Alexis Bellino wears ‘Team Alexis’ shirt ahead of RHOC Reunion Special

Team Alexis Bellino shirt

Alexis Bellino may have not had much support on the most recent season of Real Housewives of Orange County, but now that the season is over, she is stepping out in support of herself! She and a couple of friends were spotted in Los Angeles yesterday sporting matching “Team Alexis” tank tops in honor of last night’s reunion special — at least that’s what we’re assuming.

Alexis Bellino and a friend wearing Team Alexis tanktop shirts

Yesterday morning, before heading out, Alexis tweeted, “Hello Monday! Early morning in LA filming a FUN show, and then a few other meetings… Wish me luck!! Hope you all have a great day! XO” In the photos, Alexis and her friend are clearly not working — they are shopping. But hey, as Alexis had said during season 7, “Work hard, play hard!”

Plus, with all the drama that ensued during the reunion, Alexis surely needed some retail therapy. During the reunion, Alexis was forced to defend her gig at FOX5. Her co-star, Gretchen Rossi, showed up with email proof that she had been offered the gig first, which left Alexis stunned. She later revealed an email of her own in which the producer stated that if someone had been offered the gig previously, he was unaware. In other words, Alexis’ email proved nothing.

Alexis Bellino at the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 7 Reunion

Alexis continued ranting about how much the producers loved her. She even claimed that a producer told her that Grethen just doesn’t have what she has. After several minutes of “Team Alexis” related comments, courtesy of Alexis, the camera went to Tamra who abruptly put an end to Alexis’ commentary. She asked Alexis point blank if she still had the job. Alexis replied, “No. I am no longer working with them.” And that’s all she wrote!

Luckily, Alexis has found work elsewhere — her and her husband Jim Bellino have opened up a trampoline park in Anaheim! If that doesn’t work, she always has her housewife salary. Well, if she returns she does.

If you are dying to get your hands on your own “Team Alexis” tank, we’ve got some bad news. Alexis sells everything from hats to photos to dresses on her official website, but no “Team Alexis” stuff can be found — yet. Keep your eyes peeled, though – we’re guessing the “TA” apparel line is coming soon. (No word if the rest of the ladies are planning to launch a competing line of “Team Everyone Else” apparel.)

Until then, enjoy some more photos of Team Alexis out and about in Los Angeles:

Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino Team Alexis shirt photo three  Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino Team Alexis shirt photo  Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino Team Alexis shirt photo two

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  • Rib

    Friend or assistant? I’m sure Jimbo bullied someone into wearing those.

  • Babyvamp

    I felt bad for her. What Gretchen did was mean. No one had to know she was offered anything.

    • BevManecke

      Gretchen and Slade least favs on the OC! there a bore, same old story! She is a trader of a friend! KARMA GRETCHEN! IT IS ACOMMING!

  • Jessica

    I heard they are casting new people for next season. I hope they give her the boot. Im tired of watching her act insecure and try to pretend shes something that she is clearly NOT.

  • Sweetiepie

    Does Jim wear a “Team Alexis” shirt too? He is so supportive of Alexis, as long as he is fed, house is clean and he is able to “release the poisons” as Joe Jorga says

  • Tom

    Love Alexis…..Team Alexis!

  • Arianna

    Alexis does every woman a disservice. She is the model of what not to be. However, there is no justification for how the other women spoke to her. Nothing she ever did warranted such treatment. They are no better.
    I hope they take Alexis off the show. It’s becoming too hard to watch. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and appear unintelligent than to speak and remove all doubt.

    • Well said. Alexis brings down the curve for the rest of us.

  • Awwww: TEAM ALEXIS. At least she spelled TEAM right. Good for her! The funny thing about her argument with Gretchen as to who was asked to work for Fox 5 first, Alexis didn’t even realize that Gretchen’s communications started months earlier than Alexis’ gig. That’s because Alexis can’t hear the English language correctly in her head. She tries to listen (sort of) and then misinterprets what she hears. She doesn’t have her listening ears on. That’s why her mispronounced words are reworked into an “accent” (“like British have”). Poor dim bulb Alexis is so unaware that she’s unintelligent.

  • Mike

    Why don’t she just have “TEAM T&A” put on the shirts since that’s all she ever seems to be advertising.

  • BevManecke

    I have called her my favorite ever since she joined season 5.I seen a kind, loyal, funny, smart, confident lady. that was set and deacated in her beliefs, and would not let no one change her.Luv this season with her and Jim showing there new bussinees ventures! FUN,cute hair,sweetheart and i call her the
    kind of the OC!,and a tall glass of class! and i think this season will out do the rest!