Farrah Abraham poses for “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” photo and more at Exxxotica Chicago

Farrah Abraham Jesus loves porn stars Exxxotica photo

After reportedly getting booted early from a rehab treatment facility in Florida for being “disruptive,” former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has continued her nationwide tour of the United States, this time making an appearance at the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago where she signed DVDs, posed for photos, and even participated in the “Everything you want to know about porn (but were afraid to ask)” panel (which is odd given that Farrah continues to insist she is NOT a porn star).

The 22-year-old mom has been live tweeting her experiences at the convention, including the photo at the top of this post in which her face can be seen smiling through a cutout sign that reads “Jesus Loves Porn Stars.” The picture was accompanied by Farrah’s tweet, “Had to do it;)!! #love #Sex whatever floats your boat @Exxxotica See You #Chicago”

Farrah Abraham Exxotica Chicago "Everything you want to know about porn (but were afraid to ask)" panel with Evan Stone, Gianna Michaels, Bonnie Rotten, Sophie Dee and Kendall Karson

As I mentioned, Farrah also participated in the “Everything you want to know about porn (but were afraid to ask)” panel (above) along with multiple-video veterans (from left to right) Evan Stone, Gianna Michaels, [Farrah], Bonnie Rotten, Sophie Dee and Kendall Karson.

Farrah was wearing a sexy sheer black mini-dress with a turtle neck collar, which you can see more clearly in this next photo posted by the Exxotica Facebook page:

Farrah Abraham Exxotica Chicago

And here’s another photo of Farrah participating in the panel discussion:

Exxxotica Chicago porn star panel discussion with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

And how about a very brief instagram video in which you can see Farrah posing for photos:

Farrah even got some love from folks in the industry, including p0rn star Raven Bay who tweeted this next photo with Farrah along with the motivational words, “sexy new porn star. Let it shine. Be you. F&$&k what anyone thinks anymore!”

Adult film star Raven Bay with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham at Exxxotica Expo 2013 in Chicago

(I never realized it before, but I think I may be a sucker for a disco ball top and a tutu!)

Ahhhh, but what adu|t film industry convention would be complete without posing with the most famous adu|t film star on the planet? Thankfully, Ron Jeremy got to do just that!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham with Ron Jeremy Exxxotica Expo Chicago 2013

* If you find yourself staring at the “Jesus Loves P0rn Stars” photo of Farrah Abraham and thinking to yourself, “Haven’t I seen that before?” it’s probably because it is eerily similar (in appearance and message — sort of) to her infamous vag!na costume picture that we can’t ever seem to get enough of here at Starcasm:

Farrah Abraham wearing a vagina costume

Exxotica Chicago will be open again tomorrow (Sunday) so if you don’t want to miss your chance to see Farrah in person then get your ticket now! (Or else you may have to become a huge adult film star and wait for Farrah to some to you and ask that you pretend to be her boyfriend and star in a private sex tape with her — which could take months!)

For those aspiring Farrahologists out there, this is her second time appearing at an Exxxotica Expo this year after attending the one in Florida in May.


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  • Dani

    Poor Sophia doesn’t have a father and her mother is to self absorbed to truly mother her.

  • Shannon

    Ho bag

  • rockyroad

    Her face looks like a 40 year old hag. What 22 year old wears that much makeup. She is sooooo ugly. No way she made $1 mill for the porn. She has to make these appearances as part of the deal. Also, she is still living is a 1 bedroom s**thole in Austin, hardly the life of a rich lady. She is such a liar.

  • Justice4TrayvonandCaylee

    Poor Sophia she’d be better off with her grandparents…. did I just say that?

  • Geniya

    She finally found a place where she feels she belongs.

  • BEBE

    What the heck is going on with her face? Her nose and chin are like, reaching out to grab me!

  • Jane

    She is making her daughter proud! Self absorbed loser. I mean really….this is the best or gets for her…she will never have a real relationship. Just keep pulling straws to validate your untalented self!

  • Shellz

    She’ll be at the crazy horse here in Vegas soon

  • Becky

    her eyes always look so bugged out and crazy

  • pinkloves0

    she looks so pretty and thin in person. She is super friendly person. Normally those girls are mean.

  • Sweet Venom

    Why won’t this horrible girl go away?!

  • Demona

    I couldn’t share the link I guess because my comment didn’t get posted but her Ebay bikini got bought by YouPorn and they are giving it away. Unwashed. They have an entire sweepstakes running, they also told the total the bikini was at on Ebay when they “bought” it which was pretty shocking.

    • Demona

      Originally for sale on Ebay, the bidding reached $14,700 before we bought it to give away to one lucky fan. A true piece of history, the bikini hasn’t been washed since Farrah wore it! Enter below to get this one-of-a-kind prize from the unstoppable sex bomb Farrah Abraham.