Duck Dynasty Halloween special episode costume photos

Jep Robertson and Jessica Robertson Halloween costumes as Raddegy Ann and Andy

It’s ‘Duck or Treat’ time in Louisiana y’all! Check out these amazing photos of the RoBOOtson family from the Duck Dynasty Halloween episode airing October 25 in which reality TV’s funnest family-centric show pulls out all the stops with a wide array of costumes and what looks to be a haunted house in the warehouse!

Above we see Jep and Jessica Robertson as the colorful duo Raggedy Ann and Andy. (You just KNOW Jep got a good ribbing from the boys for that one!) And here’s Uncle Si as a cartoonish squirrel. Or maybe a beaver? Actually, I think I will call it a sweet teaver…

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si dressed as a beaver or a squirrel for Halloween episode

And here’s almost the whole Robertson family gathered around what looks to be a rather large mound of candy. (If you look closely you will be able to spot Willie and Jase, although it’s hard to tell what costumes they are wearing.)

2013 Duck Dynasty Halloween costumes episode

Although there are soooooo many great costumes, I guess if I were pressed to hand out awards I would have to give the Best Male Costume statuette to non-Robertson decoy technician and shipping manager extraordinaire, John Godwin. He not only had an awesome convict costume, but in this photo he’s giving an Emmy-worthy convincing performance in the role:

Duck Dynasty John Godwin in a prisoner convict Halloween costume

Godwin totally could have co-starred in Oh Brother Where Art Thou!!

There were a lot of great contenders for the Best Female Costume Award, but in the end there was one clear-and-away winner as brunette Korie Robertson was nothing short of frighteningly intimidating as Cleopatra! Or should I say, Koriepatra:

Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson wearing a Cleopatra Halloween costume

Walk like a Duck Dynastygyptian…

Speaking of Best Female Costume, here are five of the Robertson ladies looking spooktacular and BOOtiful:

Duck Dynasty Halloween Missy Robertson Jessica Robertson Korie Robertson Sadie Robertson in costumes

Let’s not forget Ms. Kay! I think you will be able to figure out ‘witch’ one she is in this photo:

Duck Dynasty's Ms Kay in a witch costume for Halloween episode

And here’s another great shot of Ms. Kay and a whole passel of costumed chillen — all of which are smiling wide and looking to be having an amazing time. The same cannot be said for Phil Robertson, who appears to be dressed as Grandpa Grumpy McGrumperton:

Duck Dynasty Halloween special episode 2013

To wrap things up, here’s a shot of the Duck Commander Haunted House, which I am guessing is full of terrifying things like razors and shaving cream:

Duck Dynasty Halloween costumes Jessica Jep Robertson Godwin Haunted House

The Duck Dynasty Halloween Special airs Wednesday, October 23 at 10/9c on A&E!

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