Nathan Griffith breaks up with fiancée Jenelle Evans, announces it on Twitter

Jenelle and Nathan

Uh oh! It looks like there’s some serious trouble in paradise for Jenelle Evans and fiancé Nathan Griffith. Just weeks after getting engaged, it looks as though the couple has had a serious falling out. Nathan made the announcement on Twitter stating, “I’m tire of constantly being disrespected and dragged down,” and then adding, “It’s public it’s official! Goodbye.”

Here are Nathan’s tweets from this afternoon:

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith break up tweet

Although it is unclear exactly what happened that set Nathan off, Jenelle responded with a tweet that may provide some insight:

Jenelle Twitter

I’m guessing Jenelle wanted to visit her friend Kaylin (@kdub_910h) in Long Beach, NC, which is just over an hour’s drive from Myrtle Beach, and for whatever reason Nathan did not approve, or else wanted to go along. Someone on Twitter responded to Jenelle’s tweet suggesting that she was using the trip to visit Kaylin as an excuse to see her ex-husband Courtland, who is a mutual friend. That might explain why Jenelle then tweeted a text from her friend Tori about Courtland Rogers offering Tori $10 to pose for a photo with him:

Jenelle Tori Courtland text

It appears that the photo they are referencing is this one, tweeted by Courtland:

Courtland Rogers Tori finger

Courtland responded to the $10 photo Tori text tweet (are you following this?) by telling Jenelle, “it wasn’t like that with tori jenelle stop worrying about that.I was just like take some pics with me damn why u stress me.” Here’s how the conversation went from there, which includes a rather shocking confession from Courtland:

TWEETER wait stop both of you … Why are you two worried about one another and who hangs with who and why they

COURTLAND because I still .. Nvm

TWEETER u still love her huh?

COURTLAND honestly ?? Yes there I said it yes I still love her

COURTLAND with all my heart 🙁

TWEETER CR Win jenelle back oh my gosh im gonna cry its like a sappy love story excuse me [cry face emojis]

COURTLAND how?? She hates me 🙁 there’s nothing I can do she would never that’s what hurts

[Several people pointed out Courtland’s troubled history with Jenelle]

COURTLAND I know but still y’all don’t understand how much she means to me but o well

Things have since gone relatively silent for now on social media. Jenelle tweeted and deleted a screen capped photo of a blonde woman in the shower wearing a bikini with Nathan’s comment, “I’ll show you how a MAN should be treated.” Jenelle wrote, “Oh really?” and tagged Nathan. There is also a photo that looks to be Jenelle’s naked posterior covered in bubble bath allegedly posted by Nathan on Facebook making the rounds — but I have no idea how it fits into this narrative.

Stay tuned. I’m sure we will know more soon.

UPDATE – We haven’t heard anything more from Jenelle or Nathan about the break up, but Kaylin did take to Twitter to address her connection to Courtland — or lack thereof:

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