Jenelle Evans’ fiance Courtland Rogers on her hospital stay and wrecking her car

Jenelle Evans and fiance Courtland Rogers in her car

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is still in the hospital for what she says are issues stemming from her ovarian cysts, so her Facebook fan page admin Sarah RaeAnn took to Ustream for a live video during which she talked with Jenelle’s fiance Courtland Rogers on speakerphone in an attempt to clear up some of the rumors being spread about why Jenelle is actually in the hospital and whether or not he wrecked her car. (Keeping up with Jenelle is complicated y’all!)

As far as Jenelle’s hospital stay, Courtland pretty much toed the party line and affirmed what Jenelle has said all along, that she is in for issues stemming from her ovarian cysts. (Sarah RaeAnn once again says Jenelle’s birth control — which was Implanon as of June of this year — is believed to have contributed to the ruptured cyst.) Courtland said Jenelle had surgery this morning and should be out late tomorrow or Friday. He, Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans, and her son Jace will be visiting Jenelle tonight at 7:30 when she has visiting hours.

As far as the car wreck, Courtland admits that he did wreck Jenelle’s VW Jetta, but that she wasn’t in the car at the time and it isn’t totaled, as has been rumored online. Here is what Courtland texted to Sarah RaeAnn about the accident:

Jenelle wasn’t even in the wreck. I was on my way to her to see her in the hospital after letting Brody outside, and I had two dozen roses in the passenger seat next to me. All I know is that the temperature gauge in the car went hot and then the smoke came through the vents and the floor and I couldn’t see anything and the car ran off the side of the road.

And in case you missed it, here is the photo of the wrecked car that surfaced online earlier today:

Did Courtland Rogers total Jenelle Evans' car VW Jetta?

To get get completely up to date on all the intricacies of the mystery surrounding Jenelle’s recent hospitalization, be sure to check out our dual timelines that include all of the “official” announcements from Jenelle, Courtland, and Sarah RaeAnn as well as all the “unofficial” things that have surfaced suggesting there may be other reasons Jenelle is currently in the hospital.

  • Ashley

    Why is it important that he had roses? He always adds these things into his answered to make himself look good. I still don’t believe him.

  • emily

    that doesn’t really look totaled, more like some cosmetic damage…Totaled is what my dad did when he flipped his SUV 3 times (walked out perfectly fine) and it couldn’t be saved. They can simply have the drivers side fixed. Then again, I don’t know about the temperature guage and what to do about that…That may actually be a problem!

    • Sometimes all it takes to total a car is for the airbag to deploy. It really just depends.

    • Rduckie

      A friend of mine hit an ice patch & slid off the road. He thought he had minimal cosmetic damage. When the adjusters came out, they found significant damage underneath the car & it was totaled. So there could be more damage underneath that we can’t see. You never know.

    • Jenny

      That wheel is bent at a bad angle which could mean frame damage..that would cause it to be a total loss

  • Just thought I’d point out, typically when someone says “All I know” it really means they know a lot more and are lying. Of course his reason for getting in an accident is also highly unlikely.

  • VY


    • Hayzii


    • katie711

      That is AWESOME.. ” even ur moms kid Jace” best line ever…

  • Sarah

    Yes, most of his details are ones that are not even really necessary or relavent to the situation which is what one does when he/she is lying. I also totally agree with Ashley about the “All I know” statement….people who use this phrase tend to be lying.

  • kim

    yeah jenelle wasn’t there but that sure looks kinda like her reflection in the car door. unless courtland carries a purse.

    • jenny

      Yep! If you look at the close up on JenelleBombs twitter, you can see her ugly ass Uggs.

  • all of this family is very dysfunctional starting from the mom that’s what she created. ashleigh your nothing better than janelle who airs their sisters dirty laundry common your all a ghetto dirty family with no decency and class…poore jace he looks so sad on every episode he would of been better of with an adoptive family he is the victim:(

  • Jenny

    I’m going to state the obvious..if he just ran off the road, why is there damage above the wheel on the driver’s side? Especially when the skid marks beside the car show it veered toward the right…Also since when were you not able to see someone after surgery until 7:30 at night? You know where you can visit someone at only those hours? Detox and the psych ward..I know b/c I’ve visited people in both. They need to stop trying to insult our intelligence…

  • ohmygeez

    He probably burned himself on the crack pipe he was lighting up while driving.

  • Dayni

    Whst happened to someone killing their dogs?

  • Rduckie

    The comment about visiting hours kinda struck me as odd. Are they saying that her visiting hours don’t start til 730 or that’s just when they plan to go? I know that a lot of times psych wards have a 1 hour block for visiting hours & they’re usually around 7ish. If she was there for her cysts, wouldn’t it just be normal visiting hours? I don’t know, the wording of it just sounds a little odd, implying that she doesn’t have visiting hours til then. But maybe I just read it wrong.

  • tab

    ovarian cysts are caused by eggs that don’t dissolve in the uterus and attach to the ovaries instead. if she is on birth control, she wouldn’t be ovulating, therefor wouldn’t have any eggs being released. and she wouldn’t be hospitalized for this long for just that. something is fishy with these stories, but what else should we expect from jenelle who is a habitual liar? just stop writing stories about this loser!

    • Fr

      That’s not necessarily true. Some birth control blocks implantation while other types stop ovulation.

  • Why in the world does she always do that face when she takes pictures??? blah ugly!

  • betsy

    ZOOM in on the picture and look at the reflection on the door. It’s a girl with boots on and a purse.. It sure looks like some of Jenelle’s ugg boots!

  • nic0lelynn

    Also, if that’s the case what happened to the side mirror?

  • nic0lelynn

    and the whole left front of the car? hahaha

  • I’ve visited people at a hospital as late as 9 so I’m assuming maybe she
    was going through tests or surgery and so they couldn’t go until then? everyone always has negative things to say about Jenelle. And she has had these problems in the past.. As far as her car goes, who cares??? its a wreck, it happens to a lot of people. Shit happens sometimes.

    • J

      Even if she was going through tests or surgery, you can still be there in the waiting room. I’m sure most people would want to be there, so that’s what makes it sound weird. Also the big thing about the wreck is Courtland & Sarah denied it on twitter, then they came back a couple days later and admitted it so people were wondering why they lied in the first place. They also said it happened after she was in the hospital but in the pic it looks like she was there.

  • Sweet Venom

    I don’t think anyone is going to get the truth because chances are even Jenelle and her new boytoy are probably lying. I wouldn’t put it past them. Their relationship isn’t going to last long either…I mean he referred to her as “Teen Mom” LOL

  • how many cars has this girl had in the past 2 years?! she had that altima, the hhr, and now vw?