Pawn Stars Rick Harrison wedding photos with bride DeAnna Burditt, Chumlee, Old Man and more

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison wedding photo with bride DeAnna Burditt

World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop co-owner (and star of History’s reality series Pawns Stars) Rick Harrison married DeAnna Burditt Sunday at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. Rick looked quite suave in his black tux, but he was eclipsed by his bride DeAnna, who looked absolutely stunning in a full-length form-fitting backless white gown with cutouts down the side!

Counting Cars' Danny Koker as minister at Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison's wedding with DeAnna Burditt

Also looking their best were Rick’s Pawn Stars cohorts, including his son Corey, his pops Richard “Old Man” Harrison (complete with panama hat), and of course Austin “Chumlee” Russell, who managed to maintain that casual Chumlee flair as ring bearer (how was that not a bad call?!?) with a pair of sneakers and shades — to go along with his white Chumlee butler gloves:

Rick Harrison wedding Chumlee Old Man and Rick's sons Corey Adam and Jake

In addition to Corey, Chumlee, and the Old Man, Rick’s sons Adam and Jake were also in the ceremony.

And speaking of “also in the ceremony,” History channel reality show fans might recognize the minister in the second photo from the top as none other than Danny Koker from Counting Cars, who was reportedly ordained just prior to the wedding just so he could conduct the ceremony!

Rick Harrison, 47, proposed to DeAnna Burditt, 36, on Valentine’s Day, 2012 at the same restaurant at which they had their first date.

As far as honeymoon plans, Rick told Norm Clarke of Las Vegas Review-Journal, “I wanted to take her to the south of France. Or Fiji.” But DeAnna wanted something a little less extravagant. “She said, ‘Let’s just go camping,’” Rick recalled. He wouldn’t reveal specifics (obviously), Rick merely said their honeymoon camping trip would be “somewhere in the West.”

Congratulations to Rick and DeAnna! There is no word if fans will get to see footage of the wedding on the show, but with all the “boys” in tuxes, I just don’t see how they wouldn’t have had cameras rolling for that!

UPDATE – According to People magazine, DeAnna’s gown was made by designer Inbal Dror and was shipped in from London’s Morgan–Davies Bridal. The magazine added that “Following the nuptials, guests were entertained by glam rock band Steel Panther and they even went home with a souvenir: A bobblehead of the happy couple in their wedding attire.” I wonder how much you could get for a Rick Harrison and DeAnna Burditt bride and groom bobblehead dolls at World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop?

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  • Joelle

    Wow what a gorgeous woman. Best of luck to them.

  • Ol’ Rooter

    As the great Kanye once utterred: Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas”

    • amberc88

      best comment everrr! and my first thoughts exactly!

  • Hannah

    At first, I said Pfft that woman is Corey’s age 20 something? What a gold digger. Then I seen she was 36. She looks awesome for her age!! Anyone know the designer of her dress?

  • Ziggy Pinkles

    Third marriage for both Rick and DeAnna. They’ll need a lot more than luck.

    • anono

      Silly assumption

  • Vegas Sweetie

    Beautiful wedding, great couple.

  • joeCT1983

    Damn! Rick pulls some hot tail man! He’s a heluva dude; first kid at 17 (Corey) second kid at 19 then third kid (with 2nd wife). He is a family man and you gotta love a man who – at first sight, on paper at least – wouldn’t look like he’d have much more than a lifetime of possible struggle and hardship because without a highschool diploma and 3 kids by 20 years old after having been a child confined to his bed with epileptic seizures he is a man’s man who never saw life that way and I see life the same way. While others waste their most productive years drinking and drugging and banging their classmates for $20 – $60 thousand dollars a year to obtain a meaningless piece of paper that they’ll spend a majority of their lives paying off while, like Rick, I myself watched my peers get into this debt while spending their 4, 5, 6+ college years sleeping off hangovers, becoming addicted and many becoming carriers of a plethora of different sexually transmitted diseases, I had already been EARNING more than those college kids (aka Suckers doing the cookie cutter dead end pre-planned life that will just land them in a cubicle someplace making $28k at 24 years old) were paying in tuition – 3x over at the same age because I worked and started businesses while learning from REAL WORLD mentors. “Earning” is not what college dunce professors “teach”…. Real world earning is hard work and taking risks on yourself and working your hands to the bone and not sleeping until you get it right sometimes for days and days and days; not tuition-paying, getting points for showing up and repeating what’s been told to you which gets you an “earned” grade (pshh) meaning of the word EARNING….

    • FlyOnWall

      You are just a sad loser that is trying to justify dropping out of school because you are too lazy. No one is buying it loser.

    • Stephone Valadez

      You sound pathetic… Rick got to where he is because of his Dad and their business, you make a lot more money in the long run going to college shame on you for talking shit about people actually trying to make something out of themselves just to compensate for you dropping out

      • klepp0906

        Nah – he’s right. Most people with “real” money don’t have an education or aren’t smart in the least. Just very fortunate. Go to college if you have bad luck, don’t care about real money, or are willing to settle for mediocrity.

        Their are a plethora of examples so I won’t even go there. Steve jobs was a drop out. Money leaks from his anus. To be honest almost all of today’s rich have no formal education.

        Athletes anyone? Actors? Compare what they make to a brain surgeon after 25 years of school. They make a surgeons salary roughly per hour in many cases. Floyd scumweather just made 888k per minute for an hour and a half during his last fight.

        Exceptions to every circumstance sure. To be fair in today’s day in age opportunity is few and far between so college is the safe option sure.

        Ultimately it’s all about who you know or are related to if your a man, and who’s cock your willing to mouthhug if your a woman.

        I didn’t say its right – but go ahead to try and argue it.

    • klepp0906

      Helps tremendously when your dad signs you on as a partner in his business. Just sayin.

  • Lori

    What the heck is that dress made from? Looks like an old cutwork tablecloth. Bad really bad dress.

  • Linda Landiak Bender

    What shocks me most is that Rick is 47. I thought he was in his 50’s. Way into his 50’s. Shocking.