Was this cheerleader cut from the Super Bowl squad because she gained weight?

Courtney Lenz Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader

For five years, Courtney Lenz cheered on the Baltimore Ravens. However, she will soon miss out on what should be the most exciting event of her cheerleading career, the Super Bowl. The reason the veteran is left out? According to an online petition, Lenz is in trouble for choosing to retire and for gaining two pounds during the season.

“I’m just devastated by the whole situation,” Lenz told Good Morning America. “This was very unexpected… I didn’t even think there would be a chance of me not going with being a five-year veteran.”

Ravens representative Heather Harness told Zap2It they had to narrow the squad down from 60 to 32 girls for the game.

“Our selection process was based upon three criteria: seniority, performance ability and personal conduct throughout the season,” said Harness.

However, Debbie Krammer, who began the petition, said Lenz was the only 3+ year veteran who wasn’t invited to the game. Krammer also claimed that Lenz is one of the most popular cheerleaders on the squad and was recently ranked as one of the “100 hottest cheerleaders.”

This has led many people to believe that Lenz wasn’t selected to perform at the game because of her weight gain.

Krammer wrote the Ravens about Lenz’s weight was an “absurd, unhealthy and a complete inaccurate measurement of a woman’s appearance and size!”

This wasn’t the first time Lenz was penalized for her weight, either. Earlier this season, she was benched from a game for gaining “1.6 pounds.” She said that the squad’s directors then forced her to pay for meetings with a nutritionist and counselor.

Unfortunately, after the petition was established, Lenz was formally dismissed from the cheerleading team. As can (and should) be expected, there’s been a lot of public outcry. On the Facebook page established for Lenz, one supporter wrote “This makes me so sad. This is sending the wrong message to young girls who already struggle with body image.”

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  • johanna

    she’s gorgeous!

  • Jenn

    This isn’t a surprise at all really. Anyone who has seen a season of the CMT show about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders knows that they can’t gain weight or will be punished. Hell those girls won’t even make the team unless they look perfect in the uniform no matter how talented they are. Can we stop calling them cheerleaders though? Really they are just half naked dancers.

    • burkey

      It’s so true. I had a friend who was on the Jets Flight Crew. She is one of those very naturally petite girls who probably couldn’t be fat if she tried to and her entire first season her coaches still made sure they always reminded her not to gain weight. Then when she tried out the next season (because everyone has to every year) they rejected her and told her that that season they were going for a curvier look that she didn’t fit. Now I didn’t mind that they decided to get girls with some meat on them but how crazy is it that they spent a whole season harping on being skinny and then all of the same girls who spent a year trying to be skinny were now expected to be curvier. So then my friend stopped working out as much as she had so she could gain a little weight to be more curvy and they accepted her the next season. Half way through the season they told her they were gonna bench her because she had to miss a practice for our friend’s wedding which she was IN so she just finally quit and never went back.

  • shyla

    Let’s not forget that she had already put in word that she was LEAVING after the season ended…so don’t make it about something that it’s not. She was retiring – end of story. She should have waited just a few more days to see if the team made it to the Superbowl before putting in her notice. She’s being a poor sport and making herself look bad.

  • awoman

    You can gain that much in water weight overnight.

  • amberc88

    i think she is better looking than any of the other girls!

  • Mia

    Most people have a weight fluctuation of about 5 pounds depending upon what time of the day or month you weigh yourself. You could eat the same exact thing and do they same exact exercise every day, and one day you might be 150 pounds and another you might be 155 pounds. It’s just the way our bodies are programmed. So if that really is the reason she was passed upon then I find it ridiculous. I don’t see what her retiring has anything to do with it? She said she’s retiring after the season, no? Well, the Superbowl is still the season, so she hasn’t retired yet and that should be an irrelevant point. Obviously there were some bitter feelings from years past based on other unmentioned things on both sides that caused her to be looked over. This is exactly why teams like the Steelers or Giants don’t have cheerleaders. They just bring drama to the organization has nothing to do with football.

    • Jenn

      The Superbowl is not considered a season game. Once the playoffs start it is post-season play so if they wanted to use that as an excuse they would be able to.

      • burkey

        That still doesn’t seem very fair or tasteful. If the team wants to claim that since she was retiring after this season that they didn’t think she’d want to do the Super Bowl they’re just ridiculous. So because she decided to leave after the season and formally tell them like a professional should rather than just quitting suddenly or half way through the season she gets penalized? Seems like this is alot more personal than anything else.