Starcasm EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Barney denies Vicki’s accusation that she’s responsible for boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ negative press

Tamra Barney has gotten word of Vicki Gunvalson’s Bravo blog — and she’s not happy. This week, Vicki accused Tamra of being responsible for the negative press Brooks has gotten since they have been dating. Not only is Tamra denying claims, she is shocked that Vicki would say such a thing!

In Vicki’s blog, she claims to be sick of dealing with the backlash she’s received since she began dating Brooks and says, “I don’t want to read anything on the internet about him. Tamra started most of the negative comments, which was uncalled for and downright mean.”

Tamra isn’t taking these accusations lying down. She tells us exclusively, “Stories of him were out there before I knew who he was.” The stories she is referring to were reports of his neglect to pay child support leading to two separate arrests in 2010 alone. “I’m not responsible for him not paying his child support and being arrested several times. That was out there on the internet.”

As Vicki surely knows, anyone dating a housewife is sure to have their skeletons ripped out of the closet as soon as the press knows their name. There is no hiding in reality TV. Plus, why would Tamra take time away from her hot Latin fiancé to research Brooks?

Tamra also states, “If Eddie had a history like Brooks you bet she would try to protect me as a friend. Truth is Eddie is a great guy! Vicki had no problem going after Slade and Jim in the past. Why is Brooks off limits?” There seems to be some double-standards going around. Fans were shocked to see Vicki dating someone who’s been arrested for not paying child support, especially after ripping Slade a new one from week to week about his child support issues.

Tamra concludes, “Brooks is responsible for the negative stories in the press. Not me, Gretchen, Briana, or Bravo.” Agreed.

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