PHOTOS Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson without a beard

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Duck Commander

Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson is always walking a fine line. On one hand, he is the CEO of a multi-million dollar business, on the other . . . he’s a Robertson.

Being a Robertson seems to mean many things. Of course, being a duck hunter is a big part of it, but Robertsons also have to be open to shutting down business to take impromptu road trips in stolen RV’s, hunting frogs on private golf-courses, and waging all out war on beavers. But, even if there’s a bit of latitude for Willie to be a Robertson and try to act like an upstanding member of civil society, there’s one thing that no Robertson can do without–a great big, shaggy beard.

But, those beards don’t grow overnight, and (apparently) the Robertsons aren’t born with them. So, it was only a matter of time until some pre-bearded Robertson pictures showed up on the internet. Thanks to, we have what looks like Willie’s prom photo with his future wife (and Duck Commander office manager) Korie Robertson.

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson and wife Korie Robertson prom photo from high school

What a couple o’ cuties! But, we shouldn’t let the squeaky clean normality fool us. Don’t you know that Jase must have been somewhere around a corner putting a potato in Willie’s exhaust pipe or slipping a frog into his date’s purse?

For comparison, here are some side-by-side photos of Willie and Korie then and now:

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson and wife Korie Robertson then and now photos

Damn! Korie is still lookin’ super fine! As far as Willie goes, I think Korie once said she got the good lookin’ one . . . and then he grew a beard. 🙂

And, here is another one from that looks like it might have come from Willie Robertson’s yearbook.

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson high school yearbook photo

That prom pic wasn’t a fluke. Young Willie’s kinda cute!

Wonder where those rugged good looks came from? It is a bit tough to believe, but the photo below is of Willie’s dad, Phil Robertson. Rumor has it that Phil played College ball at Louisiana Tech with Terry Bradshaw, was drafted to the NFL, and passed it up because football season interfered . . . with duck hunting.

Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Louisiana Tech Football Terry Bradshaw Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Duck Commander

It appears that Phil kinda fell in love with the eye black!

CLICK HERE to see fun photos of the family (and their beards) in Hawaii February 2013

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  • Sweetiepie

    He’s got dimples!!! Love this family and show, hope it comes back!

  • hehehehe

    Good lord . . amen. I knew these boys had potential, but I had no idea all that was under that hair. I love this show, but now it’s for a different reason all together. I wish there was a photo of Jace as well, then my whole day would be complete 🙂

  • Theresa McBride

    Damn fine looking men with or without the beards!! Best show on tv!! Hope it returns!!

  • melanie g

    there are so many shows on tv about families and those family have no morals or set a good example whatsover, for example the Kardashians. I have asked my daughters to watch Duck Dynasty with me a few times there is no drinking, swearing, talks about sex or people having kids out of wedlock. It is very evident from watching this show that the husbands treat their wives with respect and have loved them for many years and they work hard to support their family. I love this show and hope it returns, it makes me smile and I would love to know what these guys would look like without those beards!

  • Krys

    It’s a shame to cover up those killer dimples!!!

  • sandra

    I love this show, it’s so funny and man those men were good looking without the beards!

  • jj

    love the show am an african and american man and agree we need more people like them

  • Sadie is the splittin’ image of her Daddy!!

  • jasmineasiatori

    Those guys look good with or without the beards! I am especially partial to facial hair So here’s to the beards! Love you boys!

  • Paula

    Oh my gosh, Sadie looks just like her dad! I love Duck Dynasty, such a fun, loving, kind family.

  • Nancy LeMasters

    sorry I love men with lots of facial hair and i think both willie and korie look better in the after pics. but I do see where sadie gets her looks and her keep the beards guys PLEASE love love love them…

    • I definitely like Korie with the blonde hair now compared to the older picture of her/

  • mandie

    John luke too

  • Ashton

    He was adorable! Check out those dimples! Sadie looks exactly like him.

  • Those Robertson guys are a hoot & a half!!!

  • mmmm

    To know what Willie looked like, Look a John Luke!!!! OH MY! Beautiful Family!

  • MtEmpire

    Duck Dynasty. The greatest show…..ever.

  • Robert

    Gold digger

  • hogNTexas

    Agreed that duck dynasty is the greatest show on i know why the guy called willie “dimples”