Did Maci Bookout and Kyle King break up again?

'Teen Mom' stars Maci Bookout and Kyle King

Teen Mom Maci Bookout revealed on the “Season 4 Finale Special with Dr. Drew” that she and boyfriend Kyle King broke up back in February because he “cheated” on her by chatting it up with a few chicks on Facebook, something Kyle copped to on the show. But after a rather lengthy time apart, in which Maci got pretty serious with BMX biker Kyle Regal, she and her original Kyle got back together this summer and the two seemed to be heading toward a happy ending together.

But now the couple’s relationship appears to be on the rocks again, although as usual, all we have to go on are vague clues. (Grrrrrr! One thing fans hoped for after the conclusion of Teen Mom was for its stars to be a little more straight forward with fans because there was no longer any potential for show spoilers, but now with Maci working on a rumored spin-off series, it looks like more relationship status subterfuge.)

Although neither of them have addressed their most recent (rumored) split, Maci and Kyle no longer follow each other on Twitter. On top of that, Maci tweeted about meeting a “realllly good looking guy” over the weekend.

'Teen Mom' stars Maci Bookout and Kyle King

Whatever the reason for their break-up, it must not have been pretty. On Thursday, Maci retweeted, “You deserve a handjob from Edward Scissorhands..” Ouch. Of course we don’t know for sure that she was directing the message at Kyle, but since it seems to have come just after their break-up, we’re guessing it was.

Maci’s last tweet to Kyle was on Thursday afternoon and read, “#Aquarius people are sensitive, but they don’t let you know if something affects them.”

Kyle, who last mentioned his former flame on September 11, doesn’t seem to be taking the break-up too hard. In fact, he  might even be moving on. “@Tboo9 good seein u this weekend :-)” he wrote to a girl name Tara who, according to her Twitter page, is a model, actress, and entrepreneur.

Yesterday, Maci re-tweeted a message which read, “Expect the bulls**t, but NEVER accept it.”

UPDATE: Maci made a tweet confirming that she’s single:

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  • Nikki

    When will these people learn to quit putting all of their business on Twitter? Seriously, to say to someone “You deserve a handjob from Edward Scissorhands” in a public forum is tacky and shows a complete lack of class. Maci is a mother…she needs to remember that.

    • Leah

      She didn’t tweet it to Kyle, it was a re-tweet. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she just found the tweet funny?

      • Nikki

        That’s fine and good if she thought it was funny. Why the need to retweet though? Couldn’t she see it, laugh, then move on? Sorry, but the way I see it is, we need to be role models to our children…We have enough junk on TV, the radio, etc. to protect them from without it spewing from our own mouths. Sure, we’ve all told off-color jokes or partied, but to post pictures and comments to leave a record of this behavior? I’d be ashamed if one of my children one day used the Internet and found me making comments such as this, having photos of me getting trashed, etc. Leave your personal life personal. No need to spread it to the world, leaving a record of it for your children to see.

  • sassy

    Maci also retweeted this last night ”
    Women don’t know what they want. Men never know what they have.” And Kyle also deleted all of his recent pictures that he posted of Maci and Bentley.

  • Kelly

    Poor Bentley, he’s probably so confused. Maci needs to leave all this high school bs behind. I mean really? They get together, then move in together, break up, get back together, and move back in together, now they’ve probably broken up again. All this is doing is jerking Bentley around.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cazbir Caroline Birchall

      I totally agree with you these poor little kids from these teen mums, esp Bentley must be so unstable no wonder he never wants to go to daycare, and poor Leah she must be so confused also its insane Teens keep your legs closed or use protection 100% of the time!!!!!

  • sammi

    In the midst of all this the only one affected or will be affected is little Bentley. He probably doesnt know whether this man is coming or going. Its funny how Maci berated Ryan and Dalis saying they wont last blah blah blah but yet they seem more stabilized in the relationship than Maci and Kyle ever were. I think a lot of these ppl gave Dalis hell. She wasnt gonna sit and watch Ryan be treated any kind of way as a dad. I would stand up for my man too if his child mother was doing and saying the things Maci was. She better realize that Dalis is probably gonna be here for a while just like he had to realize Kyle wasnt going anywhere. Everybody swears that Maci is a good mom and she puts Bentley first and she never put her son first. She was too lazy to get through school and make a better life for her son outside of mtv cameras, she moved her son 2 hrs from his dad so she could be close to her bf, she keeps bringing said bf in and out her son life over and over. Sound like a immature kid to me who doesnt know whats important and what needs to come first. Not to mention is wrong for all parties to talk about the other parent negatively in front of the kids, something they both do.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      finally!! Finally!! Finally someone has said what all of us have been thinking! I swear I have been saying this for over a year now. This is the true 100%. SO true about her schooling & the bf!! So happy to see this post.

  • Ashton

    Maybe they’ll stay apart for good this time. After all, Maci was *so worried* about people coming in and out of Bentley’s life. She could do better than Kyle, anyway, TBH.

  • Preach

    During the show Kyle appeared weak and Macy would boss him around. No we see that Kyle was just putting up with Macy’s bs for the money and fame. Once the show was over now we see his true colors. He seems like he really couldnt give a $%C* about Macy.

  • ashley

    I really think Maci is not over Ryan! Now that she sees him being a “good” boyfriend to Dalis I think it really bothers her. Kyle probably is a good guy and Maci just went with it. Now I think Kyle is reading in to all of her tweets and comments and realizing that she’s still in love with Ryan!

  • Ashley

    All I think, is poor Bentley :(

  • Heather

    Kyle Regal races motocross, not bmx. Didnt really expect Maci and Kyle to last she’s way to immature and controlling

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/thesapphireempress96?feature=results_main A.J.

    Wow, again. I feel so sorry for Bentley. None of this is fair to him. It’s ironic how Maci was always giving Ryan flack for bringing different girls in and out of Bentley’s life, but didn’t like anyone to bring up that her relationship with Kyle (who I’ve never been crazy about) has been off-and-on, too. Furthermore, since Bentley lives with Maci, he’s been around this relationship more. I do think that Maci still has feelings for Ryan, and is jealous of Dalis. Maybe she just needs to be by herself for a while.

  • http://twitter.com/imaclusterfuck 神聖な混乱

    Kyle seemed so different on the finale of Teen Mom. He looked like a completely different person to me! I’m sad they broke up, but it sounds like it was for the best.

  • kayla

    I love maci but she really needs to stop dating for awhile, its ridiculous and stupid of her to keep running back to jerks its obvious kyle didnt get a sh#t about her if he is that blatant and rude on twitter he’s a great actor though i personally think he was going along with it for the money and fame and as for her still being in love with Ryan i agree a little that is the father of her child so she has a right to be and some of you put how good Dalis and Ryan’s relationship is? Its twitter they put what they WANT people to see no one knows exactly whats going on in anyones relationship as far as I’m concerned theyre all ignorant in some manner.

  • kristen

    Yeahh.. I don’t see anything wrong besides poor Bentley. Isn’t fair to.him but relationships don’t always last. Stop.moving in.with.people.. but she can still date.. she’s still young, even.with a kid doesn’t mean.her dating life should be done.. she’s a girl. Give.her a break. And who cares if she still.loves Ryan!? He is the dad of her SON. they were engaged. Yeah its been awhile but.she can still love him. I love Maci. She’s human, she doesn’t do everything perfect.

  • mrsperham

    Just an FYI…Ryan and Dalis broke up even before Maci and Kyle did.