sure if Micheal is any better for Sophia than Deborah or Farrah herself is…

            • Dani

              Right? I think Sophia needs to be taken away from that family all together so her paternal grandmother, Stormie, can raise her. I get the feeling Stormie genuinely loves and cares about what is best for Sophia.

              • burkey

                Unfortunately I’m not too sure about that either. When Farrah initially tried to get Sophia money from Derek’s SS checks or whatever it was, Stormie denied the child was his and that her son had never talked about Farrah being pregnant with his child before he died.. but then tried to file for grandparent rights to see Sophia. Obviously I can see why she would want to see her grand daughter but I find it odd that she tried to act like it wasn’t her granddaughter in the first place. I think Derek’s father would be the best person for Sophia to go to.

                • spottedgiraffe

                  Farrah told Derek the kid wasn’t his. Months later she tries to collect benefits after saying this. Of course Stormie was suspicious.

                • Dani

                  Farrah lied to Derek whenever he asked if she was pregnant with his baby. She probably would have kept lying had he not died so she could cash in on SSI and sympathy. Stormie most likely didn’t even know she had a grandchild until Farrah filed for benefits. Stormie never gets to see Sophia because Farrah won’t let her.

                  • auntiemel

                    She should file for grandparents rights if her state has that law.

          • Erica

            thank god!!!!!

            • LexiconD1

              You’ve seen Farrah and her family on Teen Mom, and that was their best behavior.

              We’ve seen nothing her…How much worse could she possibly be than Farrah or her family?

  • DeeDeDee

    You would think that with as much money as she’s supposedly making, that she could afford to hire a nanny so Sophia can “jet set” with her. Or does a child ruin her being a sex icon?! LMAo. I kid.

  • Sara Hearn

    Oh wow. I have no words for that statement. Does she not see how ridiculously stupid is!? What an awful mom.

  • Jana

    Personally.. with how incredibly creepy Michael behaves with Farrah. I wouldn’t leave my child with him.

  • Kara

    Farrah hates her parents because they always left her as a child and now she’s doing the exact same thing. What a hypocrite.

  • Kris

    Derek must be rolling in his grave for ever getting this trainwreck pregnant. Then for her becoming “famous” for it and now being a backdoor wh*re. This folks is the reason you use contraception.

  • Laura

    If only Derek hadn’t died. Poor Sophia.

    • Hannah

      Why don’t Derek’s parents just take Sophia away, I mean with what Farrah doing they have a good chance of custody

  • Kacieg708

    Its probably a healthy break for sophia though.