PHOTOS Snooki practices being a mom with a fake baby

Snooki practices being a mom

Anything and everything is a photo op for the denizens of Jersey Shore and this was apparent for the forthcoming parent Snooki as she was photographed strolling around a doll with JWoww.

Yes. GTL BFFs Snooki and JWoww were seen out and about around Jersey City each in possession of a baby doll. The fake mommies purchased strollers for their fake babies and went as far as to buy clothing for their little not real ones. As you can see Snooki’s little pretend-tot had its own animal print blanket and Nicole rocked shoes that any first time mom would wear while out running errands with her little one…

I don’t think it’s hard to piece this together as I’m guessing it’s a scene for the as yet untitled Snooki and Jwoww Jersey Shore spin-off show. Producers probably had Nicole and Jenni parent-practicing but as a daddy myself let me tell you it’s nothing like the real thing. I went to some expecting parents training and had to put a diaper on a doll and thought all of that would be easy as pie. That was until my infant daughter displayed how agile she was and how uncoordinated I was. Messy!

There’s a ton of obvious GTL jokes popping up here but I’m gonna give our readers a shot on this one. That’s right. Let me see your best caption for the following photo:

Snooki with a doll

Photos: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News