Women are live-tweeting their periods at Donald Trump, because #periodsarenotaninsult

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A few days ago, Donald Trump created a bit of a furor by suggesting that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly attacked him at the network’s Republican candidate forum because she was on her period. Then, Trump tried to walk back his comment, saying that when he referred to Kelly as having “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” he actually meant “nose,” and that “only a deviant” would think that he meant to refer to Kelly’s lady bits.

Understandably, some people were upset by both the implication that a tough question about Donald Trump’s misogynistic comments must have been influenced by a woman’s period, and by the notion that a menstrual cycle is something that only deviants think about in the first place. Many of those upset people also have Twitter accounts. And those people have banded together to live-tweet their periods at Donald Trump, using the hashtag #periodsarenotaninsult. As of this writing, the hashtag is trending.

In addition, #periodsarenotaninsult sharers are using “Trump” to mean “period”: as in “I’m on my Trump this week, and boy is it a wild one.”

So–here’s a sampling of some of the best #periodsarenotaninsult tweets. Enjoy!



Between this story and yesterday’s news that a woman free-bled through the London Marathon to de-mystify the menstrual cycle, it’s been an active week for periods in the news.

Donald Trump has yet to make a statement on the issue.

What do you, the viewers at home, think of the #periodsarenotaninsult trend?


(Photo credits: Donald Trump via Facebook)

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