Jenelle Evans is “getting a divorce, ASAP” from Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans is ready to put her marriage to Courtland Rogers behind her. The past few days have been hell for Jenelle, who on top of having her hubby bail on her for a party in the middle of the night, was also hospitalized with a miscarriage scare, and now, she’s prepared to file for divorce.

This morning, the Teen Mom 2 star announced her plans on Twitter. “I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F**KING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIGE?! F**K U, U F**KING PIECE OF SH*T,” Jenelle tweeted early Wednesday, adding. “I’m in shock.” According to reports, Courtland went to Kentucky while Jenelle was in the hospital, but it is unclear why.

UPDATE – Jenelle just tweeted, “And the deed is done.” And then “U can f*** me over, I f*** harder.” We’ll let you read into that what you will :)

Jenelle further clarified her thoughts on Courtland on her personal Facebook wall:

If u guys only seen how many girls he tries to f**k in a week, so sad. It’s like he’s a horny nasty dog, ew. Telling girls u love them and prove to u they love u and the girl gets mad when she finds out I’m pregnant? Wow yeah I have all the screen shots just haven’t posted them. I’m so sick of men ruining my life.

She also reportedly wrote “Oh yeah and my skull might be fracture” at one point, but it appears to have since been deleted.

Jenelle Evans and her possible fiance Courtland Rogers

Later in the morning, Jenelle confirmed that not only was she done with Courtland, she was also ready to reunite with her ex-fiance Gary Head (which we reported last night), but it’s likely just a friendly meeting. “Going to chill with an old friend,” Jenelle confirmed, “finally now that I have freedom back.”

Jenelle dated Gary for 6 months in early 2012 but things ended after an allegedly violent fight in which Jenelle accused Gary of trying to strangle her with a bed sheet. The incident led to Jenelle being granted a restraining order and Gary pleading guilty to an assault charge.

Jenelle and Courtland haven’t had much contact since yesterday when she went to the hospital, however, she did recieve a text from him at 6:30am today in which he had confirmed that he had left town and advised her “not to worry.”

Jenelle may have wanted to deliver the divorce news to Courtland personally, but unfortunately, she has been unable to reach him. “He just won’t answer the phone,” she explains.

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  • LaDy

    People can just break up without all the mayhem, you know. It doesn’t have to be mudslinging and accusations of cheating and abuse. You can just not work out with someone.

    • G.E. Phillips

      What would be the fun in that? No, you get way more attention and PR doing things this way.

      God help Jace and that new baby.

  • HoardersFan

    She’s divorcing the father of her 2nd child, because he left town during one of her frequent trips to the hospital. Seems logical.

    • Rebecca

      Read again. She is divorcing him for a multitude of reasons. He almost called it quits with her because she went to see a friend once, something happened earlier this week but we don’t know what since Jenelle has learnt to keep quiet about it (apparently people get mad when she’s quiet and mad when she’s not quiet, she can’t seem to get anything right here). Something happens that day,

      Jenelle is pissed about that, she seems to find out he’s been cheating on her, she gets a miscarriage scare, and instead of being the worried father and the loving husband he’s said he is, he takes off to another STATE. I’m sorry, but when you’ve been caught cheating on your pregnant wife you don’t take off while she’s in the hospital.

      I think Jenelle may be doing a good thing here, it’s pretty known that the two did some kind of drugs together (probably heavy), and sticking around with him would most likely keep her from becoming clean for Jace and her new child.

      It’s perfectly logical to divorce, IMO

      • Courtney

        Lol, is this one of Jenelle’s other personalities “Rebecca” because it looks and sounds like something she would say!

        • Nathan

          No, the grammar and spelling is far too good to be Jenelle. Must be one of her friends.

      • Burkey

        Getting a divorce from him would be the most logical thing she’s done in her whole life. Doesn’t erase the fact that marrying him was one of the MANY MANY stupid ridiculous things she’s done and I’m sure will continue to do. The husband does appear to be a grimy cheating dirtbag among other things but I have no sympathy for this girl. She chose to marry someone who she clearly did not know very well at all after a couple months of dating. Someone who also has drug issues and also has a child he doesn’t take care of. Now she wants to act surprised by all of this? She’s such a moron.

  • Nathan

    “I’m so sick of men ruining my life.”

    Yeah, no way anything is your fault.

    • Burkey

      I was about to post this exact thing haha. Getting married to someone after dating for about 2 months.. that couldn’t be part of the problem. Or bouncing between a bunch of druggy criminal boyfriends before tying the knot with someone who she clearly doesnt know too well couldn’t be the problem. It’s just men who ruin her life.

  • Mickey

    Why is she so surprised? He doesn’t take care of his first kid why would he care about this one?

    • Mia003

      Neither does she and she obviously dosn’t care about this one either

  • Sarah

    When is someone going to get Power of Attorney over this girl and get her admitted—-she has more dysfunction in her life than anyone I have every seen. There is simply no end to the craziness and she puts it out there on the internet for everyone to see. She does not need to be married and she does not need to be having a child. She doesn’t need to be in a relationship with anyone at all. She needs at least a solid year of treatment and then many subsequent years of follow-up. She is a very sick person who desperately needs someone to put his/her foot down by telling her that this is enough.

    • Burkey

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. Like can’t they get a Britney Spears type deal going on? Especially now that she is pregnant and her actions will affect another human being greatly.

    • Mia003

      If she wants to change then she is going to change. No one can make her change. She can’t be looked after like a child forever. She needs to want to change and grow up and take care of her own children.

      • Burkey

        Yea.. but I think we all know she WON’T change which becomes a much bigger issue when she is pregnant with a child who could possibly be born addicted or with some sort of disability. If it were a legal situation where someone else has power of attorney over her or a conservatorship like with Britney Spears where she would legally have a guardian despite her age because of her own instability then at the very least that baby would be safer..

  • Kara

    I hope she ends the pregnancy. She needs to grow up and take care of her first child before bringing another innocent child into this world.

    • Julia

      I agree. Or at least give the baby up for adoption.

      • Mia003

        Most babies don’t end up adopted it will end up in foster care or with Barbara. Their are more children that need homes then their are adoptive parents.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    How can anyone believe anything jenelle has to say? She is mentally unfit and does not take care of herself. She threatened to tell people Courtland beat her at the end of Decemember when he really didn’t. This whole sick situation is Jenelle’s way of getting attention. She never takes responsibility for her own actions and is a complete LIAR! She is telling everyone that she has been clean for the past 2 months when that is clearly untrue. She has been rehab at least twice and looking to score Suboxone off the streets for her and Courtland to use b/c they were coming down off heroin. This chick is sick.

  • Nicole

    I would love to know what the other “Teen Moms” truly think and feel about Jenelle. I mean, come on, this is absolutely ridiculous! I used to find all of her drama entertaining, but damn, she needs some serious mental help. However, I’m afraid that will never happen because she loves the attention she creates. Every time I see a picture of Jace I want to cry. His eyes looks so sad. It’s terrible. I can only hope that she made up this pregnancy because no other human being needs to be brought into this world to have her be the “parent” (more like Babs will be).

  • Janis

    Is anyone even remotely surprised at this?

  • Karina

    Can’t wait to see her splitting her teen mom money! Be sure that she’ll make tones of accusations towards him… She already started!

  • Lindsey

    Isn’t it funny that all the men “ruining her life” assault her? Either she is a manipulative bitch, or they obviously want her dead for some reason.. makes sense.

  • gigi

    Jenelle, men only ruin your life because YOU let them. YOU choose the men in your life. YOU choose the friends you associate yourself with. YOU are the company YOU keep. Quit blaming everyone else for YOUR bad decisions and own up to it!

  • Jeannine

    I have a hard time believing the pregnancy is real. Everything that has occurred in her life recently (or hasn’t) just seems like a big web of lies that she’s trying to sell. Or maybe I’m just telling myself the pregnancy is fake because the thought of this girl reproducing again makes my skin crawl.

  • ashley

    Jenelle just tweeted, “And the deed is done.” And then “U can f*** me over, I f*** harder.”

    Anyone else think the “deed” was an abortion?? I doubt she could have gotten divorced that fast

    • Mia003

      Or she is lying that he hit her and just trying to get back at him because he went out. She is crazy and would probably do something like that.

      • ashley

        My thoughts exactly! She would do something like that just to one up him.

    • BipolarBarbie


  • Demona

    What’s hilarious is all the idiots tweeting how great a friend Gary is to her and tweets like #teamGary, #teamJanelleHead, #teamGH do they forget the rocky,stormy assault that was their love story? Ah perhaps they thought it was rather Romeo & Juliet?