PHOTOS: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris got married on New Year’s Eve!

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris had a small, private New Year’s Eve wedding yesterday at the Playboy mansion. Only a few, selected friends and family members witnessed the nuptials of the 86-year-old Playboy founder and the 26-year-old Playboy model.

Crystal tweeted a few photos of her big day, including a glimpse at her mermaid wedding dress:

Crystal Harris wedding dress Hugh Hefner crystalharrisarch flowerscrystal

Chrystal and Hef were supposed to tie the knot over a year-and-a-half ago, but Crystal bailed on the wedding at the last minute and over-shared why she decided to split. They were able to work past their differences, and about a month ago they announced they were engaged again.

This is Hugh’s third marriage, and he has two children each with both of his ex-wives.

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  • Mrs bags


  • mim

    she looks much older than 26!

    i always wished he’d stayed with holly. she actually seemed genuine.

    • tab

      holly is better off without hef. she’s happy now and getting ready to welcome a baby, which is something she always wanted with hef, but he wouldn’t commit.
      i always liked her, too, and i’m happy that she’s happy again!

    • Griffin Mathers

      She has always looked older than her stated age. She is over 30 if she is a day. Very pretty, but like all women who choose similar lifestyles, very broken.

  • ashley

    Didn’t she bash him on Howard stern and even move in with a new boyfriend? Now she got him to marry her? She’s set for life now. But, money doesn’t buy true happiness.

    • tiff

      she shopped around for a reality show, and when that didn’t happen, had to go back to hef i guess. she’s playing him for a fool.

    • Cheermom

      I’m quite sure there was a pretty hefty pre-nup handed to her before she walked down the aisle.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Hef is a moron. It doesn’t matter if there’s a prenup he will die soon anyway and she will get his cash. I think he has a son. Watch him get ripped off

        • Griffin Mathers

          You think he has a son? Read much? He had two children with each of his first two wives. His daughter ran Playboy forever.

  • tab

    looks like she’s got a bun in the oven in that 2nd picture.
    you can’t wear a mermaid style dress unless you have the body for it… and she doesn’t! hugging her in all the wrong places.

    • Griffin Mathers

      It is the angle, look again. I’m a photographer and couples have to be positioned correctly, I imagine he dictated whose “best side” got to show.

  • Jayson

    These bimbo’s will screw any ancient bag of bones for a payday. Can’t knock them though since most people would let Hef rub his non-functional tool wherever he pleased for the right price.

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