PHOTOS Duck Dynasty Family Album: Jase and Missy Robertson’s three children

Duck Dynasty Jase and Missy Robertson family photo

The Robertson clan is big and beautiful. That’s one of many reasons that so many of us tune in to Duck Dynasty each week. But, it can be challenging to keep all those Robertsons straight. In our ever vigilant effort to help you make the most of your Duck Dynasty watching, Starcasm published a photo guide to Willie and Korie’s children. Now, it’s time to turn the page in our Duck Dynasty Family Album and introduce you to Jase’s branch of the family.

See that beautiful family in the photo above? That’s Jase Robertson’s wife, Missy, and three kids: Reed, Cole, and Mia. Given Jase’s boyish persona on Duck Dynasty, it can be a little tough to imagine him as the husband and father of this good looking brood, but that is just exactly what he is. (Missy likes to post pics of her great looking family on her twitter account, and we are very appreciative!)

Reed, pictured below with his parents, is Jase and Missy’s eldest son. We haven’t seen much of Reed on Duck Dynasty,yet. Perhaps he’s too busy being a senior in high school, playing football, and hanging out with his girlfriend to get into the family business just yet. Can’t blame the guy, but I hope we’ll see him sometime soon.

Missy Jase Robertson Children Reed Football

Cole (below) is Jase and Missy’s second child. He has been on the show quite a bit. He is 15, now, and looks so much like Willie’s boy, John Luke, that seeing the two cousins together on camera is always fun. You’ll find him playing video games with John Luke on one episode and, in the same episode, getting a lesson from Granddad Phil on how not to be a “yuppie.”

Duck Dynasty Cole Missy Jase Robertson Children

And then there’s little Mia. She hasn’t been on the show at all, except sitting around Miss Kay’s table for the family blessing that ends each episode. Mia is one little chick that I would like to get to know better. First of all, you know she has to be tough to hang with those two big brothers of hers. Secondly, you know she must be funny if she’s Jase’s little girl. And thirdly, she must be as sweet as can be since she seems to have Missy more or less to herself now that the boys are older. She’s in the first pic above, and here she is again, below, celebrating Christmas as Disneyworld and getting a little better view of the stage from big brother Reed’s shoulders.

Duck Dynasty Mia Robertson Reed Robertson Jase Missy Cole

We just can’t let a Duck Dynasty post go out with so few beards in it, though, so here’s one more: Mia dressed up for Halloween . . . as Jase!

Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson daughter Mia beard

Beautiful, beautiful family Jase and Missy. We wish you nothing but the best.

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  • michele

    Mia has been in a number of episodes, actually. Si played tea party with her and the other girls and in another Phil was putting together a playhouse for them. She hasn’t been as prominent but she’s there.

  • kels

    Actually mia has been in quit a few episodes. with the other girl cousins,dressing up si and other times as well.

  • Jenn

    Isn’t Mia the one that we often see with Si if they are all together at Kays? I think she is the one that has taken to Si really well. Also I have wondered since I first saw her on the show, does she have a cleft palette or did she have one has a baby? She is adorable and by far my favorite of the kids, but it looks like she has had a cleft palette.

  • Kayleigh

    I want to know about Jep’s kids

  • ll

    She was the one who won the dollar when Papaw Phil got the girls to shoot a bottle over, after he made the duck blind out of their playhouse. & when the little girls were dressing Si up she said, “Papaw Phil’s being an ol stick in the mud” She’s adorable!

  • chewshie

    mia looks like she has fetal achohol syndrome..

  • cranky

    mia is one weird lookin’ kid….

    • Melissa Youkhanna

      Your a sad human being

    • spanky

      Yea her mouth is crookedely weird

    • julie

      Hey cranky. Your pretty ugly so whats your excuse? Seriously picking on a beautiful little girl with a birth defect. Shame on you, just complete ignorance and a pathetic cry for attention. Loser!

    • john

      lmao holy shit I can’t believe you just said that.

  • Devon Maxwell-Pierce

    you’re really going to malign the looks of a six year old? She has a birth defect and actually had surgery today because of it.

  • angelia

    one is not to judge others she is a little girl and has gone through some rough times I think she is beautiful and deserves more respect than she is givin (cranky &spanky ) my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family ! mia may god bless you ! you are a beautiful little girl . and I love watching duck dynasty the whole family is awesome hats off to you and you’re family and have a blessed day