More details from Robert Kardashian’s diary including abuse, a gun, and… a refrigerator?

Ellen Kardashian with Robert Kardashian and Kim Khloe Kourtney and Rob

Kardiarygate continues to make headlines as this week’s issue of In Touch features more entries from the alleged diary of the late Robert Kardashian that was in the possession of his widow, Ellen Kardashian. The issue also contains some rather startling details from the couple’s divorce documents!

In the latest diary excerpts there is more evidence suggesting Kris Jenner had an abusive relationship with her children and was anything but a poster mom when they were growing up. From In Touch:

Robert wrote of a day when young Kourtney called him “crying and hysterical” after what Robert claimed was abuse that included Kris pulling her daughter’s hair and twisting their arms. Kourtney and Kim “are scared and nervous, have been beat up several times before and are very, very intimidated,” he wrote in an Oct. 20, 1993 memo.

In Touch cover Robert Kardashian diary part 2

Robert is consistently blunt and harsh with his criticisms of Kris Jenner as a mother, adding on April 23, 1990, “[Kris] doesn’t really care about the kids at all.”

So what did Kris care about? According to Robert it was her misteress Todd Waterman! Robert claims Kris once said, “I love Todd more than anything in this world,” which is further evidenced by a rather extravagant purchase Kris made (and charged to Robert’s Sears account) to give to Todd. According to the documents, Robert discovered a $1,200 charge for a refrigerator! (And remember, this is some time ago!)

Robert claims to have contacted Sears to let them know they had made an error (most people would remember buying a refrigerator, no matter how wealthy you are!), and “They informed me that my wife had purchased this refrigerator for Todd Waterman.” Now that’s cold! Literally!

Robert also accuses Kris of keeping his gun and silverware that he had received as a wedding gift, which was valued at over $35,000 at the time. (Wait, Kris Jenner has a gun?!?)

It sure be curious to see if the Kardashian family retaliate again as they did last week. It will also be curious to see just how long In Touch is able to continue publishing more from Robert Kardashian’s diary! (I can’t imagine how much they must have paid for that!)

If you ask me it seems completely preposterous that Ellen Kardashian would fabricate a fake diary and sell it, so I am assuming it is the real deal. (If it is indeed a fake I think we would have heard mention of a lawsuit in the Kardashians’ reactions.)

I am also assuming that In Touch is smart enough to tuck at least one huge bombshell away for the future. I suppose we will all have to just wait and see. Until then, be sure to hop down to your local newsstand or grocery store and pick up the latest issue of In Touch!

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  • andiecohenn

    Kris Jenner hung out with junkies, so I dont doubt it.

  • AreYoUForReal

    Nothing says ‘love’ like a refrigerator!

  • Amber Abele Sheets

    Its awful funny that his widow JUST filed for bankruptcy and NOW she’s publishing this “Diary”. I don’t buy it!!

    • burkey

      Supposedly she filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago so its not that recent. But even if the diaries are true its still strange that she would just randomly choose to sell them to a magazine regardless if shes broke or not.. her late husband may not care if Kris Kardashian is humiliated but I would think he wouldn’t want this to come out for the sake of his children so its still pretty shady..

      • burkey

        the one thing that makes me think the diary may be real is that the Kardashians haven’t threatened a lawsuit yet.. i would think if that was fabricated they would jump alllll over getting her charged for that.. guess time will tell!

      • Mickey

        Maybe she just recently found the diary

        • Sound of Reason

          Previous articles have mentioned that Robert Kardashian gave it to her….unless she’s lying?

  • Lia

    Home sweet refrigerator!


    Has Kourtney said anything in retaliation? I know she doesn’t care for her mother to much. So if she hasn’t come out and slammed this ELlen chick then that seems kind of telling.