PHOTOS Corey Simms’ new girlfriend, police officer Miranda Patterson

Teen Mom 2 Corey Simms with his new girlfriend Miranda Patterson

If you had told me months ago that a cast member from Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 would be dating a police officer, I don’t think I ever would have guessed that cast member would be Corey Simms! That’s right, Leah Messer’s ex is dating a young lady named Miranda Patterson who just happens to be the newest gun-toting, badge-wearing employee of the Mason County Sheriff’s Department in Point Pleasant, West Virginia!

Miranda Patterson is Corey Simms new girlfriend Teen Mom 2

This 21-year-old (22 on June 20) blonde beauty started her po-position on June 1, leaving behind a job at Pacific Sunwear. Miranda is a graduate of Point Pleasant High School and she was a member of the Thundering Herd of Marshall University, though I’m not sure if she has a degree or what it’s in. (It would probably be a good bet that she studied at least some criminal justice!)

The couple made their relationship public with a series of affectionate tweets on Wednesday, but their courtship actually began (albeit anonymously) on Monday. From what I can piece together it appears as though Corey tweeted (to no one in particular) the music video for the song “Oh Darling” by Plug In Stereo featuring Cady Groves. Here are the opening lyrics (which will come into play in a minute) followed by the video itself:

You seem quite nice for a girl with good looks
And I’m the kinda fellow that’ll make you feel better when your life gets shook
So give it a chance according to your plans
I bet I’m not number one on your list to kiss, but please understand

Miranda responded to Corey’s tweet with “Oh how I would marry @CoreySimms2 #WVCountryBoy :)”

I believe at this point Corey must have followed Miranda back and sent her a direct message with his cell phone number asking her to text him. Here are the tweets – see if you agree with my Sherlock Holmesing:

Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson tweet about their first date on Twitter

Corey then shared the photo of him and his new girlfriend included at the top of this post. Miranda Patterson followed suit with a couple photos of her own:

Miranda Patterson Corey Simms Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson anniversary sticker from their first date

Then a few more sweet tweets, including a Plug In Stereo music video for the single “A Love Like Mine” to bring things full circle:

Corey Simms tweets about his first date with new girlfriend Miranda Patterson 2 of 2

Congratulations to Corey and Miranda! Miranda is without question a beautiful young woman, and judging from her Twitter history, she’s also quite bright with a great sense of humor and no aversion to having a good time! And of course, being a full-fledged police officer means Corey will most certainly be staying out of serious trouble. (Corey might soon be completely redefining what it means to be “reading his Miranda!” Hi-yooo!)

Here are a few more photos of Corey’s new girlfriend Miranda Patterson – click the smaller photos to enlarge:

Leah Messer's ex Corey Simms is dating Mason County Sheriff’s Department officer Miranda Patterson  Teen Mom 2 Corey Simms is dating Miranda Patterson of Point Pleasant West Virginia  Corey Simms girlfriend Miranda Patterson with braided hair


  • InWonderland

    They’ve been dating a day…. why does it seem as though the teen mom relationships are always on fast forward?

    • Ashley

      Seriously, she tweets to the world that she would marry him and then two days later they’re officially a couple? This reminds me of a middle school relationship, where two kids are “seriously dating” within a couple days of meeting each other.

  • spoink

    *le sigh*

    Can’t wait to see how long this lasts.

  • 74010372

    WHAT DOES ANYONE SEE IN THIS GUY? I think he’s really unattrative and such a red neck!!

    • Forrest

      Kind of rude. Nothing wrong with being a red neck . . . most of the time.

      Just leave ’em be.

    • Paula

      I agree with you, 74010372. He is also a pervert. Did you see those things he wrote to Nikkole Paulun? The only reason random girls give him the time of day is because he is on tv.

      • C

        what did he say to her?

    • Amber

      I think hes very cute. But then I tend to think “red necks” are adorable. He’s obviously a very caring and passionate guy,- he has made some less than savory decisions- and while yes his relationship just went from zero to 60, his ex wife is already married to another man. He’s happy. Let him be.

  • Steph

    I bet her new police chief boss loves that she’s tweeting pics from her bathroom mirror in uniform! So professional!

    • Tracie

      Yeah. She definately doesn’t know better. My first thought was “A police officer really shouldn’t get mixed up in the teen mom crowd”

    • Dianna

      i agree with you. i see how getting a job can be exciting but iv been told many times that its not a good idea to advertise that your a cop, for your own safety.

      they are WAY to gooshy to have just started dating. if i had a dollar every time i heard someone say “he’s the one” and it ends up not working out i would be so rich lol. it always feels amazing and like hes the one when you first go out. let me know if you still feel the same way a few months from now. then ill start believing

    • CSmith

      Where is there a picture of her in uniform? I don’t see that anywhere?

  • Jackie

    i bet she’s a stripper

    • Bri

      I would hope NOT!!

  • Carissa

    She looks way better than Leah but she could’ve found someone even better than Corey.

    • Bri


  • Ashley

    Why does everyone seem to think that this is any of their business? Regardless if he was on “Teen Mom” or not who he dates and what they do is NOBODY’S business. Leave them both alone to enjoy their lives and maybe have a normal relationship. Don’t you people have lives!!!!

    • InWonderland

      Because he’s plastering it all over twitter. If he cared that much about his privacy he could have kept it to himself and nobody would have known.

  • Ellen

    I think they are a cute couple. And it’s funny that they both have plaid shirts on.

  • hello there!

    who cares if she took a pic of her uniform inthe mirror…..she wanted to have apic of her in her uniform and wanted to do it privately who cares but she is def a cutie BUT i think this love word is being thrown around atad bit early??

    • Tracie

      Privately? It’s on the internet now….

  • yycmeg

    Shes a cop?! God help the people she is protecting and serving…..

  • Paula

    If it weren’t for Teen Mom 2, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Me

    Bashing and bashing most of the time, no wonder these relationships tend to end sooner because of people who criticize. They could both be in it for a good reason. So what if Corey is not YOUR type and YOU don’t think he’s good looking, someone else might thing other wise. Yes it’s made public but making someone feel like trash whether it is these two, the teen moms, another reality ‘star’ or a celebrity because you feel like it, then that just shows the type of people you really are.

  • Mauz

    First off, have you seen the choice of men in WV? Slim pickins!! He is top notch for the WV crowd! and he has a J O B! Ha! Ha! Either way, I wish them the best.

  • Really?

    I think both of them deserve happiness. That being said, I do not like Corey. I think he is a wonderful father, but it absolutely stumps me what people see in him. I personally find him incredibly unattractive and not a catch. Not just because of his looks, but also because of how he carries himself. He is poor-mannered, talks as if he hasn’t made it past the 4th grade, and has other disgusting habits. I’m no Leah fan, but she’s not the only one who cheated. He is a cheater too, and there’s even been some speculation that he hit her. Point is, he has mistreated people, and he’s no innocent victim. Not to mention, this girl could do WAAAAAY better than Corey, which is why it’s painfully obvious that she’s probably only in this for her 15 minutes of fame. And she doesn’t come off as a professional at all. Police officers do not take uniform mirror pictures and post them on the internet.

  • Amy S.

    “The couple made their relationship public with a series of affectionate tweets on Monday, but their courtship actually began (albeit anonymously) on Monday.”

    What does this mean? The courtship and relationship started on the same day? Why word it this way if that’s the case?

    • Starcasm Staff

      The first “Monday” was supposed to be “Wednesday”! Thanks for pointing that out.

  • mickey

    I hope she’s alright with baby mama drama! We’ve seen how Leah is….all about Leah! Now that Corey’s got a new gal in his life, she’s gonna make it hell for both of them.

  • whoa

    They have been dating for a good 2 or 3 days and they have already posted pictures together…what are they 12?

  • Miranda’s friend

    Miranda is a great girl and deserves the best! I wish them the best! She just graduated from college and is the nicest person you will ever meet!

    • Another friend

      You are right, Miranda is a beautiful person, inside and out. She has a college degree and a JOB! She has no desire for ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ but she does deserve to b happy. She is confident in who she is and I’m sure she will take all of this in stride and laugh off all the negative commenets.
      Wishing you and your guy all the happiness you deserve!!

  • Repeat Performance

    He left the same song on my friend Summer’s wall!! What a dog!!

  • Lisa

    first off she does not have a pic of herself in uniform on this site or any other the pic you see on here is of her wearing a black and yellow sports jersey for whoever thought it was her uniform really should have their eyes checked. second you will never see her in uniform on a site that is not a personal one that is for friends and family. being a fellow officer it is not advised to do so, beside that fact that it is unsafe and can be tracked through twitter.I am pretty sure that she all ready knows this. third when it comes to the heart no one can know what is right but yourself and i know for a fact she is not posting those pics for any amount of fame be it 15 minutes or more,her job will keep her very busy and stressed she would not want to add to that by dealing with biased peoples comments. her and Corey are Happy so please america let them be.

  • Mfirmin

    Leah whoooooo????? Corey is soo gott he deserves someone like her after all that Leah put him through…I hope they get married and have kids and Leah is the one left crying alone! Yay Corey! Mchou!

    • Mfirmin

      Hott lmao stupid voice text!

  • Sadie

    Perfect… ha no no no, let’s not forget her fake tits! Him and Leah need to reunite.

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