Taylor Halbur reveals why she kept pregnancy secret, defends Adam Lind

Adam Lind and his girlfriend Taylor Halbur photo

Taylor Halbur’s pregnancy was recently revealed during one of Adam Lind’s court appearance. Adam’s lawyer announced the news to the judge while trying to keep the Teen Mom 2 star out of jail, but at the time, it was the first anyone had heard of it. Now, Taylor is speaking out about why she kept her pregnancy secret for so long and defending her boyfriend’s bad boy reputation.

“I decided not to confirm the pregnancy for a few reasons,” Taylor explains in a new Gather interview. “First of all, I didn’t want to put my family in the middle of all the chaos it would make. Also, Adam and I decided that we didn’t want to make it public for the sake of our child. We knew there would be a lot of backlash from the viewers of the show.” In addition to that, Taylor and Adam had split up in January after Taylor got pregnant and only recently rekindled their relationship.

“As far as Adam and I, we are trying to better our relationship and work on our own faults within the relationship. He is trying very hard to be the best he can be and is doing all he can to make sure we do not falter. He has told me plenty of times that he wants to do things right this time.”

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur

Adam doesn’t have the best reputation — at least with Teen Mom 2 fans — but Taylor wants fans to know that there is more to Adam than meets the eye. “I understand why people feel the way they do about him because they only see one side of the story. Yes, he has his faults and has made mistakes, but so has everyone else in the world. No one is perfect,” she says, adding “He doesn’t like this persona he has created for himself; he was young and made some poor decisions, but yet again, who hasn’t?”

As far as Taylor’s relationship with Chelsea goes, Taylor says she doesn’t have one — but there isn’t exactly any bad blood between them. In fact, Taylor only had good things to say about her baby daddy’s baby mama and their daughter Aubree. “My relationship with Aubree is great. Chelsea does a very good job raising her. She’s very bright and very smart; just all around an adorable little girl.

In closing, Taylor revealed that she and Adam are thrilled to be starting a family together. “I’m due in August and the pregnancy is going very well. Adam and I are both very excited about it and couldn’t be happier. We both are hoping for a boy, but either way we won’t be disappointed.”

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  • Needy P.D.

    I hope they have a girl

    • Mia003


  • Sweet Venom

    Haha gee I wonder why they broke up after finding out she was pregnant. That is the first red flag little girl! Well actually the first red flag would be Adam already having a child he does not see, but whatever.

    Why do people use the “everyone has faults” reasoning as an excuse? You’re still a bad person if you ditch your child, regardless of what other people do. Yes he has faults but he has done nothing to rectify them.

    • Agreed. He has remained arrogant and unrepentant about his mistakes; not a good sign.

    • Ace

      Completely agree – yep everyone has faults – being an @sshole and not giving a damn about your child isn’t a fault though.

    • Didn’t Adam feed Chelsea the same B.S. when they broke up and got back together? I guess Taylor thinks she’ll be the one to change him.

  • Tara

    Does anyone else think that she resembles Chelsea in a weird way…

    • The eye makeup maybe?? O.o

    • Natalia Salinas

      Yes! I thought the same thing when I saw her pic.

    • JJ

      Yeah a skinnier version..

    • I thought the same thing! I think they both have those big beautiful smiles

    • Caeleigh Shae

      YES!!! Especially in this picture. I thought, hm…Adam has a type.

  • Amy

    Stupid girl. This douche doesnt deserve to be a father. He should be sterilized before he creates any more lives he doesn’t give a shit about

  • LOL he dumped her and knew she was pregnant? WOW. How long before she forms the Adam is an A$$hole club with Chelsea? *sigh* When will these little girls learn that if your relationship isn’t solid long, long BEFORE the baby comes, then there isn’t much hope…

  • Stephanie

    Is there a teen mom that hasn’t been in jail, rehab, addicted to drugs, gotten plastic surgery, done a porno, fought with their family, have they all kept their kids? Plus they make more money than a teen mom would ever make, and now they are having more than children? Who takes care of the kids?
    Sorry I know the show is popular but is it a good showing of being a teen mom?

    • Jasper

      Ya, Chelsea.

      • Mia003

        If Chelsea didn’t have daddy what would she do?

    • Mia003

      Well, I think they are doing a good job not making it look good because if they were all good moms and made it look good then it might be attractive to kids to have babies in their teens if they think their lives are going so great. So it’s good for the show that they are not doing good because it shows it’s hard to grow up and raise a baby at the same time. They give them way too much money though because real teen parents don’t make that much money if any.

  • anjealka

    Can someone tell me the appeal of Adam? Chelsea(with her dark hair) is a pretty girl and his new girlfriend looks pretty, why do they want to be with this semi-employed, criminal, that treats them poorly?

    • They like “bad boys” ?? Probably Chelsea like(d) adam so much because her father hated him so much.

    • Caeleigh Shae

      I guess well adjusted, employed, and supportive is just too boring. LOL

    • siriusthecat

      Guys like that seek out perfect victims. Emotional abuse is destructive. I wouldn’t doubt he’s more abusive than that. Just sending the girl who just gave birth a text calling her fat and stretch marked and signing over “that mistake” is nasty and abusive. Look at how unstable Chelsea has been. This guy has been putting her through hell for years. Take a good look Taylor.

  • Okay, sure. Defend the man who called his first child “a mistake” and her mother a “lazy b$%!#”. She’ll be singing a different tune soon enough. And I really don’t like that comment “he’ll do better this time”. It shows that he doesn’t value his previous relationship.

    • andiecohenn

      Chlesea is lazy.LOL

      • sweetmisery21

        Isn’t she?! Lol I swear she complains about so much, but in reality she has to do nothing but raise Aubree and go to school. My mother was a single parent of two and idk how, but she completed school, worked two jobs, and raised her kids. Her parents are enablers. Get her butt off that couch so she can learn some work ethic!

      • Angel

        Lazy absolutely not. Spoiled maybe, but there is nothing lazy about being a full time single mother. Especially not when you are doing an awesome job at it

        • andiecohenn

          How many years did it take her to get her GED? She had to drop out of hair school. Chelsea is not exactly doing this by herself.She has the help of both her parents, sister, & friends. Her dad pays her bills. So what is her excuse? She uses her daughter as a crutch, as an excuse to be lazy. There are many single mothers who have many kids, work multiple jobs, & have NO help.So, yes Chelsea is lazy.Also, notice that Chelsea doesn’t have time to go to school or work but has time to go out & drive all over SD to go to concerts. When its something she wants to do, she gets it done.

          • Sweet Venom

            Yes exactly! Awesome comment!

    • Caeleigh Shae

      It also implies that he admits that he messed up before!

      Adam – how about trying to make amends to the mother of your already born daughter if you are so “changed”

      • EXACTLY! A mark of a good father would be someone who tries to fix the relationship with the child he already has, as well as her mother.

  • Presley

    He wants to do things better this time? Chelsea must be livid.

  • Ashley

    I am 0% sure that Adam will “do right this time” and be a good father and boyfriend.

  • guest

    Adam can’t even be a good father to the child he has already! The only time he ever sees Aubree is when he has a girlfriend, and let’s not forget that he wanted to sign her over and have nothing to do with her. It seems to me that neither of them really understand the severity and seriousness of this situation, and not only is it sad for Aubree, it is also sad for their unborn child.

  • ashley

    Does this mean Chelsea will actually move on?!!!?

  • Anna

    My son’s father is the exact same way. He had a daughter he didn’t get to see (which according to him was because her mother was evil). Then I got pregnant and he ‘wanted to do things right this time’. Fast forward 3 years and he is not involved with my son unless it is convenient for him (something I’ve put a stop to for my son), got married, cheated, isn’t even divorced yet and already has a new girlfriend.
    Yeah, everyone makes their mistakes and sure MTV doesn’t broadcast everything, but Adam has made mistakes that are unforgivable. Calling his daughter a mistake? Cheating? MTV didn’t make him do that.
    Taylor, honey, I hope the best for you. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Jenn

    If you have to say about your boyfriend that he “has his faults and has made mistakes” then he’s not a good one. I have NEVER said that about my boyfriend…..my boyfriend is supportive and a wonderful man.

    • No one is perfect, its actually part of a healthy relationship to recognize faults and flaws. (Not that makes anything Adam did OK at all though).

  • Well, now that’s two child support payments. You better get a good job, Adam.

    Gosh, I just keep thinking about how horrible he was to Chelsea in 16 and Pregnant. When he sent that text message calling Aubree a mistake and all those horrible things. He’s damn lucky he get’s to see her at all, ever. I don’t know how anyone could see that and then think its a good idea to reproduce with him.

    • siriusthecat

      As bad as that was, hearing about the thousands of dollars he took from Chelsea while not paying support takes the cake.

  • meg

    he wants to do things right this time?? its not too late with aubree shes still young and you can repair that, but it takes time (something hes not willing to give her)! you pieces of trash.

    • Mia003

      Aubree’s a little brat and I don’t think their is any helping that kid if Chelsea raising her. She bites other kids in the face, abuses animals and throws tantrums all the time when she dosn’t get her way. Chelsea does not discipline her surprise surprise. She is going to be a spoiled brat just like her mom. Chelsea does not listen to her dad moving Adam in even though he pays for the place.

  • perfectly taken

    Chelsea is not lazy and I can only pray for all these babies having babies. Chelsea is a great mother n out of all the teen moms she been wonderful to herself n her baby.

    • Mia003

      What would she do if she didn’t have daddy’s money to take care of her daughter? She would have to do with out the designer stuff and live in a cheap apartment if she could even afford that *gasp*. I think she wouldn’t know what to do without daddy’s money renting her houses and buying her new cars.

      • siriusthecat

        I know I’m totally jealous of her daddy, too. What’s that got to do with the price if tea in China?

  • Feisty

    HAHAH Taylor and her family will soon find out how Chelsea and her family felt this whole time Adam was never involved. When it new baby is here it won’t be long before Adam treats Taylor like shit! Adam only asks for Aubree so his parents can watch and visit with her. Aubree don’t even like being around Adam.

  • i think that chick kinda looks like chelsea

  • Caeleigh Shae

    Ah everyone welcome a soon to be single mother of one.

  • siriusthecat

    Keep giving him money and he’ll stick around. Ask him to be responsible and he’ll be knocking on Chelsea’s door. He’s a bum.