Faye Resnick’s deleted Bravo blog about Brandi Glanville confrontation

Brandi Glanville and Faye Resnick fight at Kyle Richards' party

It seems viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills believe in the mantra “don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, unless it belongs where it doesn’t belong!” In a show that revolves around grown women butting into other grown women’s personal business, the latest addition to the BH Housewives, Kyle Richards’ buddy Faye Resnick, was caught in the crosshairs of some rather vitriolic and spiteful comments after posting her blog on BravoTV.com this week. In the blog she condemned Brandi Glanville for saying what she did to Adrienne Maloof and said that was the reason she confronted Brandi at Kyle’s party.

To be honest, the language was rather tame, especially for those familiar with the types of responses Brandi is capable of eliciting from folks. But, it was the fact that she was saying and doing anything at all that really angered commenters, many of which apparently already had a dislike for Faye based on her publishing of a book about the murder of her friend (and OJ Simpson’s wife) Nicole Brown Simpson and her appearance in Playboy.

Brandi joined in on the Faye bashing with her Bravo blog in which she refers to Faye Resnick as Kyle Richards’ “pit bull-slash-puppet Faye ‘Rancid’.” Ouch. Here’s an excerpt:

I went to Kyle’s dinner party but offered to stay at home if Adrienne was going to be there. Hind sight being 20/20 I should have stayed at home. Kyle brought her pit bull-slash-puppet Faye “Rancid” in to attack me about events and things she had nothing to do with and wasn’t even present for.

It was very obvious she was fighting someone else’s fight for the simple need for attention, which has been very clear since 1994. Lisa defends the situation because she sees that it isn’t fair and because we are true friends, which really bothers Kyle. The only benefit to this evening was that I got to meet a lovely gal that I really like named Marisa Zanuck.

The backlash from commenters on Faye’s blog has lead to Bravo deleting it from their website, or at least we assume that’s the reason. Either way, it’s no longer there. It does still exist, for a little while at least, in Google cache, so I’ve cut and pasted it here for you in its entirety so you can read what all the hubbub is about.

The comments are also still in Google cache, you can read through those HERE.

Here is Faye Resnick’s deleted Bravo blog:

Faye Resnik's deleted Bravo blog about Brandi GlanvilleFaye Resnick

Brandi’s Unprovoked Attack

Faye plans to defend Adrienne and Kim, and she doesn’t understand why Brandi won’t apologize if she’s so sorry.

Dec 17
After 2 years of working on the design of Kyle and Mauricio’s home, I was very happy they were thrilled with the result and had the home they always dreamed of. I knew Kyle was looking forward to having everyone over for the dinner party since the dinining room now complete. However, a few days before the dinner party, Kyle told me what had transpired with regard to Brandi’s unprovoked attack of Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s event. I was shocked and saddened by what I heard.

I’ve known Adrienne and the Maloof family for 25 years. I have always known Adrienne to be a woman of great integrity and with one of the kindest hearts in Beverly Hills. I felt deeply for Adrienne because I knew she would never say anything like that to anyone else or wish it upon anyone else. I called to check on Adrienne and heard the hurt in her voice as she cried on the phone. It broke my heart. Worse though, I knew this did not just affect her and Paul, but would also affect their children.

Faye Resnick official Bravo png Real Housewives of Beverly HillsI knew Brandi was going to be at Kyle’s party, unfortunately, because of what Brandi had said, Adrienne would not be present. I thought it was important for Brandi to understand the severity of what she had said and offer her a solution on how to try to make amends. I don’t know Brandi, but I expected that like any other normal human being, she would recognize that she had stepped over the line and would want to apologize at the very least. . .Boy was I wrong.

By raising the issue at the dinner party I was hoping Brandi would shed some light as to what would drive her to reveal something so intensely personal and private. Brandi’s response was confusing. She first said she was sorry for what she said but didn’t want to apologize — yet. I didn’t understand? If you are sorry for something you have done and carrying it on your mind, and it’s upsetting you, why not just apologize and move on? If your truly sorry, you apologize and cleanse your aura. But minutes after saying she was sorry she said she wasn’t going to apologize because Adrienne hadn’t apologized to her. Apologize for what?

She then went on to further to attack Adrienne, and when she said that Adrienne had bought a book deal, that thew me over the edge. “Who buys a book deal?” Instead of apologizing to Adrienne she continued to attack her. And as far as her telling everyone at the table that “it’s none of your business”, she should have followed her own advice. What business was it of Brandi to involve herself in the most private and personal business of Adrienne and Paul’s?

It’s very difficult for me to sit back and watch anyone be mean to people that I love. The damage Brandi caused Kim and her family last season was reprehensible. The attacks on Adrienne and Paul was beyond belief. These statements are made with no purpose other than to be hurtful and cruel. And while afterwards she claims to be “sorry” for what she said, the harm has already been done, so saying, “Things just come out my mouth” or “I’m sorry” time and time again this behavior becomes disingenuous.

Ps: I know an orchid is a flower. . .LOL


It should be noted that I mentioned earlier in the post that Faye Resnick was the latest addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and that’s because her bio and photo were added in the last couple weeks on Bravo’s site, probably because of her confrontation with Brandi. I’m guessing that means she will have a prominent roll at the reunion as well, which should be very interesting!

And speaking of very interesting, here is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills video clip of Faye Resnick attacking Brandi Glanville at Kyle’s dinner party:

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  • Eva LaRue

    You reported that Faye was going to an official castmember of RHBH based on the fact that she had a blog? Um, do you call this journalism? You report erroneous information without having a source? Since you reported that, her Blog has been removed due to viewers’ complaints. As Andy said about online news sources like yours–“it’s a bunch of bunk.”

  • jenn

    Can they please get Brandi off of this damn show….

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Vandiver/100002097066450 Paul Vandiver

      nope… she is too popular. if you don’t like her, you are in the minority.

    • http://twitter.com/1Meh19 SweetTart19

      Yeah, I could take her or leave here. But I hate Faye more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Vandiver/100002097066450 Paul Vandiver

    so happy her blog was removed. Faye is not wanted or needed on this show. Fan favorite Brandi already has Adrienne, Kim, Taylor and obviously Kyle against her, so throwing another woman at her is just stupid.

    • Anneo


  • siriusthecat

    Faye is a little old for this crowd and does not belong. She is so desperate to be relevent, its pathetic. I always liked Kyle but I see a shady side I hate coming out. Playing peacemaker on the surface, but having Faye start drama. Faye hasn’t changed a bit since cashing in on Nicole’s murder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mai.lei.9 Mary Andraso

    Ah, Faye (I wrote a book to make money off of OJ’s wife Nicole Brown Simpson) is a wannabe. Kyle also has a dark heart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Vandiver/100002097066450 Paul Vandiver

    Kyle doesn’t mind bringing up children. So if its ok for Kyle to do it, then why not Brandi? Besides, all she said was she hates it when Adrienne lies about having natural childbirth when she hired a surrogate so that she didn’t ruin her figure or miss work. Worse things have been said on this show.

    • belliz

      Kyle brought up Brandi´s son peeing on the grass at game night and in her talking head interviews.

  • brandifan

    Kyle was unbelievably rude to let Faye attack Brandi when Kyle invited Brandi to her house. Kyle basically laid a trap for Brandi but she showed her own classlessness but not nipping it in the bud.

  • Feisty

    Kyle brought Faye to attack Camille, remember!! Kyle is a
    sh!t stirer, definately. She tries to fly under the radar to act like she’s not doing anything mean. Kyle enjoys watching other people fight an argue. Just listen to her evil laught, that says it all. Karma will find her with out a doubt!!

  • Anneo

    Is it me or does both Faye and Adrienne look like cats? Eww

  • CalifGina

    Faye was just being a bully. I don’t get why she thinks anyone needs to apologize on HER timeline, that’s absurd. Timing is almost important as the apology itself. Sure, Brandi has said some inappropriate things, especially when she’s attacked and backed in a corner – so news flash; don’t back her into a corner. At that point it is just a defense mechanism and instinct so I can’t really blame her. Funny thing is, it is super interesting how the things she says that gets everyone so upset end up being true, and that’s not her fault.

  • arnie98683

    That Faye Resnick is a worn out old hag.

  • donna

    I will say this, Brandy should NOT have said what she said about Adrienne. She should think before she speak. Yes, she has foot-mouth-disease and it got her in trouble! But Faye was way, way, way OUT OF LINE! It was non of Faye`s business, PURE AND SIMPLE!

  • donna

    Yes, I AM SO GLAD HER BLOG WAS TAKEN DOWN! And Kyle was way wrong to let Faye attack Brandy like that. Brandy was a guest in her home, and for Kyle to sit there like she was.outdone! Knowing she wasn’t. She (Vyle Richards) was completey wrong and so was was her so-call best friend!

  • oopsy24

    I just plain dislike this woman (Resnick). I am going to be very upset if they make her a regular on this show. I guess this is just one more that I will take out of my DVR. Really Really hate having her on the show.

  • Fckfaye

    Faye is gross, and a wannabe,she is such a nasty bitch!,,,, take her off. They r all jealous of Brandi,cause she is gorgrous and a free spirit and Faye is ugly and fake and cashed in on her friends murder, put her in a room with me for 5min and she will be done!!,

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Good christ, this woman (Resnick) is a disgusting piece of sh !t.