Leah Messer-Calvert expecting another baby girl


Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer-Calvert surprised her followers with some exciting news via Twitter on Christmas.

The mother of twins revealed that she’s expecting another baby girl, this time with husband Jeremy Calvert.


Apparently there was some confusion and folks were thinking she had the baby etc… Carrie straightened this out via Leah’s Official Facebook Fan Page:

Apparently there has been some confusion. Leah HAS NOT had the baby yet. All she said was she was having a Girl. She also has NOT announced the due date. -Carrie

Leah made an official announcement about her pregnancy back in early November. I think Jeremy’s gonna have his hands full with all those ladies.

Congrats to Leah and Jeremy!

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  • hillbilly

    Ali and Aleeah ARE going to have a little sister. You are such a hillbilly with the way you use IS.

    • Ashley

      It irks me how she seems to not know that the word “are” exists and always refers to Ali and Aleeah as seemingly one person!

      • Name

        nah it’s just Leah’s improper grammar. Her whole family does it. It’s atrocious. They do it while speaking too which makes it even more hilarious lol

    • Ace

      Even better, she had a photo on her fan page of herself, her sister, grandmother, mother, and her daughters, and captioned it “6 generations” (when it is obviously 4). I cracked up, that she thinks each person is a ‘generation’. Sooo dumb.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it so hard for this girl to use “is” and “are” correctly? Case in point: Is the schools good here? God.

  • K

    Is you is or is you ain’t a teen mom?

  • Olivia

    Next net generation is ready to use the grammar correctly.

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe

    1. Why are they in a garage? Do they live in one? Just curious…
    2. And what’s with the facebook reps that these girls all have?? That cracks me up….

  • Ashley

    Didn’t we already know she was having a girl? I swear I’ve known for months now.

    • Name

      Yes!!! I am thinking the same thing. I thought this was old news.

    • Ace

      Yes, sad for her, she couldn’t sell that info to the magazines this time.

  • tiff

    these girls with no jobs other than teen mom have no time to admin their own facebook fan pages? leah’s a pretty girl, but that two tone hair and improper grammar has got to go.

  • Kay Kay

    What is it with her and corny terrible pictures? Every “professional” photo she has look so poorly done and really just bad. It’s not like she can’t afford a decent picture. Those pics are just horrible!

  • Yep, I said it

    She is just pitiful and doesnt even realize it. MTV needs to cancel this series because these women are worse than the first set. Leah is romanticizing her lifestyle when in reality , having 3 kids and 2 marriages by the age of 20, represent a series of bad decisions. Apparently MTV checks are affording Leah the ability to be as trashy and reproductivley irresponsible as she wants to be. This new husband of hers, I think is in it for the fame. He apparantly tried to ride Corey’s coattails and when that didnt work he sent Mrs “I desperately need a man” a facebook message and BLOOP hes costaring right alongside Leah immediately. Their first date was filmed! Who does that??? In this era of cut backs, budget cuts, reforms, fiscal cliffs, job shortage, being nickel and dimed and general uncertainity, Leah and her fairy tale are not feasible. She definitley has daddy issues. The show has only showed her step father there is no mention of her real father.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Keep in mind she had a miscarriage so she would have ended up having four kids not three. And I wish they had continued 16 and pregnant but had never made a teen mom. I like how near the end of every 16 and pregnant each girl admits she wishes she had waited and that her life has changed forever in a way she was not prepared for. That’s a good ending, but having teen mom just negated that all by allowing these girls to get celebrity and profit off their mistakes, literally.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        great point about the ending of 6 & prego

    • Jenn

      Damn i hope she reads this……or someone reads it to her, god knows she probably can’t read.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Goldie-Treasure/100001545308532 Goldie Treasure

    What is this trailer trash going to do once the checks run out? I’m sure that hypocrite will hop right on welfare. Try going to school and get on birth control.

    • Jenn

      I am not trying to defend her because I think it is awful that she is pregnant again, but when Teen Mom ends they will still have plenty of money. He makes REALLY good money doing what he does so if their marriage lasts then she will have no reason to go on welfare. I remember reading that the Teen Mom 2 girls don’t make that much money so it seems that a lot of what they have is because of his pay checks and not just hers.

      • julissa_marie

        20,000 a month!?!

  • yesisaidit

    Can’t wait to see how this story line pans out. These girls are so stupid they all are so worried about spreading there legs yet once again after getting pregnant the first time. Some idiot on Leah’s twitter had the nerve to tell her that she is a great role model for her girls. Are you kidding me 20 years old with 3 kids and two husbands not very wise at all. I’m looking for Kailyn and Jenelle to both be pregnant again next. What is it with MTV 16 and pregnant and maybe the very first season of the show was enough. At this point its just a waste they all continue to make poor decisions. I can’t to read all the update stories on these girls when the show officially ends.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Actually Bigfoot kailyn had the implant so chances of her having another kid are very low. She appears to be the smartest one of this cast. And yes jenelle would easily get pregnant again if it wasn’t for her toxic heroin body. No baby will be able to survive that death trap.

      • Kay Kay

        So did Leah and look how well that turned out. I “shifted”!

        • spottedgiraffe

          Lmao she’s such a liar. How is a bar injected in your arm going to shift? Was Jeremy violently biting and twisting her arm during sex? Lol

    • julissa_marie

      Can’t be too much of a great role model whoring around.

    • Jay

      I think u stup and just keep yo comments to yoself and you mad just u nun

  • http://twitter.com/BethannyL Bethanny

    These pictures make me feel uncomfortable.

  • Jenn

    Am i the only one who finds this girl trash? Honey your pictures are in a garage, that’s trash. You’ve been married twice at the ripe age of 20, that’s trash. You are going to have three children by the age of 21 with two different fathers, that’s trash. And seriously you just look like trash. Oh and let’s not forget cheating on you fiancee a week before the wedding, trasshhh. I bet she smells to……guess what I think she smells like.

    • julissa_marie

      You’re NOT the only one. I thought she was trash from the get-go.

      • Jenn

        Thank you! Pregnant after three months of dating? Close your damn legs honey. And didn’t she just get out of a serious relationship when she met Corey? Man oh man if I ever met her what I would say to her. I’d probably hand her a pack of birth control and a package of condoms.

        • julissa_marie


        • :))))))))

          In Fact she’s trying to make us believe that she managed to get pregnant 3 time in 3 years while on birth control. TRASH.

  • me

    don’t any of you people have anything better to do than hate on a pregnant girl? yes she’s been through a lot(some of it she brought on herself) but you know what, she’s a good mom. a lot better than most 20 year old mom’s. doesn’t leave her kids to go get drunk, had an actual job at one point….why do people expect other’s to be saints when they themselves can’t even accomplish anything other than spewing vile hateful things towards others. reflect on yourselves before calling other people trash.

    • tiff

      if she’s a good mom because she hasn’t left her kids to get drunk, you have some low expectations.

      • Jenn


    • mim

      nah, we just expext good granmar. please learn when to use apostrophes!

      i don’t think leah is trash, i just feel sad for her. i feel like she lacks confidence and needs for validation from men.

      • mim

        *grammar. damn iPhones. haha!

    • julissa_marie

      Oh geesh! Here we go wanting to play captain save a ho.

  • Miranda

    My gosh…listen to yourselves…calling her “trash” because she took photos in a garage?! How on earth does this make her trash?? No one here actually knows her, so any kind of judgement, good or bad, isn’t really fair. I will agree however that she should proof-read what she is writing knowing that she has such a wide twitter audience…

    • tiff

      they’re calling her trash for more than JUST these pictures, to be fair..

    • Jenn

      Honey she’s on a reality T.V. show. That is who she is on the show.

      Go take some pictures in a garage. God knows you’re totally for that.

  • Kara

    I hope she’ll name the baby something with the letter A. Otherwise, Ali and Aleeah are gonna sound like freaky twin names compared to their sister.

  • http://twitter.com/TwitNasty Jayson

    That Jeremy guy is a complete dumb ass. You see what happened to Corey right? Somebody gave the Wood to his fiancee the day before the wedding. Receiving Wood to this girl is as common as taking a dump. Yeah some role model. Zero education, zero loyalty. Wouldn’t be surprised to see those twins on 16 & pregnant, 15 years from now.

  • Mickey

    What’s wrong with you people? She got married the first time because he was the father of her children, that was really the ONLY reason they did that. And yeah, she cheated on Corey before they got married, but that just means she was unhappy and didn’t really love him.
    Jeremy asked her to marry him BEFORE they got pregnant. She’s already lost one baby, and the way some women cope with that kind of loss is by having another baby. Jeremy has his own job that is very welll paying, I might add.
    Jeremy was NOT trying to ride Corey’s coattails. They met ONCE, seriously?
    And why is no one saying this sh*t about Corey? He’s engaged again too! He’s only a couple of years older than Leah and is about to get married for the second time.
    But OF COURSE it’s the girl that gets sh*t on. Naturally. -.-
    You’re all idiots who can’t spell and can’t properly punctuate, spell, nor use grammer. Step off, b*tches.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      the difference b/t Leah and Corey is Leah cheated repeatedly and RIGHT BEFORE the wedding. Leah was prego with the baby that she lost when Jeremy proposed to her. YOu need to step off and get your info right.

    • Justsaying

      I wish I could “step off’ and be totally ignorant about what goes on in Leah’s bedroom, but everywhere I look I see these type of disgusting pictures posted everywhere. They are in the grocery store, online on the TV etc. I usually ignore her antics and publicity seeking but I think about the young girls who are being influence by this foolishness and I must speak out. I have contacted Viacom, who owns MTV to voice my displeasure and I will continue to let them know, this behavior should not be encouraged.

    • Ace

      Didn’t they get engaged after she got pregnant the first time?

    • yaya

      Awww, Leah sent one of her trailer park barbies here to defend her honor. So sweet.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    nice pictures of this HO in the garage straddling her husband…pure trash…And this B***h needs to stop dying her hair while prego…maybe thats why her kid is delayed????things that make you go hmmm….

    • Mickey

      What is WRONG with you?!? “maybe that’s why her kid is delayed??” who SAYS something so f*cked up like that?!? You can think what you want about her, but NEVER use another woman’s child like that!

      • ameliaBedelia76

        it is a known fact that hair dye and pregnancy doesn’t mix. It causes deformaties…true story…look it up. And her hair is dyed AGAIN in these pics

        • JEnn

          It is NOT a known fact. There is no evidence that in a well ventilated room it will harm your child. I don’t like an OBGYN would give you the go ahead to dye your hair if it was going to harm your child.

          • Taylor

            I m a beautician and it is ok the room is ventilated and you don’t apply the dye right at the roots but a an half an inch away from the roots. It’s totally safe.

  • Sarah

    I wish that Starcasm would show the comments chronologically as they get posted…..don’t understand why they don’t do this.

  • Christine

    Leah LOL

  • Jay


  • Demona

    Did I miss it? She was talking about getting more information on Ali and taking her to another Dr so do you know anything about that situation? All I see reported on lately is Janeland Wreck.