VIDEO Motorola Droid Does commercial dissing iPhone premieres

Droid Does logo

The Motorola Droid is a much-anticipated challenger to iPhone dominance and Verizon launched their first “attack ad” tonight, pointing out all the most common complaints about the Apple iPhone: no flash, no tactile keyboard, no replaceable battery, no widget support and others. Apple’s marketing strategy for the iPhone has always been simplicity at the expense of versatility, maintaining a tight rein on allowed apps and open development. The Droid hopes to be the Swiss Army knife of personal customizability and hopes it will appeal to folks wanting more options – for better or worse.

The Droid sports a 5-megapixel camera with a flash, a touch keypad and a touchscreen, support for multi-tasking and runs Google Android 2.0. The commercial just says “November” so all we know is that the Droid should be here in time for the holiday shopping season. I’m sure we can expect more mud-slinging ads before then.

(Anyone else notice that “DROID” is a trademark of Lucas Films? Ch-ching!)

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