Teen Mom Leah Messer’s friend Amy LaDawn lays down the hater law on Facebook

Leah Messer Calvert's wedding in South Carolina from OK! magazine

As we reported back in April, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer got hitched to her fiance Jeremy Calvert during a secret ceremony in Catlettsburg, Kentucky on April 4. She followed that up on June 11, 2012 with a lakeside beach ceremony in Murrells Inlet, South Carlina where the couple took their vows again in front of 15-20 of the couple’s close friends and family, including fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry and her boyfriend Javi. (The photo above is from the OK! magazine article on their S.C. wedding – You can read more about it HERE)

Leah Messer recently made the marriage official on social media by changing her name on Twitter to Leah D. Calvert. That change brought her recent marriage back to the forefront of discussion on Leah’s Facebook fan page, with a number of people expressing some rather negative opinions about Leah getting married again “so soon” after her divorce from Corey Simms.

Leah is an admin on the Facebook page, but it was her close friend Amy LaDawn Nichols who decided to take it upon herself to not only shut down the haters, but do so with a lengthy, well-written diatribe expressing how happy Leah and Jeremy are and how the Facebook “fan” page is supposed to be for just that – fans. She makes her point eloquently before revealing that further negative comments won’t be tolerated. But why do I continue to write when Amy LaDawn did it so well?

Leah Messer Calvert's friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

Okay, so let me just start by saying that I know a lot of people are against Leah being married twice now and they are saying horrible things about it..I see it everywhere.. including on my personal page.

BUT NEWSFLASH guys, nothing you say about it or any of your negative opinions are taking away the fact that she is ALREADY married. Its just taking away from her happiness when she has to read such horrible things people say about it. Which she doesn’t deserve.

Also before you judge her for the decision she made.. you should see the way Leah and Jeremy are together in person, not just on TV, cause its nothing like the way her and Corey were.

Her and Corey were together and got married for different reasons.. mostly pressure, the girls, and teen mom related issues.

Although Leah and Jeremy are together and married cause THEY WANTED TO BE, not because they felt like they had to be or that it was the right thing to do. And they were not in anyway pressured. They honestly wanted & loved each-other for all the RIGHT reasons. That is what makes this marriage different.

Yeah, Leah and Jeremy have been only been together for 11 months and yes, to some it was early, but if you seen:

– the amount of love they have for each other
– how successful they have been together
– the things that they have and built there home/family around
– the way they come together with Ali and Aleeah
– the way Jeremy loves all 3 of them more than anything

And all the other great aspects of their relationship, you would understand why they are married (yes, even if it was fast) and why they deserve nothing but the best in life. They are a very happy and successful couple. So why cant they be married??

The arguments against it are that shes only 20, her last marriage didnt work so obviously this one wont, and the fact that they were only together 11 months.

However her age, her last marriage, and how long they’ve been together does not relate to or even begin to measure the amount of LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT, and HAPPINESS that went into her decision to be married to Jeremy, nor should it be used to determine her ability to get remarried.

Marriage is about Love, Family, Respect, Faith-fullness, Happiness, Trust, etc. The bond between two souls. Not age, marriage history, ect. And Leah and Jeremy have all of the above and lots of it.

I mean I understand people are entitled to their opinions and what not, but this is her FAN page. This is a place for positive posts and encouragement, not a bunch of ridicule or negative thoughts. If you dont like what shes done, go post it somewhere else or unlike the page, its fairly simple..because we dont need or want to see it here. Point blank.

Be respectful. You are here on this page and have made the choice to be here we didn’t make you LIKE it, therefore you should respect the fact that WE do not tolerate the amount of disrespect that has been posted.

– Amy LaDawn

BOOM! Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears (who is also an admin on the page), chimed in her support of Amy’s speech by adding:

“Amy i am glad you wrote that cause now i can DELETE & BAN those that HATE lol! opinions are fine and dandy but rudeness will GO!!!!! LOL Momma Dawn”

That deserves a Amy LaDawn/Leah Messer Calvert flashback photo wouldn’t you say?

Leah Messer Calvert with good friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

***CORRECTION When the article was originally published it stated that Leah was not an admin on her Facebook page, which is incorrect. The statement has been edited to reflect the fact that LEah is in fact an admin on her official Facebook page 🙂

  • Cait

    You think that was well written? Haha. I just skimmed it and already saw about 10 grammatical errors and poor sentence structure.

    • Amanda

      Well-written considering the source…. haha… you have to remember how bad Leah talks…I’ve never heard Amy but I’m sure it’s the same way.

      • Cait

        haha excellent point!!

    • connic

      Starcasm is driving me to other sites with their poor editing skills!!

    • Yeahh

      Seriously!! Kiss ass much starcasm?

  • Katie

    You can be in love and happy together and not get married. You would think after her first marriage failed, that she would at least have made it a long engagement before marrying another guy. I wish her the best of luck, but I seriously don’t think it will work out.

    • L

      What is wrong with getting married to the person you love? From what the public knows, she clearly has a very positive relationship with the man, and maybe she didn’t want to continue living with a man and her girls without being married.

      Some women may not WANT to just live with someone for 5-10 years before getting married. That doesn’t make them stupid. Just because you and others have been conditioned to believe that marriage should wait for at least 5 years or a decade doesn’t mean that everyone has to live their life that way.

      I understand why some people are up in arms about it because of the way that her last marriage went. However, if what Amy says is true, then why not wish her the best and get over it. She’s an adult and can make her own decisions.

      I hope she and the girls are happy and well taken care of, and they seem to be which is all that really matters.

      • Katie

        Lmao I say all the power to you. If you’re in love, get married. I’m just saying that after already getting married, divorced and you’re not even 21, you should probably wait a little while the next time around.
        And they’ve broken up before, so their relationship is not perfect. Like I said before, I really do wish her the best, but I HIGHLY doubt it will work.

      • Sarah

        It’s not so much that people are conditioned to believe that marriage must wait…it’s more like Leah is very young and young people tend to change a lot over the years. If a couple does not change together then they grow apart, which leads to divorce. Also, after 11 months I do not think they know each other too well. It took me two years to fully know my partner inside and out, and even now they are constantly changing as we are in our very early 20’s and this is the time when our lives are maturing and evolving into adulthood.

        A lot of the Teen Mom’s jump into relationships though, so it is nothing new. By having to grow up so quickly I think they believe marriage is the next “grown up” thing to do.

  • Areyouserious

    Ditto. If you’re that happy and that in love then it wouldn’t matter if you waited to get married. Seems like she’s trying to prove something.

  • Forrest

    I’m only in my mid teens so I can’t imagine being married or on my second marriage. & I may not believe getting married that soon, so young with already one divorce was a great idea.
    But whatever, not my life.

  • Kelly

    Not my life, not my business. If they feel that marriage is right for them then I sincerely wish them all the best.

  • InWonderland

    Uh…Leah and Jeremy had already broken up once before getting married. Amy herself, and her husband, have split up multiple times. I don’t think she’s in a position to say what makes a good marriage. Why is this site so far up the Messer camp’s a$$?

  • Babyvamp

    Only time will tell if they last, I’m very much so hoping they do. Those girls (the most important focus, no?) don’t deserve to be dragged from one man to the next. Its possible to find “the one” so quickly after a break up, so I don’t doubt that. I have! I have two q’s tho- 1. Was Leah’s mom pregnant in the wedding photos, or just in need of a good Spanx? And 2. Why did Leah have a 3rd wedding in June!? That’s a bit much. Rain or shine, you don’t get a do-over! And I have to say, I’m so tired of these girls/grown women complaining about haters and posting long dramatic messages. People will have something to say no matter what, stop making “fan” pages!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tab

      no, her mom isn’t pregnant. she just tries to dress like her thin daughters that are teenagers. she could look a lot nicer with some more mature clothes that fit her.
      she looks terrible.

  • InWonderland

    Uh…Leah and Jeremy had already broken up once before getting married. Amy herself, and her husband, have split up multiple times. I don’t think she’s in a position to say what makes a good marriage. Why is this site so far up the Messer camp’s butt?

    • Sarah

      This site is up is far up every teen mom’s a$$. They should rename their site because there’s NO sarcasm in any of their article. If you want sarcasm and “celebrity” news, realitytea is def. the way to go!

    • Ashley

      After this most recent split with her husband, Amy started dating another guy super quickly whom she constantly proclaims her love for on twitter.

  • whoa

    Why must girls think that if you are in love that you must get married? It is possible to be madly in love with someone and not get married right away. The excuse of being in love as a reason for rushing into marriage is just a big ol fail because it still doesn’t make it right. I hope that they are happy and do last, but the girl clearly has issues if she has to attach herself to a man that soon after divorcing another. Being under the age of 21 and on your second marriage is nothing to brag about, but MTV will glorify it.

  • tab

    leah’s mom is the most immature person. she acts like leah’s best friend, not her mother. no wonder leah ended up having sex so young-she didn’t have a positive role model!
    get a life, “mama” dawn!

    • Amber


    • Babyvamp

      I agree….what grown woman gets invovled in twitter and facebook feuds?

      • Ashley

        Agree, too. And her mother is so rude and vile sometimes in lashing out at people who disagree with her on anything, it’s rather embarrassing how quick she is to put others down and how highly she thinks of herself.

  • brittany

    Gooo amy u tell em girl…and leah n jeremy deserve too be happy no matter what

  • Ashley

    @connic I agree. The article was confusing in regards to who was saying what. I thought the starcasm writer was answering their own question about why they are writing the article and then realized it was the post from Leah’s page. It didn’t.flow well and definitely confused me!

    In regards to Leah, the first thing I thought was wow the little girls have been in their mom’s second wedding and they’re not even, what 3?!?! Sad.

  • Yeahh

    I’m graduating this year at 17 and getting married a few weeks later. I’ve been with this guy for 3 years, and we are getting married cause we want to, it’s what feels right. So, I can’t say to much about Leah, except getting married twice as a teen in less than 2 years is a bit much..

    • Tracie

      Don’t do it!!!!!!!

    • um

      sincerely wish you the best, but statistically, your marriage is not going to work out. WAIT!!

    • tab

      i wish you’d wait until you’re both a little bit older. being with someone in high school for 3 years is much different than being with someone as an adult for 3 years. you’ve not had a chance to experience life as an adult.
      when you’re 17, you can’t grasp the concept of the rest of your life. you can’t promise to stay together between thick and thin because you don’t even know what challenges lie ahead. go to college, find out who you are and allow him to find that out, too. if, in a few more years, you’re still in love and want to get married, then go for it. i’m not saying it can’t work and won’t last, but the cards are definitely stacked against you.
      i got married when i was 18, just out of high school. it was HARD. we both wish we would have waited. don’t rush it. you are just beginning your adult life after high school.

    • Sarah

      I know you don’t want to hear this, but you should consider waiting. You by no means have to listen to me, and I doubt you will…but you’ve just finished high school! What about your future? If you two love one another then great, but marriage can wait. I’ve been with my boyfriend since I was 16 and we have been dating for 6 years…I am in no way ready for marriage! If you’re ready then wonderful, but just because you are ready does not mean it will work out. Get yourself a good career, get established, learn more about yourself and then get married. Trust me…you’ll be divorced in a few years.

    • Mickey

      Don’t listen to those jerk wads telling you you have to wait. My aunt and uncle got married right after her 18th birthday. They’re in their mid-fifties with 3 beautiful children and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Statistics are nothing but a bunch of bs numbers that people come up with to try and convince you NOT to do something. My husband and I got married when we were 18. We’d been together for a year and a half and had known each other for 2 1/2. We’ve been married for a year and a half. And yeah, you grow and ish, but you have to know how to take those things in stride. If you really love him, then go for it! Best of luck to you!

      • Sweet Venom

        If your decision was so great then why are you getting so defensive? LOL. The truth is right in front of your eyes. Leah has already been divorced so there is the proof that young marriages do not weather the storm so well. You and your husband, including your aunt and uncle are an exception, but the majority of young marriages do not last. Face it!

  • Brittany

    People are worried for those reasons because they’re valid reasons. This girl is only 20. If I had gotten married to my boyfriend at 20, whom I was very “in love” with, I would’ve went through a nasty divorce. Thank god I wasn’t that stupid. I know not everyone ends in divorce but the early 20’s are really a growing time for most people. I can honestly say I’m so different now than I was at 20.
    Anyhow, this girl Amy isn’t saying anything new or changing anyone’s mind on the matter. They all just seem childish and foolish to me. What’s the rush to get married? After one year, she really doesn’t know him all that well. I DO wish her well but I still believe she’s made a poor choice. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  • Z

    Oh please don’t give this Amy LaDawn more attention than she already gets. I was annoyed enough to see she’d popped up again on the fan page.. always posting loads of dramatic bs.

  • cj

    haha she tryna be a underdog.

  • Tracie

    I’m sure her and Jeremy are perfect together but they are still just too young to be married. Statistically it won’t work out and that’s just they way it is. If they love each other so much and they want to spend the rest of their lives together, then where’s the fire? My favorite couples are the ones who are together for like 8 years and he finally proposes and everyone’s like OMG FINALLY! And everyone is so happy because it’s been so long and they truly are ready and we all know it will work out (hehe, like William and Kate!)

    • lovelula

      i’ve been with my boyfriend for over 9 years, and im actually dreading the “finally!” or “it’s about time!” or “what took you so long?” comments. i’d rather people just be happy for us when the time comes, like people are for couples who have been together for 2 years or whatever.

      for reference, we’re 24/25 years old, so i obviously can’t understand why leah is rushing into marriage. one the one hand, it must be nice to marry while you’re still in the lovey/honeymoon stage of a relationship, but there’s something special in marrying the person who really becomes your best friend after years of being together.

  • noname

    I cannot stand that Amy girl. She is a bitch and she only wants fame. She even runs her own fan page. Sorry, but being on TM2 for 30 seconds doesn’t make you a celebrity, or worthy of a fan page.

    • Z

      Exactly. She’s an attention wh*re. She posts more crap on the fan page than Leah does and thinks she’s awesome. People who always want to be the centre of attention annoy me.

  • Hanna

    I am 23, ive been engaged once at 18 and got married to my now husband at 19 and they are two different men, and I only new my husband for 3 weeks before we got married and been married for 3 yrs…so maybe they will workout I dunno and im not a leah fan just stating about the marriage, cuz all in all I cant stand leah

  • Brittany

    To Hanna, no offense but 3 years is really not a long time. I’ve been with my husband for 4 and a half and I still consider us to be in the new phase of our relationship.

  • jess

    What i don’t get is why do these teen mom girls need admins?? They all think they are TOO good to respond to the fans that put them where they are today. They can sit and tweet all day long but can never respond to their fans on the fan pages. Not EVERYONE has twitter. Just sayin’. Be more humble and remember the fans are the reason why you all even got here to begin with!

  • Rally

    Why don’t we just pool together and create an anti Leah Facebook page with enough people in it to make an impact.

    Why must rational negativity be shut down? It’s oppressive and manipulative for fans to go to Leah’s page and see only support, it is not the full picture.

  • Amy

    Normally I don’t take the time to comment on these things because I don’t really care that much about “celeb” lives but just gotta say….there seems to be a lot of judgmental people on here! Lol!

  • Yeahh

    “but do so with a lengthy, well-written diatribe expressing how happy Leah and Jeremy are and how the Facebook “fan” page is supposed to be for just that – fans. She makes her point eloquently before”

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well-written?!? Eloquently!!!!?

    “but if you seen” Seen?!?
    “the things that they have and built there home/family around” There?!?

  • BR

    Can anybody see the correlation between the USA having one of the highest divorce rates and so many young girls like her getting married? Compare that with Europe where a higher percentage of people wait until they are in their late 20’s (and upwards) and the divorce rates are much lower. For whatever reason it has been my experience that many (not all) girls in the US are in a rush to get married. Leah may think it feels right now and she could be right but I am 22 and I know even since I was 20 (her age) I’ve changed so much!

    • tab

      it’s because our society is obsessed with sex and love. families aren’t in tact, so young girls go searching for love from any male that will give it to them.
      if we really want to cut down the rate of teen pregnancy, we need to focus on these young MEN more, teach them about the consequences and make them be more responsible. until then, it’s going to continue down this road.

  • Shayla

    It’s a Hillbilly Heaven! Her parents should be better parents then that!

  • Misscj

    This is crazy why are these young moms in such a rush to grow up!? B00b jobs and marriage!?!! Like common now don’t you think these girls should be more occupied with the kids rather then the materialistic things? I gave birth at 16 to my son it was hard teen mom doesn’t really show the realistic part of parenting as a kid. All the money gets to them.

    • cj

      are we related?

  • Jessiemoon

    This biotch has had 2 weddings while i’m still trying to afford my 1st! tragic! I’ve been with my husband for 12 years and haven’t had any kids yet… this broad got knocked up from her rebound dude, then married him, cheated on him, and is now marrying the next fool whom she barely knows. meanwhile my best friends who are two gay men have been together for 20 years still cannot marry. WTF is wrong with this stupid country!?!?!?

    • Sarah

      Totally agree! People say gay marriage will destroy the institute of marriage…really? What about fools like Leah that get married so young and for the wrong reasons? Foolish people.

  • Jenn

    There is so much I could say about this but I will keep it inside. She will get another divorce just like she did Cory or cheat on him just like she did Cory. A person does not change that fast. She’s going to be used goods in a year or two and noone will want her.

  • Paula

    Two words: trailer trash.

  • Sara

    didn’t they feel pressured when leah got pregnant again? even tho it ended in a miscarriage.

  • Allison

    Leah said that her dad was never in her life, yet he is walking her down the aisle? *smh* He doesn’t deserve to walk her down the aisle. Her stepdad should’ve been the only one doing that. He stepped up when her dad stepped out!

  • Emmie:).

    ehh..i really have mixed feelings about leah getting married again. i don’t want to be a hater, telling her everything’s going to end in divorce. i’d be upset if someone did that to me. so, with that said; congrats. hope it goes well.

  • Monica

    Leah is trash because her mother is trash. Her mom is extremely immature and gets involved in all of the web drama that involves Leah. Your daughter chose to put her dysfunctional life out there. Don’t get pissed when she gets criticized for it. How else would she have been able to pay for those 3 weddings she had in a 2 year time frame?

  • Whitney

    Leah, Amy & Momma Dawn are nothing but white trash with big mouths. They all walk around like they’re celebrities but in reality everyone in the Charleston, WV area hates them.

  • Lindsay Leigh

    Waaaaaaaaah… the girl makes all kinds of crappy decisions but doesn’t want to face the music when people tell her about it.

  • Ohnonono

    Wasnt she pregnant before they got married and lost the baby? So she did have to get married. Poor kids, poor Cory… And poor girl.

  • Jessica

    U guys just need to get the f..k off here this is for her fans not for your s..t sorry

  • Jessica

    Your doing good and you have a excellent family keep ur head up girl