The “Jenelle Evans is pregnant again” fallout post with opinion poll

Teen Mom 2 star was confirmed pregnant by husband Courtland Rogers

The Teen Mom 2 world got turned upside down earlier today when it was revealed Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child. Or perhaps I should say the the Teen Mom 2 world got turned upside down earlier today when Jenelle’s husband Courtland Rogers revealed to Star magazine (and thus Radar Online) that Jenelle is pregnant with her second child.

The announcement was met with various responses from fans and critics, most of which were essentially one of these three:

1. Congratulations Jenelle and Courtland! I’m glad you’re getting a second chance and hope you and Courtland prove the haters wrong.

2. What the Hell?!? Are you kidding me?!? This BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPIN BLEEP does BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP and yet she and this BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPIN BLEEP are going to BLEEPIN have another child?!?

3. It’s fake. Jenelle and Courtland just made it up to sell the story.

We’d like to know what our readers think, and have comprised a poll to get an accurate reading. But, before we get to it, we’d like to fill you in on some additional information that may change your opinion. (Though I’m guessing Jenelle opinions are about like political elections with a very small minority of undecided voters willing to be swayed.)

@BabsEvansMTV weighs in on news that Jenelle Evans is pregnant again
^ Of course @BabsEvansMTV weighed in

Here are some various facts you should know before casting your vote:

UPDATE – Jenelle confirms the pregnancy story herself in a phone interview with MTV! “I missed a few birth control pills, and found out I was pregnant at a doctor’s appointment. I was really surprised,” Jenelle tells the network. “I know a lot of people will say we’re not ready, or judge me from my past. I want to prove to everyone that I can do this,” she continues. “This wasn’t planned, but it happened so we’re taking it as we go. Courtland and I are happy and excited now. We have our own place, we’re married, and we’re both working. We know having a child can be difficult, but we’re going to do our best.”

UPDATE – Further evidence has emerged suggesting the pregnancy is real. Radar Online published two sonogram photos and Jenelle posted photos of her baby bump on Thursday!

More information has surfaced about how Jenelle found out she was pregnant. According to the Star article, Jenelle was seeing her psychiatrist to get new bipolar medication and her doctor suggested she take a pregnancy test. She took it and it came out positive. It isn’t clear when this took place exactly, but Courtland says Jenelle is currently more than six weeks along and hasn’t taken any drugs, including her bipolar meds, since finding out.

When it was first announced that Jenelle and Courtland were married, Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh called it a “shotgun courthouse wedding,” which would imply Jenelle was pregnant at the time. But, with as much vitriol as there is between Jenelle and Ashleigh, I think her sister would have spilled the beans if she knew anything about a pregnancy, so I’d probably chalk up her statement as simply a liberal use of the term “shotgun” when describing Jenelle’s wedding.

Kieffer Delp’s mom posted a series of tweets in early December in which she alleged Jenelle tried to claim she was pregnant with Kieffer’s baby in an attempt to sell the story to MTV. Here are some of Vickie Delp’s tweets about that alleged incident:

I’m thankful every day especially thankful that she didnt get pregnant, since she was tryin there in the end

she told them she was preggo n sent a pic of the test stick n asked for money

she was only doing it because mtv was gonna pay her for the exclusive story with proof

yep they offered her like 20 thousand. As long as its not with [Kieffer] I don’t need a baby. Lol

they said someone would have to come witness a test for proof so oops it was a false test

(It doesn’t make much sense that MTV would be paying Jenelle a load of money for an “exclusive story,” that sounds more like the work of Star magazine or another major tabloid.)

Celebrity family law attorney Vikki Ziegler tells Hollywood Life that it is difficult for a mother in North Carolina to lose parental rights (remember that Jenelle signed away parental rights over Jace to her mother Barbara without a court battle), but with Jenelle (and her husband Courtland’s) turbulent past, just about all Barbara would need would to do is “prove to the court that [Jenelle]’s been doing drugs while pregnant, or if she hasn’t seen her first son, she has potential to win custody of the new baby.”

So what does Jenelle need to do? “She must stay off drugs, make repeated attempts to see her son, Jace, and also to see her husband’s daughter, Jordan (JaJa), 1. She needs to focus on the children who do exist, showing her maternal instincts. Plus, she must focus on her health and keep herself and her fetus out of harm’s way,” explains Ziegler.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans with dark hair

Meanwhile, all has been relatively quiet on the Twitter front today as far as Jenelle and Courtland goes, which is probably because of whatever deal they worked out when Courtland sold the story to Star. Of course Jenelle tweeted the Radar story, and later she wrote, “For the record… Jace and My mother are very supportive of me and [Courtland], and so is his family. That’s all I care about. #happytweet,” but that’s pretty much it.

Courtland was a little more specific this morning when he tweeted, “I can’t comment on anything though I wish I could all I can say is pick up a copy of star magazine or goto to find out.” That was followed by a billion angry tweets at Taylor Lewis, the mother of his daughter Jordan. (Yawn)

Of course Taylor didn’t feel the need to refrain from offering up her thoughts about the pregnancy announcement. “I’m suree he’s been shopping all day from their fake pregnancy story they sold lol,” she tweeted about Courtland. It should be noted that earlier in the day she was tweeting as though Jenelle is in fact pregnant, and even offered up these seemingly supportive words: “but i really hope the best for them maybe this baby will change them for jaja and jace.” That was preceded by, “okay i know she’s pregnant just because she pregnant does not mean she’s clean. Also she’s 6 weeks pregnant and she has been doing drugs i know but i hope now that she knows she pregnant she can stop for the baby. But its really hard to just quit cold Turkey.”

I realize there are probably a million other things I could have listed here, and I’m sure commenters will point them out below (I could have sworn I remembered Jenelle going out and having a lot to drink on her birthday December 19, but now I can’t find anything about that), but that should be enough for you to form an educated opinion and take the Jenelle Evans second pregnancy poll!

What do you think?

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  • Ace

    If she IS pregnant, guarantee you she did it on purpose. You’d think she would have learnt the first time that a baby is not like a puppy and fun, that it’s hard work. Oh actually, no you wouldn’t, because she handed her son over to someone else to deal with the hard work. Yea, this pisses me off. 2 people who don’t have custody of either of their children having another baby. Poor kid. Please let this be fake.

    • amber

      Why would she have learned the first time? Barbara has basically been Jaces mother this whole time minus the birth that’s the only effort jenelle gave that is if she didn’t have a c section :/ wont be long before this babies in babs care or it becomes a miscarriage story

  • Gracewallace

    she needs serious help. This isn’t even a sarcastic comment. I think she makes terrible decisions and brings on alot of drama herself but I feel really sorry for her. From what Leah Messer’s friend posted it seems she does have a problem with heroin, I just don’t get why people constantly betray her.

  • D

    Where’s the “:(” option? While I’m not gonna go on a profane tirade, my heart hurts for these children of children. Their lives will most likely be as dysfunctional-if not more – as their parents’.

  • mouse

    what about Jace? Barbara will be taking care if two children now… unfortunately! this broke my heart in two when I heard about it. I will be praying hard for her.

  • Me.

    I BELIEVE SHE JUST GOT A *NEW* TATTOO LIKE 4 DAYS AGO?! THAT WOULD BE A NO NO WHILE WITH CHILD. & when exactly was that when she reviewed ALL her meds on that web cam crap she uses? This is a disaster currently in progress…. If it is even true.

  • Ashley

    She and Courtland are working? Where and when?? Those two are constantly on twitter, do they both have jobs where they can be online all day?

    I seriously hope that Jenelle is not pregnant. There’s no way that will be a happy and healthy baby with Jenelle and Courtland’s drug use, immaturity, and instability (weren’t they just saying they were getting a divorce a week ago or so?). Sad, sad, sad.

  • Kelly

    As soon as that baby is born it needs to be tested for drugs. After all we already know she wasn’t all that concerned about it when pregnant with jace, and she’s dong harder drugs now.

  • Jess21

    She is an idiot and very selfish. I’m sick of everyone defending her and saying she’s trying. There are various reasons to call her out on why she is still immature. Poor baby won’t have a great life with “parents” like those two. This seriously breaks my heart. If she wants to wreck her life then fine but she’s wrecked Jace’s life up as well as the supposedly new baby. I have no hope she’ll ever change.

  • jane

    I hate when people who don’t even take care of their first kid go on and have more kids.

  • me me

    It is way too early to even announce a pregnancy. So many people miscarry and given her past of drug use it is very likely she could miscarry. Sadly I think that may be for the best if she does. She doesn’t know how to me a mom. If she thinks she is being a mom to Jace she is crazy. I know her mom is far from perfect but at least she stepped up to the plate for her grandson. Something she never did. Also weren’t Courtland and Jenelle just talking about seperating? A baby won’t bring them closer together just tie them to each other for the rest of their lives.

    • Jenn

      Plus all the cysts on her ovaries…..

  • This is really sad.

  • Anonymous

    You people make me sick! Kim Kardashian got more congratulatory messages? This is why I hate people so much. I suggest you guys stop judging her for what you see on MTV, because there you are only seeing her highlight reel, and MTV made damn sure that she looked bad. She was doing great when they were filming this season, but no, MTV has to make her look like shit. This is why I will never be on reality TV, because of all you people who would try to tell ME how to live!.

    • Normal people don’t act like that even at their worst.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      excuse me…the utter disgust for Janelle and the fact that she is pregnant again has nothing to do with what we see on MTV. If you even read this site or her twitter account you would have a better idea of where this disgust comes from. This deadbeat is a heroin addict that was in the hospital twice from Nov – Dec for her mental disorder and withdrawing from heroin b/c she couldn’t buy more. Janelle was just found out to be asking Amy, a friend of Leah’s, where she could buy suboxone off the street b/c she was withdrawing. Janelle also admits that she has bi-polar disorder and does NOT take her medication. She does NOT have a job and neither does Courtland. LOSER!

      • Anonymous

        The fact that you called me a loser and mentioned that she has bipolar just made me laugh. I have bipolar disorder. Maybe she ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but what does that matter? It’s irrelevant, just like her bipolar disorder. Don’t sit there and call me a loser like you are any better, By the way, I spelled her name correctly right in front of you. It’s not going to kill you if you look. I promise.

        • ameliaBedelia76

          I meant janelle and Courtland were losers not you. Didn’t mean to imply that you were a loser.

        • :))))))))

          Sorry but she drank, took heroin or subutex, get a huge tattoo and doesn’t plan on enrolling to college soon or to find a job because her and courtland are REALITY STAR , yeah sorry if this is not a deadbeat mom, i don’t know what it is.

        • Burkey

          Her bipolar disorder IS relevant because she doesn’t take of herself. She admits to not taking the meds and then does things like heroine.. does that sound like someone who should have children? I don’t think so.

    • amberc88

      Kim Kardashian is just an attention seeking wh0re! But she is at least financially stable, and not hooked on hardcore drugs! I dont care for Kim at all, but her child will at least have its mother and father! Janelle cant take care of the one child she gave birth too! And its not fair that barbara has to be mother all over again now, let alone to a second child, that her child cant take care of!

    • Katelyn421

      The fact that Jenelle can’t even take care of Jace is enough to disgust me. But now she wants to try have another one?! How is it not wrong to you that she has never ever been a mother to Jace, and now she wants to try have a baby when she just go off heroin?? You are a moron if you think Jenelle is even close to being in the right place to have a child. Not to mention she has bi polar disorder, which means she is CRAZY. She doesn’t know how to hold back her anger at all and I’m honestly scared for that babies life if she gets to keep it.

    • Olivia

      K. Kardashian has got enough money to pay for a good nanny.

    • Jenny

      Ok ANONYMOUS! She is clearly on drugs and why not put more effort into getting her son back and if she was such a wonderful person off camera she would have her son and would not have been to jail…….and nobody forced her to do another season of teen mom

    • Burkey

      Well first of all, while Kim K certainly won’t be mother of the year, that baby will have a safe and stable home. I suggest YOU do some research because as many people on here have pointed out the reason Jenelle gets so much criticism and judgement is largely in part to things that happened when the show wasn’t even on. Jenelle posts EVERYTHING about her life on the internet. She has bounced between nothing but disgusting low life boyfriends for the past few years. She marries someone after dating them for like 2 months and has threatened to divorce him or separate at least once in the very brief time they’ve been married. Both her and her loser husband have children that they do not have custody of and do not take care of. Both of them have drug problems which any idiot can research on the internet to see all the proof of. Neither of them go to school or have any type of degree or real accomplishments for that matter to their name. They live off of money they make from MTV and trashy magazines. She spends her money on drugs and tattoos when she could be spending that money on her son or on legal efforts to regain custody of her son. There is not one thing about her that makes her deserving of a child, much less TWO and if you think there is, you’re as stupid as her.

  • mimi

    Shes a TRAIN WRECK! Poir Jace is probably traumatized from seeing so much instability in his life, even while living wit his grandmother he has to witness their screaming fests. And tge cycle will never break.

  • mimi

    Arggg mispellings!! Sry!

  • tab

    i hope CPS gets involved right away and takes the baby from them. if she can’t take care of the child she has now, she shouldn’t be allowed to have custody of this new child. what a mess.
    you had your chance to “prove” you could be a parent once and you screwed up and gave up. these are human beings, not some kind of game or competition to prove something. so very sad.

  • Allie

    I remember Jenelle saying on Formspring that if she ever had a girl, she would name her JonBenet… as in JonBenet Ramsey, and she was arguing with people saying that just because something horrible happened to her, it was still a pretty name… :

  • LaFawnda

    That’s what I’m saying!

  • Melissarose

    I think its fake like when supposedly leah was pregnant then had a miscarriage

    • burkey

      Leah did have a miscarriage, its actually going to be seen on the season thats currently airing. Then she got pregnant again, which she currently still is.

  • drea

    so she is pregnant with a second child she is trying to be a better mother. give her a chance. courtland is butt hole and mean to her and shge doe3s not need to be around that with the new baby on the way!!! that’s what I think about it!!!!