Maci Bookout’s relationship timeline

'Teen Mom' star Maci Bookout and Kyle King pose with Bentley

Maci Bookout is currently single after a year filled with break-ups, make-ups, and nude photo scandals. The Teen Mom star started off the year with Kyle King, and while the two have tried and tried to make it work, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. (Or does it?) But this year wasn’t the only time in which Maci’s love life was complicated. We’ve put together a timeline of her relationships, dating all the way back to her appearance on 16 & Pregnant, and running right up through Bentley’s 4th birthday party this weekend.

2008 — Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards welcome son Bentley into the world on October 27 and film their journey for 16 & Pregnant‘s first season.

2009 — Maci and Ryan are engaged and planning for their wedding. At the end of the year, they make their Teen Mom debut, but by the second episode, they have already split.

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards appear in 'Teen Mom' season 1

2010 — Maci begins dating Kyle King and he makes his Teen Mom debut during the second season, which begins airing in July of 2010. Maci briefly moves to Nashville to be near Kyle and attend college.

July 2011 — Maci and Kyle King break up and reports surface that Maci and Ryan are trying to rekindle their relationship. However, Maci and Kyle get back together shortly after their split.

February 2012 — Maci and Kyle King break up again. At the time, rumors surfaced that Maci wanted to get married and Kyle did not. However, she denied the claims, and during the Teen Mom Season 4 reunion show, she credited their split to his inappropriate Facebook messages with other girls. Kyle claims he never “cheated.”

'Teen Mom' star Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal

March 2012 — Maci begins dating motocross star Kyle Regal, whom she met through his older sister.

May 2012 — Maci and Kyle Regal split after he allegedly asks Maci’s friend (who he didn’t know was her friend) for nude photos.

June 2012 — Maci begins spending time with Kyle King and the two are photographed together on a boat. Reports surface that the two have engaged in a “friends with benefits” relationship.

July 2012 — Maci and Kyle make things sort of official on Twitter. First, she wrote, “hey @kyleking100 … ur perfect for me.” Then Kyle wrote, “@MaciBookoutMTV hey be my gf?:-).”

'Teen Mom' star Maci Bookout and Kyle King

September 2012 — Maci and Kyle King break up for the second time in 2012. Although they don’t immediately confirm their split, Maci re-tweeted a message which read, “You deserve a handjob from Edward Scissorhands.” Yikes. Then, Kyle began tweeting back and forth with a girl named Tara. Maci and Kyle exchange messages such as “I miss you” and “come home,” but no pictures of them together ever surfaced.

October 2012 — Maci and Kyle King are back together and, according to a tweet, appear to be living together. They even head to Vegas with a couple of friends, where they seem to be getting along perfectly. However, shortly after they arrive home, they part ways again. Their break-up was confirmed by Maci on October 26. The next weekend, she spent time with ex-boyfriend Kyle Regal — he even attended Bentley’s 4th birthday party.

  • idk

    In 2009 Maci and Ryan broke up (shown in first season of TM) and she dated Kyle King before getting back together with Ryan. It wasn’t shown on Teen Mom but it still happened and Maci has confirmed that. She also dated Kyle before ever getting with Ryan and having Bentley. Check your facts before posting an article. A fan shouldn’t know more than the person publishing an article on a major site.

    • Katie

      You gotta admit, ANYONE could get confused in that jumbled mess. This girl seriously just needs to stay single.

  • Jess

    How she has time for all these relationships ill never know lol. She seems to be pretty dependent on always having to be with someone. Such a same.

    • Jenn

      She has the time because that’s all she does. She doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, doesn’t set a good example for Bentley…..that’s how! And now that the show is over, you’d think she’d want to get an education or a job but instead she’s just going to film a spin off show.

      • watchin

        Being a stay at home mom is not setting a bad example. Not working and not going to school yet while he is still young….many selfless, loving mothers do that for their children and she is very lucky to be able to give that to him.
        But going from guy to guy and having Kyle come in and out and in and out of his life….that is setting a TERRIBLE example for a young boy!!

        • CP

          How is she able to be a stay at home mom with no husband?

  • Annaira

    I think she should just stay single for a while and let her destiny choose for her..

  • Ha

    Lol the author reads ONTD!

  • Mia

    I think some of the timeline is a little messed up. MTV said that she got back together with Kyle King in 2009 almost right after Bentley’s first birthday. Maci and Kyle broke up at the end of season 2 (Which was July 2010). They then had that fight on Teen Mom where Kyle left in July 2011, then they broke up again in February 2012, then again in August 2012, then again in September 2012, and most recently in October 2012. Like somebody below said, though, She is so back and forth it’s hard to keep up. I actually never realized how back and forth they were until I just wrote that out. It’s sad that I sort of believed her back in the earlier seasons when she said that their relationship couldn’t be an “on and off type thing”.

    • Stacy

      Hahaha yeah I forgot about that. The first time they broke up (at least on TV) she said she would not do anything on and off for Bentley’s sake. She said if he left, that was it. Hahahah

      • watchin

        But what is Maci if not a hypocrite?


    Bentley won’t know who to call daddy.

    • Maria

      He’ll call Ryan Daddy, because that’s his father no one else is.

      • casey

        Yea but he is a dumb ass and wants to party and shit but I think maci is a great mom tht boy has everything he nneeds and wants and three all tht matter is needs and love and maci does everything in her power for tht boy Hell look at his fourth birthday Wht doses tht tell ya ok so Damn stay of her case Hell she is better than tha rest of the teen moms I ever seen

        • Maddie

          You must be blind or you ARE MACI which would explain why you are so delusional….

        • AreYoUForReal

          Are you high? No, just naturally clueless? Girl is bricks, but seems to party a lot to not have that title.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Maci is pathetic….Back & forth, back & forth w/ the same dudes is stale already. I’d like to know how does Maci support her child? People dog out Ryan but Maci is no better. She goes out to party & have vacations just like Ryan. Yet, when he does it, he is a D-O-G. Maci is a sad sad sad little girl who finds her self worth from whatever man she is with. Ryan treated her like crap, Kyle has cyber sex with multiple girls and yet she wants these men in her life. She really thinks her & Ryan will get back together yet she can’t even recognize that the man doesn’t even like her.

  • amie

    maci is a good mom, you dont see everything just from what teen mom or the news shows you.. its the same for her to be going out with people than everyone in a relationship with a child.. same thing.. bentley will always call ryan daddy because maci knows that that is his dad and will never take that title away from him.. maci only goes out and parties when bentley is at his dads.. she is a responsible mother and knows what is best for her child and has said before that bentley is the guy that she will only truely love.. you guys are all just drama starters.. focus on your own life and grow up

    • watchin

      It isn’t responsible to get back together with a guy multiple times in a single year when you have a small child. No one here is starting drama, since no one here affects Maci’s life.

  • CP

    Agreed. And as a teen mom myself, it makes me upset that they don’t get to experience all the struggles of teen parenting.

  • enjoythesilence

    Her love life is almost a carbon copy of Jenelle’s. She’s one of those girls that insists they need a guy 24-7, 365.