Part of Jenelle Evans’ probation violation was for being with Kieffer Delp

Are Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp back together?

The latest arrest of Teen Mom firecracker Jenelle Evans highlights two unquestionable truths for the young woman I’ve consistently tried to pull so hard for. She needs to walk away from the weed and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever hang out, associate, call, get in a Facebook or Twitter war with or even acknowledge the existence of Kieffer Delp again.

In summary, Jenelle was arrested for violating her probation and an initial statement from her lawyer Dustin Sullivan indicated that it was because she tested positive for marijuana and opiates. This is true but thanks to court records obtained by TMZ we now know that the drugs are only half the story. And the other half is……..


That’s right, and I can’t help but agree that any probation should specifically include the clause that said person should never hang with the total #delper.

Here are the exact wordings from the documents filed by Evans’ probation officer:

Jenelle Evans parole violation for being with Keiffer Delp

That’s right, while I’ve been busting the legal system’s backside wondering how on Earth Kieffer Delp is a free man at least they had the good sense to make it illegal to hang out with the dude. Jenelle of course had something to tweet about the latest news and she’s shifting all blame to the #delper. She sent the following to fellow Teen Mom Leah Messer:

That was after Leah told her to keep her chin up. Offering further words of encouragement Leah tweeted back:

Now I’m going to do some serious amateur detective work here. I’m wondering if Delp set Evans up! The report claims that they were together on August 6, two days before she was arrested (yesterday), and the two went after it online in a big ol’ war of words yesterday as well. Maybe Delp “informed” the authorities that they were together and had been using drugs, and he could have even provided photographic or video evidence to that effect. My other guess is that Jenelle was simply hanging with Delp when her PO showed up.

Oh and 7/16 was the day Kieffer allegedly punched the girl who had been allegedly stalking Jenelle Evans. According to TMZ she was with him when the incident occurred. Evans had tweeted in defense of Delp for that scuffle but stated that she was not with him. Well I guess on that day and on August 6 she was.

I think Jenny from Forrest Gump said it best – if you ever see Delp coming Jenelle, RUN!

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  • Jessica

    I don’t understand how Jenelle can blame Kieffer for her bad decisions. She knew she was not allow to hang out with him but she choose to do so Jenelle put herself in this situation not Keiffer. Jenelle is grow ass woman she knew what her probation terms were. But yet she choose to do what ever she wants in this case when you are in probation you cant do what you want I have no sympathy for her she is not the victim here. The only victim here is Jace because if she was thinking about Jace she would have not mess up again.

    • Yeppers

      This^^^^ that is exactly the point I’ve been trying to get across. Everyone Loves to badmouth Keifer, but it seems that they tend to forget that Jenelle had her own set of issues way before she was with the dude. People act as if Jenelle was some prize, Keifer and Jenelle are one in the same and deserve each other. The only one accountable for Jenelle’s actions is Jenelle.

    • Melissa

      Agreed. Keiffer is without a doubt one of the worst pieces of trash, however this is nothing new and Jenelle willingly put herself around him as well as went back to drugs. As far as I’m concerned, Jenelle is just as big of a piece of trash. Her mother needs to get permanent full custody of Jace ( last I knew, the custody situation was temporary) and Jenelle doesn’t need to be within 100 feet of that child until she can clean up her act and keep it clean for no less than one year.

  • Mandy

    The report says she was with him on 8/6 not 8/8…