Spouse Swapping: Shania Twain dating Frederic Thiebaud, former husband of the woman her husband cheated with

Shania Twain

Friday night was Shania Twain’s 44th birthday, and as a gift to her fans she published a letter and video on her website detailing her recent extensive travels. She also revealed an interesting tidbit: she’s in a relationship with Frederic Theibaud, the former husband of Marie-Anne Thiebaud, the woman her husband cheated on her with.

Twain split with her husband Robert “Mutt” Lange in May 08 because of the affair with Marie-Anne, who managed the couple’s chateau in Switzerland. Since then the spurned spouses have sought comfort in each other, on every corner of the planet. In the letter Twain calls Fred Thiebaud a “dear friend and true gentleman” and notes that they’ve shared a lot of laughs. The footage in her video displays a little something more than friendship, with lots of hugs and body contact.

Shania writes like a woman who’s gone through a rough emotional time, but is fighting through it. It looks like she’s had some fun times over the past months, and was lucky enough to have someone special to share it all with.

~ Carrie Glass

UPDATE – Shania and Fredric are ENGAGED!

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