Kailyn Lowry postpones wedding to Javi Marroquin, says it’s “not in our budget”

'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin pose with Isaac after their engagement

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin legally got married last September in a courthouse ceremony. Obviously, it wasn’t a huge bash, and most of her friends and family members were not in attendance, which is why the the couple had been planning a second ceremony. The upcoming celebration was set to take place on September 21, 2013, but unfortunately Kail and Javi are having to postpone their plans.

“Looks like we’ll be pushing the wedding back an entire year. 🙁 Just not in our budget this year like we planned,” Kailyn tweeted yesterday along with the hash tag “Taxes.” Later, she told a fan, “I OWE thousands.”

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's save the date cards
^ Kailyn posted the photo above on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, accidentally leaking the date of her wedding (09-21). The photo has since been removed.

On March 5, Kailyn told fans, “March 5th marks Javi & I being married for 6 months! & the day I’m going to Kleinfeld’s to try on wedding dresses for our big wedding!” Kleinfeld’s is where the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress is filmed so fans immediately started to wonder is she was going to be doing a guest spot, but she later set the record straight saying, “Not going on #SYTTD! It was just for fun!”

Kailyn and Javi dated for a year before tying the knot in September, shortly after becoming engaged. On September 1, Javi sent Kail on a scavenger hunt which led her to Lake Wallenpaupack, Kail’s favorite spot. Upon arrival, Kail found her son Isaac holding a bouquet of flowers and Javi on one knee.

“You just know when it’s right,” Kailyn told In Touch about finding her soul mate. “He gave up his youth to be with someone who has a kid. That means a lot.”

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  • Ann

    Learn what a budget and savings account is.

    • Kate

      Umm… She is being smart enough to not have her wedding this year. Ergo, budgeting.

      • Ann

        Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to put money back. Ergo, not smart budgeting.

    • Kalyn makes no sense

      Right? Kleinfeld’s? Seriously? Most women can’t afford dresses in there, and I’m sure kail working at sports authority or wet seal or what ever would not be able to afford a kleinfeld dress. Ughh..this girl is delusional!

  • K

    Maybe she can sell some of those tattoos back to the shop.

  • Its ignorant when people need 2 weddings.you can only be so married.

    • Kelly

      I don’t think they had a ceremony

  • :))))))))

    So she printed the save the date card without actually being sure she had the money for the wedding. How smart !

  • Britni

    I doubt the wedding will ever take place at this rate. My husband and I did the courthouse ceremony and intended to do a wedding for family and friends but the more time that passes the less anyone cares and you realize there are plenty of other things to spend money on! Those save the date cards were a waste! I do have to wonder why she owes thousand in taxes though?

    • Ace

      I had a courthouse wedding, and was perfectly happy with it. We went out to dinner with family afterwards and it was an amazing day, and didn’t cost us thousands of dollars. I would honestly feel silly getting ‘married’ again when you already are married.

    • Its just stupid. We got married at the courthouse, it was our choice. It was their choice too, if they wanted a fancy wedding they should have waited. BUT if they waited they wouldn’t be getting the fancy military benefits now.

      I’m guessing she owes on mtv income.

      • A.P.

        As a military spouse I can honestly say there are very little ‘fancy military benefits’, and commenting so just shows ignorance.

        • That was sarcastic. You know, as we are on starcasm.

          But as a military spouse you should know that people DO get married quickly for the benefits, especially right before they leave for boot.

          • A.C.

            Not really, we mainly get married so we don’t have to be hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. So I guess you could say thats a “benefit”, but military life and civilian life are two different things.

    • tab

      because she is a contract employee of mtv, which means she is responsible for paying her own taxes on the income she makes from them, they didn’t withhold any taxes from her paychecks.

      • She should have known. Seriously.

        • tab

          i’m sure she did know. but she’s young and stupid like her co-stars and didn’t set any money aside for taxes.

  • MsD

    Karma is a bitch just as big of a bitch as Kailyn is too her fans/followers and anyone who doesn’t agree with her on any giving subject. She had the nerve to state on twitter today that she love ALL people and she doesn’t judge people oh STFU already she isn’t even woman enough to meet the woman who will more than likely be her sons step mom some day. She “slammed” her marriage rumors last year lol got married in secrecy she had her wedding last year at the Pennsylvania courthouse. SIT THE HELL DOWN KAIL and PLEASE PLEASE get over yourself………. She proclaims all year that she works so many jobs etc…….. how the hell did you forget to pay Uncle Sam my friend. a Tahoe Truck, designer clothes and tattoos don’t mix with tax lien’s ijs sounds like her priorities may have been a bit out of order last year….

    • yup, I said it

      Maybe she thought there would be a TM2 season 6 set of checks coming and cut back when she found out they most likely will not be a season 6.

  • Mickey

    I had a courthouse wedding and we went out to eat with his parents afterward. It was nice and I will def always remember out. I do want my princess moment though, and we discussed renewing our vows after 5-10 years but the older I get the sillier it seems.

  • “MOST of her friends and fam were not in attendance… okay, but she had people there.
    I did the courthouse alone with the hubs (no one there, no dinner/anything afterwards) and 18 months later, along with our parents involvement we had another ceremony and our only reception. The people who absolutely had to know, were told. We didn’t tell anyone else. We literally did nothing the first time… I hear of too many people who have a small party or whatever and do it again (only bigger) and its usually just for the gifts. Whether it was 10 people there, or 210, you had your party already. Move on! If she cared about the people who missed seeing her get married then budget wouldn’t be such an issue and she wouldn’t be looking at Kleinfeld of all places for a friggin dress!

  • Brittany

    I dislike her.
    Newsflash Kailyn: everyone pays taxes. If you have a job that doesn’t take taxes out for you, you do it yourself and put it away until the time comes. It shouldn’t be an unexpected event; it’s not a surprise party. Everyone pays, you know you have to, you should have known better, etc. etc. etc.

    And to add to the comments above, my husband and I got married in the courthouse and had a celebration with family and friends on our 1-year anniversary. It was great and I have so many beautiful photos and memories of that day. We started saving, planning, and DYI-ing the month we got married. I didn’t care if it was against etiquette rules and no one at our marriage celebration cared either, so I’m all for it…as long as you have the funds for it…

  • anjealka

    I wonder if she thought MTV would pay for the wedding? She seems like she talks a lot to Leah, and Leah got her wedding paid for by MTV? I don’t think Kail has ever learned the reality of the middle class normal life she wants so badly. She is either flat broke or spending money on designer purses, boots and tattoos. Going to Keinfeilders is not realistic as a 21 year old women married to a military man just starting out. She could certainly could have a nice ceremony for family and friends without breaking the bank. You don’t need a 5k dress or a 20k reception. My nephew got married a few weeks ago, and the whole thing cost under $1200 and was very nice. I had just as nice a time at my nephews wedding as I did at the last overpriced country club event.

  • spottedgiraffe

    I wonder if wild Bigfoot kail has abused javi again lately. I also wonder if she’s managed to completely cut jo out of his son’s life. She’s been trying real hard for that.

    • Butch’s Law Degree

      My assumption is no on both counts, because Javi is in the Air Force stationed somewhere, and she still sees Jo and they are civil for Issac’s sake. According to them.

  • ThatGirlisaLiar

    Maybe she’s lying and saying she owes taxes because she accidently revealed her wedding date and doesn’t want people to know that she’s still getting married?!? Idk you never know with kail and her compulsive lying…

  • Vee ” smokes ” and ” drinks ” and is a so-called bad role model. Kailyn beats her men and has slept around yet is exactly what Isaac needs. My point, this bitch is a hypocrite and should learn to let live. Oh and this ” marriage ” won’t last past September anything so an actual wedding won’t matter.

    • Butch’s Law Degree

      How do you know it won’t last past September? Very oddly specific..

      • I don’t. My comment contained facts and predictions.

  • Amanda

    She spends all this money on tattoos but can’t pay for a wedding? Tattoos get pretty expensive, especially when you do the tattoos in sessions like she is. She’s a dumbass.

  • Emmy

    I had a small wedding. Definitely not the wedding of my dreams, but at the end of the day was perfect. We had planned to do a big white gown-party vow renewal at are 1 year anniversary, but life got in the way. We decided to wait until our 10 year anniversary. We married at 18, so only 6 more years and we can put those haters to rest, that’s something to celebrate. I ALWAYS tell people to do it right the first time, but you likely won’t get a second chance.

  • Taytay

    Maybe she should of thougt about all of this before she blew all her money on tacky, poorly done tattoos.

  • Holly

    This is totally ignorant and shallow, but I’ve been dying to point out how ugly this guy is! Sorry! Love you, Kail!

    • Jen90

      He is not ugly and if you thought so why would you have to point it out? Not everyone would think he is ugly so maybe you should just keep your mean opinions to yourself. I don’t think everyone is attractive but I don’t go around calling people ugly just because I don’t think personally that they are attractive I just don’t say anything, I don’t see the point. It’s just mean and ugly. How would you like if someone said they just wanted to point out that they thought you were ugly? Do you think that everyone thinks you are good looking? It’s not nice and is unnecessary. I do not think he is ugly personally. It’s not nice to call people ugly and it’s bullying.

    • He is not ugly o.O look at Kailyn’s baby daddy now that is what you call ugly.

  • tab

    she said she owes thousands in taxes. what an idiot! why wasn’t she putting that money aside or hire someone to do that for her?!?

    i’m sure those save the dates weren’t cheap, more wasted money. just like the wasted money on the vacations and tattoos and cars and expensive animals.

  • tab

    people spend all this time on their wedding day, dropping thousands of dollars. but no thought of effort or conversation goes in to their LIFE after the ceremony and party. maybe this is why so many marriages fail. people prepare for months, sometimes years, for one day. how about setting money aside for your future and keep your wedding simple.

  • Lauren

    I like Kail. She’s the most level-headed out of all the Teen Moms but she can’t afford to have the wedding but can afford tattoo sleeves & back pieces? It just seems a little off to me.

  • Jen90


  • Mia003

    Dosn’t Kailyn look like a chipmunk or a squirrel?

    • Mia003

      Or a beaver? She looks like she could be gnawing on something.

  • Butch’s Law Degree

    No money but you make 25k an episode?? I don’t think these broads could get any stupider.

  • Wow, I would’ve saved up for a few years or so before I planned an extravagant wedding ceremony. My husband and I were married in 2010, we eloped but we’re planning to renew our vows in 2020 🙂 Saving up the money in the meantime ^_^

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    I don’t believe it was cancelled. But if it is…boo hoo. She got married quickly so her and Isaac could get Javi’s military insurance. I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for her at all. She is not a nice person. She spends way too much money and I really hope MTV does not pay for this wedding.

  • V

    I know I should not be shocked by all the negative comments but I am. Is there so many perfect people that kali can be judged so harshly. Sometimes its best to not say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. Everyone makes mistakes especially little girl that haven’t grown up with much of a mother or father,