EXCLUSIVE Corey Simms new girlfriend Amber Scaggs?

Corey Simms and his new girlfriend Amber Scaggs

Thanks to their MTV contracts we’re having to get all of our information about the split between Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer and Corey Simms second hand, but one of the things that seems consistent from all accounts? Corey doesn’t have any problem with the ladies! (Or perhaps it could be said the opposite way: Corey does have a problem with the ladies.)

UPDATE – We’ve been asked to take the original photos in this post down, so we have complied.

We saw photos from the emotional scene in which Leah Messer read Facebook messages between Corey and a girl named Jordan Humble, and Leah has lamented in the past about Corey’s romantic inclinations. Now, according to a close source, it appears as though Corey may already have a new girlfriend!

Her name is Amber Scaggs and she is originally from Logan, West Virginia before moving to Conroe, Texas. In Texas she had a little baby girl last year but had to break things off with her fiance soon after the birth because the two had a pretty tumultuous relationship. Sound familiar?


According to our source Amber flew back home to West Virginia on Easter Sunday and she spent a great deal of time at Corey’s place. The two were spotted around town, including sharing lunch and some PDA at a local restaurant. Amber reportedly stayed around for a week before flying back to Texas the following weekend.

These photos of Corey and Amber are allegedly from his place and feature the two looking quite playful and happy together.

My initial reaction was, aside from his infamously worn camo West Virginia hat, this didn’t really look like Corey. But after seeing his current Facebook photo (right) with the full beard I’m realizing it’s definitely him! He’s just a little more smug and perhaps a little more tan?

I’m all for Leah and Corey moving on and finding healthy relationships if they are unable to work things out between them – which everything seems to indicate is the case – but this seems a bit fast. It was the day after Easter that Leah was photographed moving her things out of the house after a reportedly emotional scene with Corey inside the house. Is it possible Amber was inside? Ugh – I hope not.

As for Leah, it seems that things are looking up for her. As we mentioned in a previous post, in addition to getting a new place of her own, she’s been sharing some goofy photos in which she seems to finally be able to laugh. We wish them both – and their twin daughters – all the best and we hope this break up doesn’t lead to a bitter custody battle or perpetual animosity between the two.

UPDATE: Click here to read our interview with Amber.

UPDATE – The May 30 issue of OK! magazine has a cover story about the Amber Scaggs and Corey Simms relationship with more quotes from Amber and a friend. CLICK HERE to check out the highlights!

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  • That’s not him

    Ummm, is that supposed to be a picture of Corey? That isn’t him.

    • Nicole

      yes it is him…

    • Cindi

      I don’t think that looks like him either, and that IS NOT his usual smile. However, the hat…

      • Ariana Barker

        This is my neighbor’s cousin and she isn’t ugly and the first picture was taken on a bed. The second one was taken on my nieghbors ipod. Also if you only knew the whole story you wouldn’t be saying sh!t. Just because Corey has kids doesn’t mean he can’t move on. She has a kid also. I think that you guys should just keep your mouths shut….. And keep your opinions to yourselves. If you don’t like it don’t look at it. And if you don’t wanna see her on the new Teen Mom DON’T watch it.

        • nunya

          UM… it’s not about having kids ya moron…. he’s MARRIED!

          • http://starcas Jamie

            Why would she be on Teen Mom?

          • http://starcas Jamie

            Opps….Message was for Adriana Barker not nunya. Sorry.

      • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

        YEs it is him honey im her cousin and i met him so ughhhh mind your own bussiness!

  • Hannah

    yeah its him if you search Amber Scaggs on facebook corey is in her friends list

    • haley

      yeah cause HE sent her a friend request!

  • Foreal?

    Are you people serious? That looks exactly like Corey. This guy is a trashbag. What was the point in pressuring Leah to get married if he’s only going to step out and look for other women? Unbelievable.

    • Someone Who Knows

      If you had a clue what you’re talking about, you’d know that the producers are the ones who pressured them into marriage. They were told they wouldn’t be asked to come on the show unless they did. That’s what their “story” was supposed to be.

      • Get a Clue

        You must be joking! How can MTV force them to get married? This wasn’t some arranged marriage. Considering that out of all the Teen Moms, NONE of them are married I so highly doubt that MTV “forced” them to get married in order to come back to the show. For someone like Leah, who puts her girls above anything else, she got married because she loved Corey and wanted the best for her family. She did not get married ‘cus some bunk ass TV network said they had to. Corey pressured her over and over and it was on their episodes – in case you missed it.

        • A.P.

          Right! Especially given that when MTV started filming Leah for teen mom, she and Corey were still broken up and not even on speaking terms.. So theres no way that MTV was like ‘hey you two have to get married’ They picked her to be on teen mom cause she has twins

    • Casey Johnson

      First of all Corey is not a trash bag you probaly are one honey dear. Ughhh so yeahh mind your own business.At least he’s satisfied (:

  • elle

    The hat is a give away. He should know better than to put these pics out there like that.

  • Effy

    someone needs to teach that chick about mascara and eyelash separators
    …… She is NOT cute!

    • nunya

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! But I think they’re fake eyelashes.

    • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

      haha you right she is not cute she is beautiful and its isant you now is it. Just leave amber alone. Why do you care i mean this is so childish.You should really look at youself first honey dear

      • Ariana Barker

        I know Casey if they put their real names instead of being p***y’s we could look them up on Facebook and say something mean about them… Seriously need to clean out their backyards before they start digging a new hole in someone elses.

    • Amy

      thats what I was going to say,,,whats up with those eyelashes??

      • Casey Johnson

        What was you going to say AMY?

        • Alice

          clearly she was going to say what’s up with those eyelashes? you didn’t understand that? how old are you..10? of course from your grammar you’re probably even younger.

          • haley

            wow! you need an attitude adjustment, you are just jealous! Leave Amber and Corey and Casey alone, you skank!

  • Megan

    His hat && shirt give it away its him..

  • Disgusting

    What a giant douche bag! Why even get married in the first place?

    Does she not even realize what a tool he is? Why would you date someone who made a fool of himself, his wife and their families in the media? Disgusting! Where is her self respect?!

    And the spider lashes may be popular in Milan but they are ugly here. Try a different look.

    • Casey Johnson

      Honey she is my cousin and she is beautiful. I love her and thats that. Leave her and Corey along. Okay Honey!

      • Disgusting

        So being beautiful allows her to do whatever she wants?! She gets a pass on common sense and self respect because her “cousin” thinks she is beautiful?

        Of everything that was posted, that’s the part you commented on? The fact that she doesn’t know how to use mascara?

  • abby

    If she’s from Texas, how did they meet? Why is she flying in?

    • amanda

      bet shes a “fan”…that would be pathetic on both their behalfs

      • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

        No honey Its none of you business so get off you hind end and GET A LIFE!

        • Emma

          Sorry hun why dont you stop wasting your time defending the bitch? Start getting used to the fact that their business is now everyones business and no matter what, people are going to be talking about the both of them. She set herself up and so did he. So she basically is ruining her own dignity so leave it alone.

          However, she looks alright, but damn her eyelashes look like they caught on fire. Leah is still much prettier.

          • Casey Johnson

            Whatever honey dear Amber is beautiful. So go ahead and eat your heart out. (:

            • Casey

              And ugh amber is not a B**** you are!

  • BrandieAdelman

    It’s him and I feel sorry for Leah he pressured her to marry him and know he’s backing out and looking at being with other women. Sorry Leah just remember you and your girls are beautiful no matter what anybody says. Stay strong for your self and your girls. Best wishes to you and your two lovely little girls.

  • amanda

    I agree that he is awful for what he did to Leah (my FAVORITE teen mom) but I have to point out how happy he looks here. We all forget when hating on these kids for not staying together that this is one of the main reasons kids shouldn’t have kids, because they are far to young to chose a life partner. As long as remains a good dad we shouldn’t hate on em.

  • Mel

    Ewww. That girl is downright ugly. Her eyes are shaped so oddly. And painting her mascara on with a shovel doesn’t do her any favors.

    Leah gets my vote all around. Go, Leah.

    • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

      Honey I am her cousin and i bet she is a million times as prettier than you. Your calling her ugly well lets not judge cause thats rude and mean. YOU dont know HIM or AMBER or LEAH so shut up. Cause amber id beautiful and honey dear frankly for need to learn some manners. GET A LIFE and stay out of theres.

      • Ruth

        well u can’t really stop people on commenting, cos corey agreed to put his life on public. how would u really not expect to see lots of hate messages after what he’s done. people may not know ur cus or so but well i don’t care about her, it just seems wrong to be with a married man. and that what makes someone so ugly maybe not physically but overall ugly lol. if u care enough abt her, u should advice her then, maybe she deserves more than him.

  • what

    he looks drunk and maybe high

  • mia

    pretty girl!

  • nunya

    Betcha $20 that second picture is taken while laying on a bed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stef

    That is definitely him. I don’t know what you all are talking about saying that doesn’t look like him. Anyway even though they should have never married at all, or at least tried a little harder to make it work since they DID, I still think it’s THEIR life. If she wants to leave him, she can. If he wants a new girlfriend, he can have one. Also stop calling her ugly. Lets not stoop to bullying just because you think you know everything about leah and corey. I bet there is a LOT you don’t know that would change your opinion on things.

  • laura

    Thats the biggest crock of shit. Mtv did NOT threaten them to get married, how f*kn retarded are you! That pressuring was all from cory!

  • hmmm

    Are the pictures recent? I hope for the sake of his children and the ability to be civil with Leah he really isn’t as much of a tool as the articles are making him out to be…

  • dramarama

    That girl looks like a cabbage patch kid I used to own. And thats not a good thing. Corey downgraded.

    • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

      honey its not you so why do you care i mean really. And if you have a problem you dont have to look at them look some else you can pick on! (:

      • Pff

        Yeah leah is still much prettier first of all. Second get used to the fact your cousin is not a homewreckin c**nt. You are helpless in defendin her cause now a whole nation knows what an ass you cousin made of herself and you damn well know she did. No matter what, leah has a nation of people on her back and your cousin has a whole nation thinkin shes a homewreckin whore. So now Corey is your cousins problem, not Leahs. Now a whole country knows that your very own family would stoop so low as to bang a married man with twins. How does that make you look? Life sucks doesnt it?

        • Casey

          ughh not everyone is on leah’s side. Amber is beautiful and Corey obviously thinks so or he wouldnt be with her. Remember Leah cheated on Corey first with Robbie, so maybe you should think about that before you start hating on Amber! (:

          • worstcomeback

            Does that mean its ok for corey to cheat on leah? Didnt they get past that a long time ago? And looks go to complete sh*t when you find out dirty things about someone. They are technically still married, if the girl was smart she’d wait a little while before dating him especially since he’s still married, has twins, and is in MTV’s spotlight. She may have looks (except…the eyelashes) but the brains? Not a chance.

            • haley

              umm, honey your username says it all about you! whats your problem? have you ever though that maybe Leah cheating on him really hurt him! either way it doesnt concern you so just leave them alone! (:

  • Vanessa

    Corey is happy and Leah is happy so that all that matter I think Leah and corey didn’t. Want to get marriage that quickly I think MTV pressure them. To get marriage which in my opinion is their faults that they allow MTV to pressure them into something their were not ready for . My gut is telling their is something about Leah and Corey were their can’t be without eachother you never know a year from now they could be back together . But as long their are both in their girls life and being able to co parent then that is all that matter but also I think had they not been on teen mom 2 and the media was not always accusing Leah of cheating on Corey . Maybe their would have been able to make it but the fact that Leah and Corey relationship was all base drama and cheating so it was too hard for them to fully trust each other and be really mature in there marriage

    • nunya

      It’s funny how Leah got accused of cheating all the time, but Corey is the real cheater and scum bag.

      He came out with these pictures first and sooo fresh from the split.

  • Claire

    im sorry to be mean, but she is NOT pretty…at all. Corey really messed up, leah is beautiful what a loss.

    • Casey

      yeahh Claire your right she is not pretty she is beautiful! That’s something you’ll never ever be so yeah! Think about that!

  • Jessica

    I hope mtv does not try to protray Corey like he is a jerk like they did to ryan and gary . I hate when the father is no longer with the mother of their child the guy always have to be the bad guy.I think Leah could be dating to but their is no photo of it The girl corey is with is pretty it is not a downgraded Leah is pretty but she is no Jennifer Love hewitt but she is cute and Corey girlfriend is cute to and always long as Corey and Leah are doing what they need to do as parent that is all that matters.

  • Dark Horse

    Could someone introduce Corey to a toothbrush?

    Leah is better off without him.

    • Casey

      Someone needs to introduce you to manners!
      So eat you freaking heart out and leave corey alone!

  • http://. Casey Johnson

    I wish you guys would just shut up and leave Amber and Corey alone. You dont know him or her so why are you wasting your time. Don’t you guys have a life. I mean really it is pathic when you write this stuff, its not making you people any bigger or any badder. Your just wanting something to freaking talk about. You shouldn’t really take a look at your self first. I mean grow up, for christ sake. [:

    Love you Amber and Miss you sissy.

    • dramarama

      Really? You feel the need to go out of your way to comment on my post just to go on and say we don’t have lives, GTF over yourself. And tell her to go take care of her kid instead of chasing after married man.

      • haley

        honey you need to get a life and stop wasting it on here, you need to get a life and stop being jealous of her and her life! (:

        • Pff

          Haley your a dumb bitch just like casey. Hey, maybe I dont have a life, so what? You dont know anyone on here. Maybe someone is stuck in the hospital and cant move outta the bed? Hey, I like teen mom, and this bitch looks like her eye lashes caught on fire. Nobody gives a shit about anyones feelings. If she was in her room cryin all day every day cause of these comments surely but sadly nobody would care. But if Leah was, everyone would care. This world is cynical so get used to it.

          • Casey Johnson

            Listen you big butt cow you go mind you own business and i do know someone on here i know Amber Scaggs she is my cousin/sister. So ughh yeahh im not the dumb as* you are honey dear! And i know im a b****

          • Casey

            Well im speaking the truth and i have a life do you?
            Leave amber alone you dont know the whole story and you dont know anything about her child! (:

            • Stef

              Jeez Casey, I am totally sticking up for your cousin amber and your comments are still annoying the f*&% out of me. shut up. if you say ‘honey dear’ or ‘eat your heart out’ one more time I’m going to hang myself. Shut the hell up.

              • haley

                do it!she is my bestfriend so shut up honey dear! and eat your heart out! (:

    • Reno

      Hmmm…I sense a lot of hypocrisy in this post..

      • haley

        What are you a therapist or something?

  • Hannah

    You guys are idiots, Cory didnt FORCE her to marry him lol shes old enough to make her own decisions, its what they both wanted at the time and they BOTH rushed into it.

  • haley

    Just because amber is pretty doesnt mean she is a wh0re and needs to be talked about. Why is it anybody’s concern what she does with her life? It’s their choice, not yours. You people need to quit being so childish!

    • Pff

      But come on, are those eyelashes for REAL? Maybe shed be pretty if her eyelashes didnt look so beat!! Theyr like a sore thumb! Big OUCH to look at

      • haley

        look honey you need to leave her alone, you dont even know her so why judge her? and they are real i met her and took pictures with her because she is my bestfriends cousin! (:

      • Casey

        Listen pff or should i say puffy you dont know anything leave amber and corey and haley alone! Amber is 100% beautiful and she has natural beauty thats something you’ve never heard of! So leave her the heck alone. Okay! (:

        • Pff

          HAHAHA you your such an idiot ‘listen pff’ now your making the biggest asshole hypocrite of yourself fighting someone elses battle AND making assumptions about other people. Practice what you preach hunny, your not stopping anyone, only provoking :)

          PS- will you tell the bitch to do something with those eyelashes already? What an eyesore!

          • haley

            are you serious? why do you care so much about them. LEAVE THEM ALONE! Maybe her eyelashes are big, but SO WHAT its not like they’re on your face! Its sad that you are on here making yourself look like an a*$! So go bugg someone else! (:

            • Pff

              Im not makin an ass of myself, nobody knows who I am :) And her eyelashes arent big, just ugly. Let me just give you some advice. Get an education. Clearly none of you are intelligent, I can tell by your comebacks. You’re not persuading anybody that she’s a good person by shoving your thoughts down peoples throats. If you were smart, you’d just let them talk and think what they want and maybe leave a post leaving your own opinion and leaving others alone. You’re no better than anyone else posting on here. You’re helpless.

              • haley

                uh yeah trust me you are! you are so childish that you feel the need to get on here and say stuff about Amber? wow! you must be ugly inside and out! Why are you making such a big fuss over Amber and Corey, its NONE of your concern! you dont even know her! so just leave her and her family alone!

  • Mandy

    You gusy get way to wound up, get out of leah’s ass and realize there over, we don’t know what actualy happened and we may Never know!, but seriously im happy for him he able to move on.. If it was her first moving on you better believe that you’d be like you go girl so stfu

  • http://.Me.com Casey Johnson

    And you probly look like my dog and that really not a good thing but hey im not talking about you honey dear!

    • dramarama

      And you PROBABLY don’t know how to spell. It’s called spell check honey, try using it before you want to try and act all high and mighty.

      • haley

        look sweety she is my bestfriend and you need to stop being a B*tch and leave this family alone!

        • Casey Johnson

          Listen here you trailer trash you probly ( and honey thats how i spell it) Dont look any better you are most and likely a middle aged woman/man. so yeahh shut the heack up honey dear. (:

          • Casey Johnson


            • whaa

              Casey Johnson? The lady who was engaged to Tile Tequila? Are you still alive?!? 0_o

  • J

    Wow some of you are kinda mean. So negative about her and calling her ugly. really childish. You should know better then to say terrible things about someone you have NO IDEA how that is going to make her feel. You can not like that she is with her, but calling her names ins’t right.
    Also we have NO IDEA what happened between Leah and Cory, so please don’t say bad things about either one of them until we see it on the show. For all we know Leah Cheated on him, and he is just moving on. OR he could have cheated on her. There is also a chance that no one cheated on anyone. Back off and let them live their lives. You wouldn’t like it if people where saying back stuff about you on line.

    • nunya

      We didn’t put our lives in TV not once, not twice.. but what..3 times? Right, there’s been 2 TM2 seasons? Oh and currently taping another one… and numerous non-MTV appearances. They all solicit being talked about. Comes with the territory.

      • J

        Yes they did, but Amber didn’t. Also to me it doesn’t matter that they put themselves on TV. People shouldn’t say bad things about the way people look. It’s just mean.

        • Disgusting

          Sorry, but Amber did sign up for it. She was following 5 different Teen Moms on Twitter, including Leah. She knew the backlash that Corey was taking in the media and she was well aware of what his relationship status. But she still chose to start a relationship with a married (yes, papers have been filed).

          Did she really think people would be Team Amber and welcome her with open arms? The media and Leah’s fans were just going to say “Oh, she must be a really nice girl”. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. She brought this on herself

          • Pff

            You can fix looks, but ya cant fix stupid.

            • haley

              you should probably work on both! (:

              • Pff

                Case in point. Haley, you lost your battle a long time ago. Just give up.

  • ME

    WOOOOOW, I really hope this IS NOT a recent picture!!! Because Leah is way more prettier than this C*nt girl!!!! Either way, your always doing your best Leah!!! Keep it up girl!!!

    • Casey

      Amber is not a C*nt you are honey so leave her alone! And yes it is a recent picture cause she is my cousin! So leave her alone she did nothing to you! (:

  • jane

    Did this girl state that she thought she was cute? If not, who cares about her looks. Genetics are kinder to some than others. Looks are something that not even our parents could pick for us.

    I don’t know what’s going on but I hope that they work things out for the best, whether that be apart or together.

    I doubt we will ever truly know what went on as MTV spins a show and the people involved even when not on tape seem to be MTV’s puppets.

    • http://www.mtv.com samme

      true i am with u (jane) u guyz where the reason i tuned in on mtv teen mom 2 that waz the shit because you guyz were so close it made me wanna know what was going to happen next try to work things out around your girls if you guyz are together or not it seemed like you guyz where working everything out but i guess everything changed when teen mom 2 mtv show was over for the season

  • A.P.

    Were these photos posted on her facebook? Or his? Or where did these pictures come from? And even though she clearly had issues with her mascara that day, she really isn’t all that bad looking. But honestly, if someone is going to be with someone who is in the public eye, they are setting themselves up for ridicule. Its going to happen. How many people hated on Adam’s (Chelsea’s baby daddy) new gf?

  • Rene

    Ha I like how the cousin knows everything about the whole situation pfft yea right! And how can MTV make them get married? Umm don’t you think they would’ve just picked another couple? Come on they had other girls from that season or whatever to be on “Teen Mom”.

    • Casey

      Ughh honey i do know everything about the whole situation cause amber calls me like everyday! Like it is any of your business! (:

  • Ruth

    this is a free forum. poeple will say what they wanna say. duh if u say “mind your own business” then follow ur own advice. how come if someone’s gonna say she’s ugly, that person has to shut up and you’ll only tolerate those who’d say she’s beautiful? i dont care if she’s ugly or pretty but what’s anooying is people trying to shut up other people, we all don’t know them, that’s the point so everyone’s free to make mistakes in assuming things.

  • Kayla

    Wow Corey is so fake. How the hell is he going to be laying in bed with this girl yet his divorce isn’t even final? I feel for Leah, it must be hard to have hoped for a happy ending just for this to happen. Maybe Corey is letting whatever “celebrity” he’s gotten from TM2 go to his head. Good luck to all of them because in the end its not just Leah he’s hurting, one day when his little girls grow up they might just look all this up and see what daddy was doing to mommy.

    • Casey

      Corey is REAl and AMBER is too! You clearly dont know anything about anything! So go mind business and MAN up a little bit! (:

  • sam tabang

    haha this is so funny. people get on here and dont know anything about corey or leah but want to trash them.. maybe if you guys knew that leah cheated on corey more than 5 times you might shut your mouths

  • Carolina

    She’s a really pretty girl. I hope both Corey and Leah are happy.

  • dana

    Leah is a pretty girl and can find someone alot better who wont cheat on her and wont spend all the money on a new truck when they live in a funky trailer..
    As for the cousin of amber please stop stalking this page and commenting on everyone who is talking about amber..you are only making yourself look like a fool..
    I am sure amber knew that people were going to talk bad about her giving the situation, so no need for your honey dear comments..get a life please honey dear!

  • Pff

    the only thing more hideous than the broads eyelashes is corey himself. what a dirtbag.

  • bryanna

    I’m sorry 2 say this n I don’t care who u r or how u know this. Lil amber girl but I think she is a home wrecking lil ___ if any girl can think she is wit a man that still has a wife she gets everythang cumin 2 her even tho they r not together the r still married n she needs 2 rember if hell do it 4 ya he will do it 2 you she’s just wanting her 15mins a fame lamo ne1 is gona try 2 get wit him cuz who he is lamfo n she is ugly she need 2 learn how 2 do her makeup n if she didn’t want ppl 2 talk bout her like this she shouldn’t of put her life on the street 😉 2 leah u r a great mom n keep ur head up n laugh on the inside at these dumb ass ppl n 2 cory I hope u stay a good dad that we all seen u where n u had a perfect life that u 2 messd up

  • pandacakes


    • haley

      YOUR FACE!!!!!!! O:

      • Alice

        haha omg please tell me you didn’t think this was a good comeback. you’re making amber look even more ridiculous than she already did.

  • Me ;)

    I think Amber is gorgeous! Dont get me wrong im still team Leah. But i dont get why you are all hating on this Amber girl. Leah and Corey are not together, so she isnt doing anything wrong by “seeing” Corey. How is dating a single man whorish? Yes hes still technically married. But the divorced papers are filed. And hes not playing anybody. Im not a fan of Corey, but im still gonna point out that all of you have no reasoning for ragging on Corey and Amber. What did Leah expect him to be single forever? Hes allowed to move on and so is she. No one is doing anything wrong in this picture, if corey didnt want to be with leah its best that they break up, instead of faking or staying in it for the kids. Everyone that says oh they need to stay together is best for thet girls. YOUR WRONG. those girls dont need to see mommy and daddy always fighting. and not to mention that they are gonna pick up on the vibes that they arent happy together. so everyone can mind their own business about what corey and leah do with their life.

  • J

    Too bad these were from easter.. And coreys already with a new girl from charleston, ive seen them twice

  • Disgusting

    Amber sold her story to the tabloids? Ha ha! That makes her even more upstanding!

    Did she hook up with Corey for the sole purpose of making a quick buck? Or did she just wait until after to whore herself out?

  • haley

    EYELASHES? you all are really gonna hate her because of her eyelashes??? wow! only one word for that, childish! (:

    • Pff

      Nobody is hating her because of her eyelashes, they are just stating a simple fact that they are completely horrendous.

  • sabrina

    I just hope the best for everyone. But those girls also dont need to see dad going from woman to woman just like leah dont need to go from man to man I hope that the best for all of the teen moms and dad GOD gave you a gift(your baby) so protect and love them. And you dont have to be togther to do that . I will you all well I will pray for you all.

  • Kristy

    I think she is 10X’s prettier than Leah and its not Corey’s fault that Leah cheated on him!!! Would you work things out with someone who cheated on you a week before your wedding think about it!!!!!

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