RHONJ: Sisters Dina and Caroline Manzo end their feud?

Caroline Manzo and her sister Dina Manzo had a painful falling out last year and to this day, fans still don’t know what happened. Although Teresa Giudice was rumored to have something to do with it, Dina denied it. Regardless of whose fault it was, we have good news — they recently met with one another at their mother’s house!

Her son, Albie Manzo, reveals to Us Weekly, “I know mom went down to Grandmas and I guess Aunt Dina was there and they talked, which is a good think. I know they were texting afterwards.” Could an end be in sight? Or has too much happened?

Dina revealed at the end of last year that after she left Real Housewives of New Jersey, she wanted to distance herself from the group. She felt as though the negativity of the show had been wearing on her and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

However, Dina has remained friends with Teresa Giudice throughout the whole ordeal which is why many would assume Teresa had something to do with Caroline and Dina’s feud. Currently, Teresa and Caroline are not on good terms. In fact, Caroline can’t stand her.

Will it be possible for Caroline and Dina to have a relationship if Dina is still friends with Teresa? We hope that these two can work things out regardless of the other people who are in their lives, but Teresa isn’t like every other person. The woman makes a living bashing people in the press and just as Dina distanced herself from the negativity of the show, Caroline has distanced herself from all things Teresa.

Let’s stay positive and hope that if anything, Caroline will work extra hard on her relationship with her sister Dina in spite of Teresa, who will surely have plenty to say about it if they do reconcile! I can see the In Touch Weekly cover now: “My Best Friend Leaves Me For Her Sister!”

UPDATE: Even though the feuding sisters they did speak, Jacqueline Laurita indicated to Andy Cohen on WWHL that their words were NOT pleasant! Looks like these two are still feuding!

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