PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ ex Gary Head says he proposed, claims Jenelle is with Kieffer Delp now

Jenelle Evans Gary Head Twitter feud

The bitter Twitter break up between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and Marine ex-boyfriend Gary Head continues, but since Jenelle deleted her account last week it’s been pretty much a one-way street. In the latest barrage of broken-hearted tweetage Gary claims that he proposed to Jenelle and she accepted – he even shared a photo of the engagement ring from Reeds Jewelers!

So what set off the tweet revenge this time? Gary says he found out Jenelle spent the weekend with her other ex, (ex-boyfriend, ex-convict, ex-tra trouble) Kieffer Delp! According to Gary, Jenelle paid for his bus ticket from wherever he’s drifted to of late and then picked him up at the bus station. To back up the story, Gary posted a photo of Kieffer in Jenelle’s bedroom sent to him by the Delper himself. Some questioned the authenticity of the image, so Gary then posted a screen cap of the text message conversation with Kieffer that included the photo.

Lawdy lawd! I just hope the MTV cameras were around for all of this! But, something tells me they missed out – which they seem to do with lots of Jenelle’s more dramatic events, believe it or not.

Anyways, here are the bullet point highlights followed by the Cliff’s Notes version of Gary’s tweets (with the photos included):

• Gary proposed to Jenelle and she said yes

• Kieffer Delp spent most of the weekend with Jenelle and even texted a photo of himself in Jenelle’s room to Gary. From the text conversation – Kieffer: “Its otw lmao playing us both lol.” Gary: “Yeap. Now you have her.”

• Kieffer has a new hoodie! (I wonder if @KieffersHoodie has heard the bad news)

• Jenelle apparently has a poster of herself in her bedroom (?)

• Jenelle and Gary still talk often and that’s how he found out about Kieffer being back in her life

Gary Head tweets a photo of Kieffer Delp alelgedly in Jenelle Evans' bedroom April 2012
Gary Head tweets a photo of the engagement ring he says he bought for Jenelle Evans
Text messages between Jenelle Evans boyfriends Kieffer Delp and Gary Head

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  • anonymous

    I think the poster of her is one of the pictures they have blown up on the walls at the reunion shows..

    • http://none mya heheh

      i saw jenelle with kieffer in person

      • DELP

        No you didn’t.

        • Brandi

          Oh look, someone pretending to be Kieffahhhh!

  • jane

    Jenelle, I truly believe is a crazy nightmare of a person, but I don’t get Gary Head chasing after her like a lovesick puppy. Guhhh!!! I, personally, believe Jenelle and Kieffer deserve each other. They seem to be cut from the same cloth.

  • Ashley

    Hopefully Gary will be the smart one and walk away! He’ll be glad he did later.

  • Kaylie

    Gary and Jenelle are both complete messes.Just because he’s a marine doesn’t mean he has his life together at all. Anybody that dates Jenelle, or finds her at all appealing to date, is just as dysfunctional and mentally disturbed as she is. No “normal” person would ever choose to date somebody who is so dysfunctional. It’s not just Jenelle and Kieffer whom are cut from the same cloth, it’s all of them: Jenelle, Kieffer, Gary, James Duffy, Tori, Hannah, etc. They are all absolute wackjobs who love drama and obviously grew up with some sort of attention deprivation.

    • Rae

      Exactly! They all like drama and making Jenelle look bad. I used to like Gary until tonight. He says he loves her so much yet no guy who loves a girl that much would say the things he’s been saying on Twitter about her. I also think this isn’t true either; you can’t go by Kieffer, hell no. Their all drama queen whores. Jenelle should just lay low, be single and focus on herself and Jace right now.

      • Amanda

        Yea Right.. That will never happen…

    • jane

      Amen to @Kaylie’s comment. Whackadoos, all of them.

    • suzy q;)

      I agree with you, kaylie. Another person that was from “the same cloth as jenelle” was her own mother and her mother’s boyfriend! Her mother is a crazy bitch who thinks abuse will get her life straightened out. Soooo sick of her mother and her mom’s boyfriend, that may be at least a huge part of jenelle’s low life. Jenelle went to rehab, but god, what made her procrastinate!? I just hope she never marries kieffer. Plus, Gary seemed like such a good guy. he’s in the marines so why not jenelle have respect for him??? When I first heard that Barbara would keep jace and raise him, I was pissed off because Jace might grow up and be just as bad as his mother, so obviously, he’s better off for adoption. Barbara, if you’re going to do the same s*** to jace like you did to jenelle, don’t even bother to raise that baby!!!!! give him up for adoption!!! same with jenelle! let her be a teenager!! ugh

  • tab

    i don’t understand what she sees in keifer. he’s so nasty!

  • doradora

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a poster of herself in her room. She’s so into herself, obviously otherwise she would have her child full time.

  • Brittany

    After starcasm first notified us that they broke up, they got back together. It was all over his twitter and he was spouting crap about how he loves her and he shouldn’t get s*hit for taking her back after the abuse allegations. Hahaha! Yea Gary, you idiot, good job.
    Gary is just as much a low-life as Jenelle. What kind of an idiot dates a girl after they accused him of beating her? And after he finds out she’s talking to her bummy drifter ex? It’s all so pathetic but hilarious at the same time.

    Ahahahah this made me crack up. I needed a break from my studies, so thanks starcasm 😉

  • OhMyGeez

    Run, Gary, run!

  • abc

    people give this girl a lot of sh*t but maci is just as much of a mess as her. Only difference is maci’s drama is kept out of the media bcos MTV want to portray her as the wholesome one. blah!

    • Brittany

      HAHA! Seriously? Just as much of a mess as Jenelle? No way in h**. Maci still has custody of her child and at least does something (public speaking about teen pregnancy). She doesn’t get arrested every other week, nor get mandatory drug tests, and doesn’t get into all-out twitter wars every day with everybody. You’re way off.

      • Stefani

        I really don’t like Maci at all, but I have to agree with you. Jenelle is complete trash and pretty much a lost cause. She has no interest in becoming a good person so she never will be one. She acts like a 16 year old high school girl and she’s in her 20’s! Pathetic. Maci at least works (public speaking) to support Bentley and has custody of him. She might be into partying at the moment but she hasn’t been caught (yet) doing drugs or anything crazy like Jenelle.

  • B

    Jenelle is NOT the only one who is messed. Gary is immature on so many levels. He must be bipolar or something too. One minute he claims he “will always love her”, then the next he is bashing her. Both Jenelle and him need to stop airing their dirty laundry on the internet and get their damn lives straightened out. It’s nice entertainment but seriously? Why would you even want to embarrasses yourself like that? Unless they want their own fricken’ reality show.

  • The bitch

    She’s a f**king slag, wants to look after her kid instead of getting dicked by anyone that will do her

  • ds

    So he proposed after dating a couple months? What don’t people actually get to know each other first? No wonder the divorce rate is so high.

    Anyway, bullet dodged, next time actually DATE someone before proposing.

  • Brandi

    She should be focusing on Jace, not d!ck!

  • its1999

    @KieffersHoodie has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter! HAHAHA!