PHOTOS Maci Bookout’s back tattoos explained

Maci Bookout back tatoo photo

Maci Bookout’s recent Spring Break trip to Daytona and the resulting slew of bikini photos has seemed to rekindle our readers’ curiosity about her elaborate array of back tattoos. The collection of skin ink is a combination of writing and imagery that includes a torn sheet of notebook paper as the centerpiece. There are cupcakes, an astrology symbol, a massive human heart and more almost completely covering the back side of Maci’s petite frame from shoulder to booty. So, what does it all mean?

Maci Bookout tattoos photo

Maci herself offered up Cliff’s Notes on the elaborate work of art in progress a while back on Facebook. Here’s what she had to say:

Bulletproof is because I can withstand anything thrown at me. Bentley Cadence is for Bentley and the page on my back has Bookout on it. The page stands for me loving to write. The three o’s are cupcakes and it’s one for my mom, dad, and brother. The u is my zodiac sign and the t is a lightning bolt which is my symbol for my group. “Learn to feel” starts on my upper rib and then continues onto my back.

A more recent post on Maci’s Facebook fan page (FaciBookout?) (actually it’s the Maci Bookout & Kyle King Offical Fanpage) reveals that “Bullet Proof” is also going to be the title of the book Maci is working on:

Many people have asked about Maci’s back tattoo so here it is, she has a tattoo that says “bullet proof”, which is the title of her book, “Learn to feel” , “Bentley Cadence” , a Leo zodiac sign, cupcakes which are the O’s in bookout, a few family poems.

The script lettering across the sheet of notebook paper reads:

When my heart hurts worse than my head
That is when I will get scared
and that is when I will know it is worth it all

(I’m not 100% certain on that last line)

Maci Bookout bikini tattoo photoMaci Bookout's heart tattoo on her shoulder

Here’s an older photo of Maci Bookout’s back tattoos:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout back tattoos

And another one from a red carpet event in May of 2010:

MAci Bookout back tattoo at the Candie's Foundation 6th Annual 'Event to Prevent' Benefit

Looking at these photos you can sort of piece together a rough timeline. “Bentley Cadence,” “bullet proof” and the large sheet of notebook paper with her name spelled out in cupcakes (uncolored at the time) were the earliest. Then the cupcakes and letters got colored and the script text was added followed by the large human heart on her left shoulder.

There’s still a little bare skin left so I’m sure Maci will be filling that in, at which point we will update the post.

UPDATE – Here is a photo from summer, 2012 in which you can see Maci has added tattoos of a stopwatch and some sort of fabric form to her right shoulder:

Maci Bookout's right shoulder tattoo of a stopwatch and fabric

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  • mimi

    very nice! just wonder what they are going to look like once she gets older!!

  • Mandy

    Ugly, ugly, barf. These are horrific. To show her love of writing she had to get her whole back covered in a piece of tattered paper? That is freaking stupid. Get an old fashioned dipping pen and ink pot or something. That would be cute. A freaking sheet of paper with scribbling and cupcakes all across it? Hideous.

    • Mallorie

      i think everyone needs to STFU and mind their own business. it is maci’s body and she can do and put whatever she wants on/with it!!! quit talking sh*t just because you all are waaay jelly aka jealous of her! haha losers. get a life. worry about yourself!

      • gjm11653

        She puts herself in the public eye for money. So cupcakes the public has a right to their opinion on her and her behavior. Grow up.

    • whoa

      So instead of getting something creative she should have gotten something lame and unoriginal? Rightttt because that is the point of tattoos…

  • Vanessa

    I personally would never put such a Huge Piece on my body but to each it’s own aleast to Maci her tattoos mean something to her personally.

  • tab

    it looks really trashy. i guess it all has meaning, but cupcakes? along with the term “bullet proof”?? odd.

    • laura

      @tab The cupcakes stand for Maci’s family. Each cupcake represents the other three member of the Bookout family: her mom and dad and her brother Matt. The cupcakes are substitutes for the O’s in Maci’s last name Bookout.

      • wtfers

        @laura it still doesnt’t make it any less stupid looking……

        • Diana

          I agree.

        • Sophie

          Agreed. One or two elaborate, nicely done tattoos nicely placed on the body can look great, but random crap like this just looks like trash.

  • Brian

    Skanky is as skanky does. I think that is from Forrest Gump or something.

  • michelle

    I love maci but hate these tattoos. Poorly done and just ruin her otherwise perfect body.

    • Brittany


  • tonya

    I thought I seen Angle wings on her back in some of the teen mom clips when she had on a muscle shirt?

  • No not trashy i love it thank its very sexy!

  • ER

    I LOVE tattoos, and I’m not overly wrapped up in the “she has better things to waste money on” stuff… but her tattoos are just ugly. I guess for me, if you’re gonna do tattoos that big, do them right and hers do NOT look right. The cupcakes and the ragged piece of paper bug me the most for some reason. I understand the symbolism, but you don’t need symbolism to barf all over your back. She’s also too tiny for anything that big (in my opinion)

  • amelia

    Gross, very unlady like.

  • Mandy

    Mandy says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 13, 2012 at 12:36 pm


  • Margo

    She is really going to regret these someday…

  • Andi

    I personally love her tattoos. It’s her body and she can do what she wants to it. If they all have a meaning to them then they arent “skanky” or “trashy”. I have tattoos and I dont regret getting em one dang bit

    • gjm11653

      Likely your a kid.

  • ds

    “bulletproof” looks like it says “buttetproof” – not sure why the l’s have been crossed like t’s.

  • wop

    those tattoos are ugly and horribly done. OUCH!

  • Nathan

    I don’t know why anyone – much less a young lady – would want to deface their body like that. Gross. Our society keeps getting trashier and trashier.

    • gjm11653

      I agree. I was shocked she defaced your beauty so badly. A small tattoo discreetly placed is ok but covering every inch of yourself makes no sense. What is she going to tell her kids why she covered her body that way. Maybe a sign of self loathing.

  • Kaylie

    I’m not against tattoos, I’m against stupid tattoos. Maci got 5 of those tattoos when she was 18 years old which is obviously evident. The “Bentley Cadence”, the cupcakes, the last name in general, and the notebook paper all scream volumes about her situation. It’s something a stupid teenager (maybe even one who would get pregnant) would do.

    The cupcakes speak for themselves. Like, cupcakes, really? Honestly the worst of the bunch for me.

    The last name. People who tattoo their last name on themselves are tacky. I’m sorry, but it is. Especially girls who won’t even have that last name one day assuming they do things traditionally. Aside from that, the thing that bothers me just as much is that it’s huge. I mean, I like that she did a bunch of the letters with a specific meaning because it makes it more original, but it’s just too big. I think it would have been a cute idea to scrap the “bookout” and incorporate the lightning bolt into the “bullet proof” (which let it be noted is one word, not two.

    The notebook paper. ugh, that notebook paper. It just makes everything else look worse. She could have got her “I love writing” message across with something much less overbearing.

    • Sanoga

      I agree with you on everything but the last name thing. I’m a woman and I have my last name tattooed along my rib cage. Tradition is wrong for stripping women of their surnames, and I intend on keeping the last name I was born with for the rest of my life. Though I think her execution is hideous, I applaud Maci for respecting her surname.

      • Roxanne

        Your comment implies that women who choose to take the last name of their spouse are stupid or dishonoring the surname they were born with. That’s not true. Whatever a woman chooses to do about her last name when she gets married, her choice should be respected. I also personally do not think a name is that big of a deal or something that needs to be “honored,” but if someone else does, great. The point is, none of us have a right to push our beliefs about last names onto others.

        • sanoga

          I do think they’re stupid. Changing surnames is sexist, degrading, archaic and just plain wrong. It is a big deal, because as I woman I’m not a piece of property that’s going to be “transferred” into my husband’s name. I’m keeping my last name and my children are getting my last name.

          If, as a woman, you can’t understand the pride, integrity and importance of this issue… than I have nothing more to say to you.

          • Mandy

            I feel bad for your husband. When I chose to marry my husband I proudly took his last name. Not because I was “transferred” to him but because we chose to start our own new family together. Our children have OUR last name. If you choose to keep your last name that is your choice, but don’t act like those of us who chose to take our husbands last name are somehow oppressed. I am confident enough in who I am as a woman without having to cling to my old last name as a way to show I am not “owned”.

            • Paige

              I agree with you Mandy 100%. I chose to hyphenate my last name with my husbands, and our children have his last name. What does it have to do with pride or integrity? Like Mandy said, I was proud to join my name with my husbands. It shows that we are connected together as a couple and a family. Maybe it used to mean that the wife was being “transferred,” but if I felt that my husband looked at me as a piece of property more so than a partner, than I wouldnt have married him.

          • SeeYouNextTuesday

            I will gladly take my future husband’s last name–have never felt like much of a descendant of my father’s, and I am proud to say his family’s name dies with me. It’s everyone’s personal choice for their own reasons. LOVE everything sanoga is expressing; you need to cool it on the feminist butt-hurt

  • ohmygeez

    Looks like a great big cluster ****. It’s more unique to be without ink these days.

  • brittany

    the notebook page thing is just horrible looking. Not sure what the thing on her shoulder is? The Bullet Proof tattoo is nice and the Bentley tattoo is nice too, although it’s kind of big and probably not the best place for a tattoo. It’ll look horrible in like 10-15 years.

  • Ashley

    Not trying to be mean, but those tattoos are not attractive at all. She also looks much healthier in the photos from 2010 than she does in the recent ones.

  • Kj

    Having tattoos doesn’t make you any less of anything. The paper is a little wonky but it’s not terrible. Her having tattoos doesn’t effect my life or my family at all, I don’t understand how it’s disrupting anyone’s life that much. It’s not skanky, trashy or sl**ty and she’s still a lady (misogyny anyone?).

    I did wonder why it said “Buffet” at first.

  • Sanoga

    I feel like the piece of notebook paper with cupcakes and quotes scrawled on it represents a love for doodling random crap more than it resembles an affinity for writing. I’m a big fan of cool / meaningful tattoos that are cohesive and enhance someone’s personal aesthetic / style (take Angelina Jolie, for example), but I think Maci’s tattoos just look like she passed out at a high school slumber party and her girlfriends scribbled all over her torso with a magic marker. :/

  • blueblueblue

    The heart is really well done. And she should not have put Bentley’s name there, especially with her baby fever! (good thing that didn’t pan out… yet). But the rest, I thought that was a map, I think it would have been better if it were actually.

  • white lamp

    Her back looks like a board with total different messages.
    Everybody’s name means something but it wasn’t a good idea to write a riddle on her back (BOOK-OUT).
    The note paper looks like a slice of paper from the Teen Mom’s notebook.
    These tattoos are important for her obviously, but only a teenager thinks that she/he is ‘bulletproof’. She is very lucky with her body shape, she is a beautiul young woman, and maybe it would be better to wait and rethink these things.

  • Chatt Town

    These tramp stamps are so gross! HA HA wait till she is 40 and fat!
    Nasty nasty!
    Save your money Maci on the tats and save for your college fund or your son’s……….

  • Blahblahblah

    Its kind of immature looking. With the exception of maybe her son’s name, they’re the perfect example of tattoos people get when they’re young and stupid. Will they really have meaning in 15 years time? Or just be cutesy, trendy things you can’t get rid of? I’m not understanding the cupcakes….where do they come in? How do they have meaning? Does she come from bakers? What is it… The quote doesn’t make sense either. Oh well. At least its not me!

  • not a teen mom

    Soooo sloppy!! I like the idea of notebook paper. But then why on earth have the writing going off of it?? It’s just so sloppy and poor taste. Blah.

  • C

    gross. i agree that it’s so sloppy.

  • hthomas

    The lightning bolt for her “group” usually represents white supremacy… That’s classy?

  • Dallas

    They aren’t ugly, just awkward.

  • Amber

    A huge piece of paper on her back = the stupidest tattoo ever. It looks like CRAP and the idea of it was CRAP. I feel sorry for her, thinking she’s walking around looking cool but she looks ridiculous.

  • BlahBlah

    I LOVE tattoos also, I am not bashing her getting them or her spending $$ on them. What I am bashing is, however how horrible they are. You take a bad idea to start with, go to bad tattoo artist and this is what you get.

    The “bullet proof” looks like “butter proof”

    HOW do cupcakes represent her family? Please elaborate Maci..are you from a family of bakers? Ya’ll got a sweet tooth? Is the E-Z Bake oven your family’s favorite item in the house? What?

    Half of what’s doodled or “written” all over her back isn’t even ON the paper. It’s like just floating aroud.

    • Nony

      I thought it looked like Buffet

  • Christy

    I do not care what she writes on her body. I am more concerned with the filth that comes out of her mouth. She is so determined for people to think she is a great mom, that she keeps Bently from having the best possible life.

    I am sure her book will be a hit since she has so many fans. However, a lot of us see her as what she is. Even though she was given more breaks and more help than any teen mom, she still whines for more. She tries to build herself up by putting others down. She still does not have her degree since she keeps dropping all the classes she fails.

    So while she drinks and cusses and looks for dirt on others, she continues to be the “Teen Mom” uping girls look up to. I feel so badly for Bently.

  • Diana

    MEh. I’ve got lots of tattoos too…but, I’m kind of wondering if she was drunk when she got these. The sentiment is nice, truly..but they seem to be a bit childish…I mean, cupcakes? Seriously?

  • Sarah

    She writes? I didn’t see her write once! FAIL

  • Lisa

    I find them tacky. I am literally speechless. Its amazing to me what young, foolish, and naive girls will do to their bodies. The tattoos remind me of sayings that your friends write to you in your Yearbook at the end of the school year. Its just tacky. Extremely tacky. There is NO sense and or point to all of it. Just permanent doodling all over her back.

  • Amber

    I think all of you are a bunch of Haters. Why don’t you all get a life and stop talking about other people. If Maci got these tattoos, she obviously got them for a reason. Its her body and they mean something to her.

  • I think she wasted a crap-load of money on this crap, it looks horrible.

  • teena


  • carrie

    I think she is a beautiful girl and wonderful as a mother. I also think that all these tattoos were a bad decision. Maybe she should think back to how sure she was that Ryan was a good decision and wait awhile before doing anything so permanent to her body, it is her choice though.

  • Sophie

    She looks like a man..

    • Amanda

      She doesnt look like a man, your jealous. But back to the 9th grade doodle paper tattooed permanently on her back UGH! What the hell was she thinking?? I also think about my tattoos for at least a year before getting them, and having all the money she has from doing the show and a passion for getting inked is a bad combo! It seriously hrts my eyes to look at it, I like the IDEA of the notebook paper with the writing but perhaps smaller and with all the writing actually ON the paper, and it would help to have a tattoo artist who actually knew what they were doing in helping her design this instead of oe who obviously put in ZERO input on how bad it was going to look.

      • Amanda

        And dont get me wrong I love Maci she is a strong woman and an incredible mother THAT is why I hate this tattoo so much because she is f**king beautiful and smarter that THIS, all her other tattoos are awesome and this one ruined the rest of them….

    • gjm11653

      Yes tatts look very manly.

  • hi maci

  • LeAnn

    What a hot mess! Way too cluttered and disorganized. I have a personal rule to consider a tattoo design for at least 1 year before getting inked. I hear tattoo removal is painful and expensive. She is going to wish she hadn’t sooner than later. Ladies, before getting a tattoo ask yourself, “Do I want this to show when I am wearing a dress at a formal occasion or at my wedding?” If she was going for the biker chick look she nailed it.

  • Jaymie

    I absolutely <3<3<3 all of her tatt's! There all F#*$in' awesome!!! Trust me once you get one you can't stop! Lol… There so addicting! Every tattoo tells a story about your life. If your smart about getting them & you don't just get randoms! I think out of all the girls on Teen Mom, I have the utt most respect for Maci… You actually kept going with your life. You take care of your gorgeous boy, still have fun, & you actually grew up & realized that chasing after that little boy of a "father" wasn't good for you or Bentley & I truly wish you all the best Doll Face. You may be a mom but your still a young woman & every young woman needs to have fun & be pappered every so often 😉 Rock It Babii!!! Lol… Xo… MMFWCL….

    • you are a dumbf*ck

      *they’re *utmost *you’re *pampered

      I hope you learn to spell before you get any permanent ink!

  • Jaymie

    I know this is gonna be the 4th comment I have left but I just actually went through & read all of the comments you people left & you all otto be ashamed of yourselves!!! You almost all had nothing but negative thing’s to say about a young lady that not one of you know personally! You know what you’ve heard & seen on TV & in magazines! You don’t see her behind the seens. She’s a human being & she hurts just like everyone else does! She gets mad, happy, sad, etc… You can’t judge her based on a few tattoo’s she got & for getting pregnant young or failing a few classes! God, half of you sound like your trying to be all high & mighty but your putting down a young woman you don’t know! Nobody said getting her last name was because when & if she gets married she’s not going to take her husbands last name. Maybe it’s out if pride for her family & where she comes from! The cupcakes were a cute touch to jazz it up a little! So f**kin’ what?! She got a piece of notebook paper with little quotes that obviously have meaning to her! Her son’s name…. That’s a given… The letters “M&R” that’s the father of her child & no matter what she will always have love for him! “Bulletproof”… Shit this girl has been to hell & back & made it out on top…If all the BS she’s endured didn’t kill her, she is Bulletproof in her eye’s! You guys don’t know her & you shouldn’t be judging her cuz for all you know all the crap you didn’t see behind the seens could have been way harder on her then any of you know & she kept it together pretty damn good for all you judgmental ass holes out there! Most of you are grown ass women & yeah shit has changed. We get random tattoo’s now day’s that you may think are tacky ass all hell but have such a deeper meaning then you could possibly imagine. So go to hell! Like I said before… Maci… You look great & I absolutely <3<3<3 your tatt's! Rock it Babii cuz there is absolutely no shame in expressing yourself however the hell you choose to do so lol… Have fun, your only young once!!!! Good luck in life Doll Face… MMFWCL… 😉

    • gjm11653

      Ok cupcakes. Grow the f up. You are a bigger problem than a tatt covered 3btime unwed mom. Listen so you get it, Maci gets paid handsomely to expose herself to the public! In exchange for that she knows the public will judge how she lives and how she looks. Package deal, cupcakes. Got it?

  • Ashley

    HATERS!!! Your her motivation keep it up 🙂

  • BrittRobinson

    Okbso what she has tattoos. Half of you dont even know the girl. You all should be downright ashamed of yourselves. It is her body not yours you dont contol anyone but yourself. As for maci you rock and i wouldnt change for any of this douche bag jerks. You are bulletproof and will always be bulletproof.

    • gjm11653

      Bahahaha! Hopeing she will give you money to stand up for her?

  • What is with these girls getting such bad ink done? They have the money, they should do research and find some good artists!

  • StephanieZie

    I have nothing against tattoos, and I have a few I want to get myself, but….the girls what, 21? She has about 60 good years of life left to live. I don’t doubt that these tattoos all mean something to her, but what’ll happen when she’s 30, and she realizes there’s something else she wants to get, but she doesn’t have any bare skin left? I’m 23, and I have some ideas for tattoos I want, but I’ve decided to wait about 2-3 years and think about them. If I STILL want them after that, I’ll get them, because obviously the initial idea and impulse will have withstood the test of time. When I think back to myself at 16 or something, and the kind of ink I would have wanted back then, I just shudder. So I’m not against using your skin for art, but really, you only have so much of it, so be frugal. Obviously, Maci can do whatever she wants, and she probably doesn’t give a single solitary shit what I think, but I just hope she considers this.

  • Alicia

    Pretty girl, ugly tattoos. She will regret them at some point in her life.

    • gjm11653

      Agreed. I wish I could see her in about 40 years looking at her sagging skin with the scribble unlegible.

  • gjm11653

    Tacky. Tattoos are a classless act when you cover evdry inch of yourself. A pretty girl with little pretty skin left.