Jennifer Lawrence wore some craziness to Paris fashion week


Jennifer Lawrence wore this a Dior show Monday for Paris fashion week, and I’m so confused. What are these pants trying to do exactly? (They are Dior, btw, part of the Christian Dior haute couture autumn/winter 2013-2014 collection.)

The hair and sunglasses look fabulous, though. Her abs do too, but it’s hard to admire them without being distracted by the pants with the different legs and things going on.

Jennifer later spent some time with Rihanna, who tweeted this cute photo: “Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris.”

This is the Jennifer Lawrence we know and love!


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  • paige

    I feel like if she had worn some really classy high-waisted slacks, this outfit would be perfect. I LOVE the crop top, it just doesnt work with the parachute pants.

    Then again, nothing works with parachute pants 😛

  • savannah

    Is this a design by Dior tho? I’m thinking it must be, normally she’s very well dressed. Definitly not a fan of this one. 😉 But love her anyways!!

  • princess

    And that’s the Rihanna that we know and are oversaturated with

  • Kir

    She looks so skinny! I liked her being a little bit more “normal”, so to say. I still love her though, she’s hilarious.

  • Seesaw

    I don’t even think ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ could have pulled that look off!! And you know that character wore a lot of crazy shyt… lol

  • Regina

    Imagine just “bumping into” Rihanna.