Jenelle Evans has James Duffy cyberstalking charges dismissed, is legally free and clear

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was in court yet again today, and yet again the result was more dropped charges. This time it was the cyberstalking charges filed by Jenelle’s former boss James Duffy that were dismissed. Those charges were filed after the two had a very public online feud stemming from Jenelle’s falling out with her former roommate Hannah Inman, who moved in with Duffy after her spat with Jenelle. (This is complicated stuff! Jenelle could seriously have a spin off show that airs five nights a week!)

Anyways, today’s dropped charges are big news because it means for the first time in recent memory Jenelle has no pending charges against her! Her only concern now is her one-year probation from the drug paraphernalia possession conviction on April 14 of last year. So, if Jenelle is able to stay out of trouble for three more weeks she will be completely free and clear of all legal issues!

Here’s Jenelle’s jubilant announcement on Twitter:

Court is over with now I OFFICIALLY have no pending charges against me going to get something to eat then errands with @What_a_sin ALL day

And her attorney Dustin Sullivan expressed his joy in a statement to Hollywood Life, saying, “We are very happy to have all of her court dates behind her!”

It should also be noted that Jenelle dropped her own charges against Duffy. Everybody’s happy!

Congratulations to Jenelle and to her attorney Dustin Sullivan, who should be nominated for some sort of lawyering award for his tireless efforts.


    im happy for jenelle, shes been doing great…she has changed alot, keep up the good work jenelle

  • Neacy

    After everything she has gotten off for her lawyer is going to have major business.

  • Kaylie

    What ever happened with her failed drug test? Did she just get a slap on the wrist for that!? I feel like they would have extended her probation or done SOMETHING for failing that. What’s the point of staying clean if they’ll just slap you on the wrist?

    • Claudia Yvette

      Wasn’t that Amber you are talking about? That failed the test?

      • Kaylie

        nope! Jenelle failed one in August 2011. It can be hard to keep up with who’s breaking what rules on their probation, lol!

  • Stef

    Kaylie – if i remember correctly she had to stay clean for the rest of her probation and stay out of trouble or else her probation be extended and/or jail time

  • me

    a show 5 nights a week?? All it would be is fighting, court dates, drugs and Keefah!! NO thanks…..

  • suzy q;)

    what i really wish is that jenelle’s boss deserves to be in jail because he’s basically a rapist, however you want to put it and he hurt Jenelle. Plus, it’s not fair that they arrested jenelle if Duffy was the one who deserved it. I especially don’t like that Jenelle’s roomate chose to live with Duffy. I can relate to that when I was yelled at by 7th and 8th graders on my bus in 6th grade. I was the last one on the bus, and they randomly yell to me “sit down…” and the fight went on our bus for about 15 minutes. after that, my gym teacher took me off the bus, and i was the victim=(. it’s very obvious that those bullies deserved to get off the bus. I had to sit in the office until 4:30 and my mom took me home and she was VERY dissappointed with the way they were acting. She called the Department of Transportation to show the principal the video on the bus. Thankfully, the next day, those bullies were off the bus ride home;D. better yet, christmas break was approaching, therefore, they didn’t ride the bus on the last day, so I had peace=D!!!

    • Amie

      What… in the world… does that have to do with anything?

      • suzy q;)

        Amie, if you’re confused with what the point of what i’m saying is, what i’m basically saying is how unfair it is to blame someone else for what you did and it wasn’t them who did it, it was YOU. i’m not saying you “did it,” i’m saying it was all Duffy’s fault that he hurt jenelle alot, and jenelle got arrested. Obviously, she didn’t deserve to get arrested, DUFFY DID because jenelle didn’t do anything; duffy was the one causing soooo much trouble in the first place, and jenelle seemed really pissed, hurt, and upset about the way he was treated her. she just needed to grow up more.