Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s book titled ‘My Teenage Dream Ended’ available for preorder

Farrah Abraham My Teenage Dream Ended book cover (not the actual book cover)

Farrah Abraham has mentioned that she is working on a book numerous times and now we have confirmation! According to the listing on amazon the 240-page hardcover book is titled My Teenage Dream Ended and has a suggested retail price of $19.95, although it is currently available for preorder for $13.57 at the time of this post.

*** I should point out that the book cover image above is not the actual book cover, just something whipped up by starcasm’s resident PhotoShopologist. (I think Farrah would like it though!)

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see the actual book cover!

We don’t really know much about the book, other than it is sure to detail Farrah’s struggle with being a single teen mother and dealing with the grief over the death of her daughter Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood. It appears that Farrah will be using her experience to offer up advice to others, according to this quote from her most recent article on MOMFinds.com:

While in school, I’ll also be releasing my first book, which is aimed to help young teens and parents learn from my life experiences.

The release date listed on amazon is April 3, 2012 but that seems like a long way off, especially considering Ashley Salazar from 16 and Pregnant has a book (Bittersweet Blessing) coming out this fall. On the other hand, Farrah is a busy, busy girl these days and that date is less than a year away, so who knows?

Here is a link that will not only show the current price on amazon, but will also display the actual book cover as soon as they get it:

(It’s usually better to go ahead and order it because amazon will honor the lowest price between now and whenever it does actually go on sale.)

Congrats to Farrah – it should be fun to see how she fills 240 pages! Now, where’s the It’s Gary Time! book we’re all looking forward to?

UPDATE – Farrah tweeted a few hours ago, “I can’t wait for everyone to read my book ‘My Teenage Dream Ended’ It will be the most memorable of 2012!:-) book tour dates coming soon!” So maybe April 3, 2012 is the right date after all!

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  • Miss Russell

    Farrah by far is the ONLY teen mom that is the most successful. She has changed A LOT since 16 and Pregnant. In my opinion, nobody has topped her awesome motherhood. All the others do is bicker with someone, while she is ONLY trying to make Sophia’s life easier and better. Koodos to you, Farrah:)

    • catz

      Agreed, I feel Farrah is the only one really working her “stardom” in an angle to make it lasting. I think her mom is behind a lot ot it, but it’s smart.

  • hmm

    Why would we buy a book, when we see her ‘struggling’ every week on “Teen Mom”?

    • Jessica

      Agreed for any of the girls to wrote a book is kinda dumb because their life story is on tv . But maybe Farrah feel like some how her life is something people might want to read about . I really don’t know who would want to but she has fans so maybe they will buy her book or anything else she does I hope all the girls save their MTV money as much as Farrah is my least favorite of teen mom original girl. She is smart enough to do something with her so called fame

  • Katy K

    to he comment above saying ev

  • Ashlee

    Shes the one tht always has an attitude with her mom and what not shes never happy unless shes gets something and i think catelynn and maci are the best

  • Carolina

    She didn’t give a crap about Derek until this season. Must be something along the lines of Corey and Leah’s “encouraged by MTV” wedding.

  • W-Blog

    Like her or not – at least Farrah is working hard and actually achieving already some of her goals and one should give her credit for that (in contrast to Maci who neither has a college degree yet nor a release date for her long anounced book OR Amber who does not even have her GED yet)

    • tab

      maci is 19 and in college. most 19 year olds don’t have a degree yet.
      farrah went to culinary school. that’s not a 4 or 5 year program like a “real” university. and perhaps maci hasn’t written her book yet because she’s actually focusing on getting her degree and being a mom, unlike farrah who seems more interested in herself and what SHE wants.

      • jjmmkk

        excuse you.. but I attend the culinary school Farrah attended, and just because it isn’t for 4 years like a “real” university like you say, doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. The program is 2 years straight through, no summers off, and only a week and a half between quarters. Someone going to culinary school will probably make a better, happy life for themselves, rather than someone who gets an English degree and spends their life miserable behind a fact checker desk. Screw off and go offend someone else.. a “real” university.. your ignorance amuses me.

  • Mandy

    To those who say she is a bitch, never happy etc… you try losing the father of your child, being abused by your mother and being a single mom and see how cheerful you are!! I think she rocks!! She is doing all she can to make an awesome life for her daughter. Her daughter is always well taken care of and loved very much so what else could anyone ask for?

    • coco

      Abused by her mother?? Are you serious? Farrah abuses everyone with her attitude. She is rude and horrible, that’s why she is alone. This whole Derek situation was thrown in by the producer to make her story more interesting because the other girls had guy drama. Farrah couldn’t keep a guy around her long enough. Derek was a non factor up until this last season. I can not feel sorry for this spoiled twit because of how she treats everyone around her. She is not “struggling”. Real teen moms don’t have new cars, their own place or boob jobs to help them through their sturggle.

      • Mandy

        Uh.. yes I am serious – http://starcasm.net/archives/32070. Trust me I have a bad relationship with my mother. She was always sweet as pie when anyone was around, but when we were alone she was a horrible abusive witch. I think this is the case with Farrah’s mom too. All nice and sweet for the cameras but I’m sure it’s different behind the scenes. And no one is asking for you to feel sorry for her. I don’t really see how she is spoiled, she goes to college, works, pays RENT to her mother and if she got a new car it’s because she payed for it. She also takes great care of her daughter. Doing the teen mom show is work. Not hard work but work nonetheless. But hey, haters gonna hate…

        • Mandy

          “Real teen moms don’t have new cars, their own place or boob jobs to help them through their sturggle.” I wanted to add that um yes hun teen moms can have all these things. I was one of them. I had my son at 16 and by 17 had an apartment (with another teen mom I met through a teen mom support group) and by 19 I had a brand new car. 🙂 I am now in my mid twenties and own my own home and have a few more cars, a camper, boat, a nice college saving account for my son, and live very comfortably. Not to brag but lets be real. I’ve said it before but all you have to do is put your big girl panties on and suck it up. My child deserves all of these things and didn’t ask to be born to a teen mom so I made damn sure he never had to suffer for it.

          • coco

            I applaud you and anyone who makes an effort to take care of their children. I too was a young single mom and I went out there and got it. I worked two jobs, went to school full time, graduated with my first college degree with a 3.9 GPA, got a good job, my own place, and car, all the while taking care of my daughter. I had support from my parents but unlike Farrah I was appreciative of it all. I never treated people like crap. It’s not about being a “hater”. I am speaking on what I have observed from the show. She comes off as a bad person. Even in times of stress you don’t have to be mean to the world. I am still a single mom, have another degree under my belt, I teach school now, and have established a pretty nice life for my daughter, all the while without being a bitch to others.

            • Mandy

              I think that’s great. As teen moms we should support each other. I just think that just because we watch her on TV and yes she comes off as b!tchy, doesn’t mean we know her. We aren’t there when the cameras aren’t to actually see how her mother is. Almost the same exact thing would happen to me but obviously on a much smaller scale. I would be b!tchy to my mom because my mom was very abusive, but people didn’t see the abuse, they only saw me being b!tchy to her. I’m not a fake person and I wouldn’t pretend to like her, she would though act like the perfect mom in front of people then it was “oh poor me” when I was b!tchy. So I really sympathize with Farrah about her relationship with her mom.

    • tab

      she and her boyfriend weren’t together and, until last season, she didn’t say word one about derek. i can’t help but think she’s milking that to stay on the show and mtv is encouraging it to boost ratings. in her 16&pregnant episode, she wanted nothing to do with him and talked badly to and about him the whole time.
      yes, her mother is abusive, but farrah is also abusive. she’s mean and although i don’t condone some of her mother’s actions, i can certainly understand how she could have reached that point.
      a lot of people have been in much worse situations than farrah and don’t verbally and emotionally abuse everyone around them. she needs to grow up, take her counseling serious and get the F over it already!
      i do do applaud farrah for her accomplishments and think she’s doing a great job continuing on with her life. but it’s time for her to grow up and stop this “woe is me” nonsense. i can’t hardly stand to watch her on the after shows-negativity oozes from her body. it’s depressing.

  • Christine

    As much as she has alot of issues with her mom, I think her mom or parents have given her alot of solid advice. They seem to be very supportive of her education, helping her with housing and childcare. Yes Farrah gets help, but at least she finish her first degree. Maci gets help and has not been able to finish her degree, Amber gets help and cant even get a GED, Catilynn has no child (I do feel bad she has to watch her brother all the time) and can’t finish high school (or may just have?).
    I also see the advice of Farrah mom, about getting a will, saving money, or not taking out loans to be very sound advice, they might fight and Farrah may be rude but somehow her mom’s good advice seems to sink in.

  • tab

    she’s so negative! what a crappy title for a book. think of how sophia will feel someday when all she hears her mom talk about is how horrible her life was after sophia.

  • Presley

    Her horrible attitude towards everyone is going to get her nowhere. People will finally get enough of being treated like crap and just cut her off. She might have short term success but her fake appreciation will only last so long. It’s no wonder why she never has any friends around, her sister can’t stand her and boyfriends never seem to last. And what a terrible title for book, I’m sure Sophia will feel loved….

  • MFS120

    Okay may I point out the fact that it’s not a crappy book title? ‘My teenage dream ended’ only has a negative sound to it if you want it to. Farrah’s life didn’t just change due to her having Sophia, but she lost Derek. What if her teenage dream consisted of having her, Derek and Sophia be a family and it ended when Derek passed? Honestly, I trust Farrah with the title because it’s her book and I’m positive she wouldn’t have chose that title if it would offend Sophia in any way. Either way, when she had Sophia, her teenage dreams did end, it’s the truth. Sugar coating her life would probably be more offending, what’s the point of sharing your story with people if you just lie about it? Farrah I’m sure will take care of any ‘hard feelings’ Sophia has with book title when shes older, if she even has any problems with it. I wish Farrah&Sophia well! Good job Farrah:-)!

    • tab

      she and derek were NOT together when she was on 16 & pregnant. they broke up around the time she found out she was pregnant, but she didn’t even tell him–he heard from other people. her parents had forbidden her from hanging out with him because he was very in to partying and didn’t treat her very well. it was clear from the beginning of farrah’s story that she didn’t want to be a family with derek. the only reason she even started to talk about derek was because she wanted his SS benefits. a future with sophia didn’t have derek in it-i guarantee that. i’m pretty sure she said at one point that if her mother hadn’t pressured her so much in to keeping sophia, she would have had an abortion. her mother hated derek-she blamed derek for the changes in farrah-partying, having sex (in her parents BED!, etc.) and they probably would have tried to do the same thing to derek as they did to his mother, which would have been to take his rights away for seeing sophia.

      • Ashley

        I remember on Farrah’s 16&P her mom talked to her about adoption, but Farrah wouldn’t consider it….she said she didn’t think motherhood would be very hard.

      • MFS120

        Yeah I know, I’ve followed

  • helloisitme

    I really can’t stand Farrah. But that doesn’t mean I wish her badly.

  • chellen

    excuse my language but..who would read this piece of sh*t? I guess if you need lessons on how to a) get pregnant and profit from it, b) be ignorant, c) rude, or d) dumb as dirt..then this would be perfect for you! gosh, I HATE Farrah..

  • LisaM

    That is not a flattering picture and if her dream ended, it’s because she failed to use birth control.

  • cgirl

    I love that the title is a sentence rather than a noun. Instead of saying, “The End of My Teenage Dream” (which has a much nicer ring to it), it’s a full sentence. Think about it. You wouldn’t title a book “I Went to the Store”. You’d call it “My Trip to the Store”. “My Teenage Dream Ended” is one of the worst book titles I’ve ever heard.

    I can already tell it’s going to be complete crap. But she’ll probably make tons of money off it because celebrities who write books always do because they have that extra “oomph” when it comes to publicity.

    As always, I give her credit for trying. But I’m much more excited for Maci’s and Ashley’s.

  • a

    I don’t know why anyone would want to take advice from her, or why anyone thinks she is successful. She has a higher self esteem than she should. She doesn’t even have to provide a home for sofia, her parents have money and let her live in their rental home. Her parents watch sofia a lot more than we even see on the show- who do you think has sofia everytime she wants to run out to do something for HERSELF? Her parents do. Sure she may have MTV money now and be trying to get ‘famous’, but she is not pretty enough to model and she has a bad attitude. In a few years no one will even know who she is, and she won’t be getting all these ‘modeling’ and book opportunities.

  • Jazzy One

    I love watching Sophia! She is the most adorable baby, and reminds me so much of my own daughter. Farrah, you are so blessed to have such a supportive mother and father. When I watch the show … it is easy to recognize that you are pushing them away. Being happy is not about being a model, or moving to a different state. Its about enjoying and loving your family. Show your parents the respect and appreciation they deserve. Your fans and daughter would admire you much more.

  • melissa

    so i have to wait until April 3, 2012 to get this?! ugh, seems so far away! i just am so anxious to read this book.:/