First photo of Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert’s new baby daughter Adalynn


February 4, 2013 Teen Mom 2‘s Leah (Messer) Calvert gave birth to her third child after going into labor five weeks early, her first with husband of one year Jeremy Calvert. Even though it was a scary time, everything turned out fine, and now Leah and Jeremy have shared their first photo of their baby daughter Adalynn Faith Calvert* with US Weekly.

20-year-old Leah instantly fell in love with the newest addition to her family. She told US Weekly: We were amazed — she was just so beautiful. She reached out and grabbed hold of Jeremy’s little finger. It was very emotional.”

Addalynn’s three-year-old older sisters Aliannah and Aleeah dove right into their big sis roles, possibly too much! “They were trying to pick her up and carry her around. We had to put a stop to that! I think they get the concept now,” Leah says.

CLICK HERE to see more details about the birth.

*Although reports, including the US Weekly report with the first photo, have said the baby’s name is spelled “Addalynn” with two Ds, the correct spelling is “Adalynn.”

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  • EJ

    I can’t believe they actually kept their baby under wraps for over a month so they could sell the pics to a magazine … And that a magazine actually bought them.

    • Rachel

      Shocking isn’t it? It was bad enough when the trend of buying celebrity newborn pics started several years ago but this is just ridiculous.

    • Ace

      I reckon that, or she could have been waiting for her braces to come off, so she looked her ‘best’. God she irritates me. You couldn’t just share a personal photo via Facebook or twitter, could you? Gotta sell it to a magazine.

      • Mia

        But her teeth still look yellow! Look and Lance Bass I mean Jeremy teeth also stain with to much tobacco use!!

  • princesssher

    leah smile look fake

    • O_O

      Probably is. She is not as happy as she pretends to be via twitter.

    • Liv

      that’s a postbraces smile.

  • juli

    it’s 4 Feb 2013, and why does Leah look so old, Leah you ever heard of anti-wrinkle cremes or so?

  • DeeDeDee

    Leah’s fanpage confirmed that the spelling is “Adalynn” and not “Addalyn.” =)

    • K

      Wait, only one D and two N’s? SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.

      • DeeDeDee

        I know that you all have been anxiously awaiting for Leah and Jeremy to confirm the birth of Adalynn and I am sorry it has taken us so long to confirm, but as you all know I will not go behind Leah’s back and confirm anything without her permission. Here is the first exclusive picture of baby Adalynn Faith, not Addalynn. As you can see, the name was misprinted.– Carrie

        That was the comment posted on this same picture by admin. Lol. If she doesn’t haven’t right… woopsie? haha.

  • Sarah

    I’m surprised she has hair left on her head!!

  • smh

    i knew it!! I knew these hillbilly bastards hid this child just to sell the photos to a magazine for money smh us weekly dumb for purchasing them as if Leah and her doormat are some big time celebrity.

  • kim

    man talk about the twins being a clone of one of their parents and the new baby is so precious maybe she will be Jeremy’s clone

  • Bethie

    Is it me or does Jeremy’s front two teeth look stained baddd like cigarette or dip stained??? Never noticed it until this pic

  • K

    Even MTV can’t get the spelling of this name right… which is it, Addalynn or Addalynne? I truly hope it’s the one with the extra “e” thrown on at the end.

  • That’s such an awkward picture. The limbs are just everywhere, and you wouldn’t know that was Leah’s arm except for the tattoo. She used to be my favorite, I could see a lot of my young self in her but now she pretty much disgusts me.

  • Beautiful family!

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    amazing how these ‘wannabes’ sell everything to these rags.

  • lindsay

    this picture looks super awkward. totally thought the arm with the pink heart was one of the girl’s until i read in one of the comments it was Leah’s. why didn’t they dress the baby up all cute?? & is it just me or does it look like her girl’s have highlights in their hair??? just a matter of time until it’s on to the next one…

  • amberc88

    Its about DAMN TIME! lol

  • Jenny

    So this is the struggle of being a “Teen Mom”?Being paid to be on a magazine?

  • coco

    I’m suprised they didn’t call her Adawnlynn..
    Since her name is Leah Dawn Calvert and his name is Jeremy Lynn Calvert

    And put some clothes on the baby! Babies need to be keep warm and it would look nicer on the picture.

    I used to like Leah but now not anymore. This girl needs help. 2 marriages, 1 divorce and 3 children before turning 21?

    • Guest

      no she doesnt just takes time

  • tab

    thank god leah’s hair looks normal again. it looks AWFUL in the current season.
    jeremy looks high and the older girls look pissed, maybe it was a rough shoot.

    i’d feel pretty ashamed and embarrassed to have been married twice with 3 kids from 2 different fathers by the age of 20. no way i’d want to be on national tv or on the cover of a magazine. she’s such a loser.

  • Cheermom

    Why is it that everyone is blasting Leah Messner- Calvert for selling the pictures of her new baby to Ok!, but no one has even mentioned that Holly Madison has just done the same exact thing? Also on the same note, Leah is being out down for her daughter’s name- Adalynn or Addalyn while Holly chose a complete stripper name for her baby: Rainbow Aurora. At the end of the day, who cares?!? They are both horrible names, but have 0 effect on me personally. My gripe is that we have 2 individuals doing the EXACT same thing but only one is being ridiculed. Makes no sense.

    • moron

      Holly Madison makes her own money and is a very likeable celebrity. Leah is a D-List reality show star who moans all day on social media about how no one respects her privacy yet puts her entire life on TV and pimps out her children to any magazine who will bid. Leah is also “famous” for having twins at 16, and is now 20 with 3 children, 2 marriages, and a divorce under her “plate”. The girls are constantly saying that they only do the show to show young girls that teen parenthood is not glamorous, but crap like this is not showing anything BUT glamour.

      • lindsay

        “under her plate.” HAHAHAHAHAHAH i’m glad i’m not the only one who picked up on that gem from the newest episode.

    • Yeah, ok

      Why are you comparing Holly Madison to Leah? Leah’s not even a d-list celebrity, maybe a z list? Holly is an ENTERTAINER and gets paid to entertain and perform in Vegas. Leah is known for being on a documentary style show about 16 yrs olds having babies. She’s no more of a celebrity than the people of MTV Real Life, Hoarders, Addiction or any other cautionary/educational documentary. If you dont see the difference between the two then your proving why Teen Mom needs to be cancelled. The ignorant are have began viewing teen mothers as celebrities and glamorous. The education to these cautiony tale has completely gone over their head and is a failure. CANCEL THE SHOW MTV!!!!!

  • Nanna

    The twins are adorable. What a beautiful family!

  • Ally

    Honestly someone somewhere is going to make money for the baby’s first pictures, so why not the new parents? I don’t blame US Weekly for buying them cause there was a strong demand for them and they knew they could sell magazines if they had the pictures. By makes you wonder WTH happened to America that there was a demand for a knocked up teens 3rd baby pictures in the first place!
    Oh not my place to say but can’t stand the name though! I feel bad for those kids when they are teenagers and adults!
    Also anyone wanna start a poll for when she get pregnant with baby #4? I have when this baby is 18 months!

  • Ally

    Also I just noticed this but why did they not have Aleeah close her legs for this picture that they knew would be posted everywhere?

  • ashley

    Such an awkward picture!

  • Anna

    Oh my God, it’s a baby! Wow! I’ve never seen one of those before!

  • LOL

    I see that baby is into metal. Rock on, little one.

  • awoman

    Beautiful picture. I think it is strange for people to bash it. Have you ever tried to take a perfect picture of a 5 person family? It’s basically impossible. I’m a fan of Jeremy. Leah….ugh….doesn’t deserve that guy, but whatever.