REPORT Katy Perry enlisted the help of a heartbreak coach

Katy Perry's Mom thanks God for divorce

In less than two years, Katy Perry has gone through two very public breakups. With her career booming, Katy’s had little time to devote to processing and healing from the pain. It’s enough to make any girl feel overwhelmed!

Now, according to a new report in Grazia Daily, the superstar has turned to a “heartbreak coach” to help her recover from her divorce from Russell Brand and breakup with John Mayer.

“It seems breaking up with John has made Katy realize that she’s still harboring a lot of grief about Russell that she never properly dealt with at the time,” a source told Grazia. “She feels seeing a heartbreak coach is the only way to resolve this.”

Katy has likely also struggled to come to terms with her mixed feelings, considering she admitted to The Sun that her mother “thanks God every day” for her divorce.

If Katy has indeed enlisted the help of a heartbreak coach, there are a number of qualified professionals in the field. Aurora Winter, is one of the many veteran heartbreak coaches. She stumbled into the profession after her own husband died when she was just 31.

“A broken heart is like a broken arm. When you break your arm, you see a doctor right away. I take them through whatever painful experiences they had and encourage them to stop holding on to them,” Winter explained to Grazia. “Celebrities are normal people and they suffer exactly the same as everyone else suffering heartbreak — sometimes more so as it’s often very public.”


For Winter’s “red carpet rapid release program,” she does one day of one-on-one phone coaching with the client. She then follows up a handful of times afterward to see how the client is coping.

“People at the top of their game want to be the very best at everything, including happiness and love. That’s why the best of the best have coaches!” Winter said, implying that the “best of the best” also have the $10,000 that is necessary for her services.

Of course, if that’s not within your budget, there are also some free ways to heal from a breakup. Winter provided five tips to How About We for recovering from a breakup.

1. List your ideal partner’s top 12 characteristics

2. Prioritize the list of characteristics — someone with the top six traits is worth getting to know!

3. Let go of bitterness, resentment and anger

4. Work on self-improvement to make yourself a better potential mate

5. Be grateful for what you do have

(Shockingly, there was no mention of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.)

Would you ever pay for a heartbreak coach?

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