Who is Kim Zolciak’s ex-husband, Daniel Toce? Plus VIDEO of Lee Najjar on MTV’s Teen Cribs


Kim Zolciak was married to a man named Daniel Toce for more than three years, from September 2001 to February 2003. You can check out the divorce documents here.

There have a been a minefield of rumors and speculation about Kim’s ex husband. Many people believe she is getting huge child support and alimony checks from him ($30,000 a month in child support and $250,000, but it turns out this isn’t the case.

At first there was massive confusion of Daniel Toce, Jr. with his father, who is 70 years old. Everyone latched on to this story because it fit neatly with Kim’s flashy gold-diggeresque image. In the pulp novel we are all constructing in our heads, this made perfect sense.

But Daniel Toce, who is daughter Ariana’s father, didn’t subsidize Kim Zolciak’s lifestyle. A source close to him tells us that he’s struggled with drugs, another says he was married with kids when he met Kim. Where is he now? He’s currently in prison for molesting a 15-year-old old!

Kim was only married to Daniel for 90 days. They had just moved to Atlanta, GA because Daniel had gotten a job there, Kim was pregnant with Ariana, they had two nice cars and a house, so they got married on the beach in Destin, FL. She divorced him after three months because she said he was cheated on her.

What is true is that Zolciak does have major coin (she seems to be the only Atlanta “housewife” not scraping by with the skin of their Bravo paycheck, reportedly $100,000 for each girl in Season 2), and she’s repeatedly said on television it all came from Big Poppa, who has been identified as Lee Najjar, an Atlanta real estate mogul. Kim met Najar soon after her divorce from Toce, and no longer had to worry about money.

TMZ was the first to publish pics of Kim and Lee together. Big Poppa’s children were also featured on MTV’s Cribs show just a few months ago. There are glimpses of both him and his legal wife, also named Kim, on the show. Big Poppa likes to keep himself and his mistresses in the spotlight, apparently.

Here’s the full episode featuring Lee and Kimberly’s children Jamen and Kaitlin:


Kim is now married to Kroy Biermann, (who she had a baby with,) had a hit iTunes dance single, and is continuing to rock being a Real Housewife of Atlanta minus any assistance from Big Poppa. She’s even got her own spin-off show on Bravo.

(For those of you coming to this page searching for Kim Zolciak’s age, as of November 2011, she’s 33 years old. She was born Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak on May 19, 1978, and was 29 years old when she first started taping The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2007.)

  • lilkunta

    So Kim had 2 kids by him then married Dan Jr?
    For just 2 yrs of marriage she get $250,000 a year in support? 4 how long does she get support?
    B4 she married Dan Jr did she work?

    • admin

      Kim is still hinting that she gets the majority of her money from Big Poppa – and now her hit song! LOL

      • Jenn

        Dan Toce Jr.’s dad died when he was 3-4 years old. His name was Dominic Toce and is burried in Mt. St. Benedict in Bloomfield CT. Everyone has the wrong Daniel Toce Sr. Dan Toce, kim’s ex is not rich and can barely afford to pay childsupport for his children from his first marriage. Check court documents in CT for his arrests for being in contempt for lack of child support. He owes his first 2 kids over $30,000. And yes…this is Kim’s Dan too…There is a BIG story to tell about Dan, and kim. How do you think she got her first implants…she stole Dan’s ex-wife’s credit card. And his ex-wife has the proof including canceled checks written by kim.

        • Dee


          Girl…. This was just waayyyyyy too much for me!!! Girl Kim act like she’s made of money and she’s got it going on like no other. Please tell us more…. I knew something was up with this chick. I just happened to goggle Kim Zolick’s children’s father and came across this blog. I think NeNe is as fake as Kim is. That’s why they can not get along. They are too much alike.

          Girl tell me mo>>>>>>>>

          • iknowthetruth

            Nene might be fake but she is smart. she is on to kim’s bs. If only she would dig a little more…she’d find the truth. btw…the people’s lives she’s screwed up in CT many years ago have re-established themselves and don’t want anything to do with her. this is why they havent come forward with the truth. kim has a whole other life she lived up in CT…hmmm…Dave and Jenn are correct with their comments too…I think I went to school with Dave- class of 92?

  • Attorney

    Hello…the divorce was filed in 2001 and wasn’t finalized until 2003. Above is in wrong NOT married for 2 1/2 years, divorce just lasted that long.

    • Sharon

      I am confused was she married to Sr. first and that is the father of the girls?

      • iknowthetruth

        Sr., Dan’s real father died when he was only a few years old. He owned a bakery in htfd,ct. Dan Jr. was married and fathered 2 daughters in CT before he had an affair with kim…who (she) was close to the family. too much drama happened and they left to GA. the rest is history…

  • Dave

    Lol!! Hysterical. Dan was on of my best friends in high school. He’s 37, the furthest thing from wealthy and has been in jail for most of his years since the divorce. He just recently went through his third divorce that I know of. And by the way, if he ever knew his father, he is long since gone since there was no father in the picture since I’ve known him, which is since 1988.

  • jen

    Daniel Toce is Ariannas dad not Brielle. Kim was never married to him. She has three kids from three different men

    • tellthetruth

      Jen you are correct. Dan is the dad of Arianna not Brielle. Brielle’s dad also lives in CT.”Tom” and fyi he is not a cop.But Kim was married to Dan they married in Florida. Their marriage did not last long. They bought a house together and then he started cheating on her with his secratary and got her pregnant too. Just feel bad for the kids…Kim never speaksto the media of the man who she was with between Dan and Big Pappa… Hummm wonder why? Maybe because he was way to good for her.

      • Candy

        Who was the man in between? He managed to slip away. When was she ever a nurse?

  • iknowthetruth

    if kim wasn’t so malicious-the truth would be exposed. there is proof out there but people don’t want to reveal b/c she can and will ruin lives-as she has done before. the last 3 posts are accurate and if the media would use their common sense they wouldn’t risk supporting kim and her lies. i wonder why no one ever has really dug into her past? hmmm…didn’t she have an affair with a 50+ year old man when she was 17? doesn’t that in itself show that she has issues. Also Nene is the only smart one out there…I only wish she would start digging…I feel bad for kim’s new guy. he is so screwed- for life!

  • Candy

    Whats the truth. Tell Dan and iknowthetruth. She is so fake and just seems like a user whom has placed her children is way too many crazy adult situations. Weird how none of the kid’s fathers are in their lives.

  • lilkunta

    Please those of you who knew kim since CT and knew Dan Jr since 88 PLEASE SHARE.
    Who was the officer Kim dated when she was 17?
    Is that officer Brielle’s dad?
    So Kim got pregnant and had ariana before she married Dan Toce Jr?
    Did Bigg Poppa Lee give Kim millions of dollars,bc I dont get how/where her 4 comes from ?

  • Danmack

    Pay attention, Tom is Brielle’s dad. Kim is completely FAT & UNATTRACTIVE, &Kroy is an IDIOT !!!!!!!!

  • lovelle@love

    so kim use to be hoe now she is tring to do better why does everyone bash her for that.if she got a man a man to help her keep her legs close by all mean lets be happy